Friday, November 30, 2007

Rico Was A Short Man

Lots of stuff on the brain this am
Just got paid and I'm broke
Just got the rent for Dec it's
I think Christmas will be a tough go.
I'm Thinking it's time for another job as much
as I have been avoiding that little fact
It's right here in black and white
-$457 and payday was yesterday
At least the heat is paid and the lights will be on till Jan
fuck sakes.....anyhoo as you probably heard before
I don't mind my job but some of the people here drive me
freakin insane, not all the people some.
So because I'm trying to keep myself sane
I'm coming up with different email addresses
I might change to something along these lines
least in my head Im laughing
"Ya email me" would be my response to everything
There's 2 weeks outta the month where the place is
almost turkey free, then there's the other 2 weeks.
Who knew turkeys were a herding animal?
The plus is it's Friday and the Turkeys will be gone
starting on Monday for 2 weeks,
ohhh the things I look forward to.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Co-Habitation And The Gift Of Gab.

The birthday gift idea is a good one but for some odd reason
In my thoughts I'm starting to second guess it
Don't get me wrong It would be a fab gift to sprig on someone
In my procrastination (and waiting for payday)
I thought of another idea
It won't work by it's self, but a good part of a package for sure.
Guess it's time to cowboy up and hit the store
Where to start?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey Pretty Baby Won't You Hold Me Tight, Im Loadin Up, Rollin Outta Here Tonight.

Good day
This is Pussy Galore reporting for Channel 7 Action News
Downtown Thunder Bay,
You might remember me from such movies as
Good Dog Bad Kitty or The not so Stray Cats.
I'm here with Dick LeGrande. Chief acting officer for the Metro Police.
So Dick.... What's the situation here?

Well Pussy, there seems to be some sort of bug.
Not your average bug, we're really not sure.

Well Dick where do you think this came from?

Like I said. We're not entirely sure, but some experts say it's a travel bug. All I can say at this time Pussy is the bug was originally planted in a set of fleece sheets.
Dick, Is it Contagious?
Is it Serious?

Ohh ya Pussy It spreads like wildfire,
or like you did at your old job

So what should I tell our viewers to look out for Dick?

Well once you been bitten there's no going back, so
we certainly want the public to be cautious of that, also
word on the streets is there is a hottie with Ontario plates
spreading the bug around, so if you see a hottie with Ontario plates.
Do the right thing and make sure you call the metro police.
Ask for me. Dick LeGrande

OK Dick. Thanks for the update and keep us posted.
This is Pussy Galore reporting for Action News
Channel 7.
Stay tuned for your local weather featuring
our very own Fast Sally but first our sports report
featuring Randy Bolt.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Denial Twist

A couple o days has passed since I been here for that I'm sorry.
No luck out hunting Whew knew a 1200lb moose
can hide so good, saw lots of tracks just nothing standing in em.
Lately I have been catching myself looking at popular and
not so popular travel destinations on the web
looking at world maps
Agreeing with myself where Indonesia really is
Day dreaming Costa Rica.
Wondering if there really could be a door
where there was no door before.
All because of a passport and
Now I know What an adventure travelling could be
Specially if you have a world traveller at your side
My problem is that in my list of life things I wanna do
I'm not sure where travel would fit
I want a country house
I want a nice boat for Superior
I want a garage to park the boat
I want a new jeep to pull the boat
and the list goes and goes
Where does travel fit
Who knows.
Somewhere between wants and needs?
Somewhere between money, the shortness of life and french sandwiches
Of course things always change with time
Travel is on the list now
not in lieu of anything just on the list
I simply never thought about, was financially capable
or was inspired to travel in the past.

Friday, November 23, 2007

See Me Ride Out Of The Sunset, On Your Colour TV Screen

Can't get enough of the Icky Thump for some reason today I like that song
Today's title came from a song
Let's play a game of name the artist
If your good guess what song it is?
Mawno tonight, Gonna pack with the wolves better learn how to howl.
No snowmachine yet but The mission is to drink beer tonight , shoot a deer tomorrow and
decide if the birthday gift Idea is a good one while I'm out in the fresh air.
Fresh air is good for the brain, I have come to that conclusion
here's why EVERY time I come back from the great outdoors
I feel like a new man
refreshed and relaxed.
I need that
at least 4 times a year.
A quarterly release
I missed the last hunting trip
so this is gonna be well worth the wait.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

