Wednesday, February 24, 2010

APT 1111

I am pretty busy these days as you can tell from lack of posting...So finally we got our old apartment packed up, moved to our new place and unpacked. The Internet dude fixed us up this morning, so everything is almost back to "normal" In the meantime here's a few pics!

The two cats!
Little bones likes to hang out under the top blanket :)

11th floor view

Looking down outta the window

more of the view from our window

Moving day shambles

Shabu Shabu My second or maybe third favorite food here!

When the soups done you get fried rice for your hotpot!
Then you roll outta the restaurant because your full of delicious food!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sometimes It's Pointless

Well again I have been dropping the ball and not coming here as often as I should
What's been getting in the way?
Well.... beer mainly, there's always people who want to go out and play!
For $2.50 a pint I can't say no
It's the last week of that nonsense though, as were moving to a different all Korean and no foreigner neighbourhood! not that they don't have beer there but they're wont be as many people to be social with....
It's lunar new years here in Asia, it's a long weekend and we almost went to Fukuoka Japan
the cheap airline tickets were gone when we decided to buy em :(
Maybe in a couple o weeks we'll try again ! :)

Went to the California Pizza Kitchen for some good eats tonight.
Koreans put Cilantro on everything, and in my opinion, you either love it or ya don't!
I don't ! It tastes like soap, or what I imagine soap would taste like if I ate it....
Anyhoo that's about all the exciting news I have to tell for now!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So surfing the net tonight I ran into this blog
Something to read anyway and make you shake your head!
Bedtime for me it's been a long day!
PS-red rock beer is the shitz

Monday, February 1, 2010

Public Relations Imnida

Well not much to report, cats are fine, Teri is fine, and I'm fine. We are about to be whirl winded by the upcoming move but, hey that's OK too!
I'm thinking I need a vacation away from my vacation....somewhere cheap and warm like the Phillipines or somewhere really expensive but super cool like Japan??
Maybe a random comment would help me decide?