She Was High On Intellectualism, Ive Never Been There But The Brochure Looks Nice

Saw a moon dog last night out at the farm.
The moon was wicked awesome.
That's one thing for sure I miss about country living
The stars and wood stove too
The bullshit was flying and I was late getting home
not that I had to be anywhere till 645am but I was
trying to get home before the phone rang
The cell reception at the farm is the shitz
Turns out the phone rang before I got home
Felt bad for asking her to call back but
the Apocalypse is so loud these days,
A conversation full of "what's" is not what I wanted

So I made it home and bam She called back
The plants look nice by the way!
I started the Apocalypse this morning and let it warm up
630am its cold out
Sounded like a Harley in the driveway
Tenants love that
Really they do, Well for at least the next 5 months.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So She's Leaving

620 am The 3rd alarm goes off and I'm up for work
Teri google is up packed and heading to Ottawa today
She starts the Tardis (10 min early) and I start the Apocalypse
"So She's Leaving" is on the radio
good song, I chuckle
Lunches in hand , We leave in different directions
It's her last trip to Ottawa and back
Unfortunately It's not my last trip to work, fuk sakes Anyhoo
By lunches I mean Homemade pizza from last night
made with love.......or at least with cheese, alot of cheese.
We went for a midnight walk
choosing direction Kai by bo style
not sure if she was happy with the route but
it was a nice to stroll, watch the snow and breath the fresh air.
Going to mawno this weekend Can't wait!
Doin some Hollywood hunting
drinking and eating
It's gonna be good for the mental health
and maybe the freezer.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hollywood Nights

Cider I forgot about you
The hangover your so good at giving me
you wonder why your only around in winter
The alarm going off this morning was a reminder
that Dam tasty usually means no good for you
not an a weeknight
As usual the weekend flew by it was hard
to get up for work this morning
really hard, for a couple of reasons
so in protest I'm not gonna do much here today.

Contrary to popular belief
it's true you can hang clothes out on the line
even when it's -8
sure they freeze but eventually they dry
good smellin laundry it takes awhile but well worth it
Gonna put a clothes line up in the basement
just because I'm hoping the tenant will also use it, I cant wait
3 days when it's -40 for my laundry, less wear'n'tear on the dryer
and of course better on the hydro bill
A win win situation, twas the Tbirds Idea.

What's not a good idea is drunken trampolining
I'm gonna leave it at that.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Vegetarian is a native word that means lousy hunter.
Just something I heard.

I'm pretty quiet today, so this is gonna be short
no reason in particular
just thinking, hummin and hawin
waiting for the day to pass
thinking about last night
and how my biznitch was the shiznit.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Haven't Slept In Years

Made a valiant effort and succeeded
Took a long time but, I was determined
Had some tough competition
An expert and some on-lookers
But after an hour and some laughs
That Pahd Thai was history
Now I am Semi Pro
at chopstickery.

I stole that word
from an expert chopsticker
She's good at stuff like that
I'm not
till yesterday
now I can hold my own
Lookout world!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

32 Years Of Wisdom

Bounce into the jeep on the way to work this morning
Just Enough Essential Parts to get there
Smiling and Doin the "life review" during the 5 min drive and 2 min walk
I can say I'm Happy with the way things are and the way things are going for the first time in a longgggg time......weird but I like it
There's a few financial quirks to work out yet, some stuff that I know will be worked out in time
Timing is funny reason being during the 7 min skdash to work
I walked under a street lamp it was on, as I passed by it went out
This happens to me lots when I'm walking or driving
Usually the orange streetlamps like me best
I wonder if there's a reason like with body energy, voodoo, aura who knows
or it's my timing
nonetheless it happens lots.

perfect timing= what were all aiming for
Too early = Could be good or bad
Too Late= well too late

Also alot these days I been thinking about getting a passport
why .....who knows but I was told and I quote
"If you get a passport doors will open where there were no doors before."
For some reason it (that) has popped in my head quite often
When should I go and do that ........soon but Timing is everything.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fun With Jalapeno's

Fantastic Weekend as always it went by too fast. An unexpected dinner party on Saturday night at the farm, that led into a mellow Sunday. Like I said A good weekend however I feel a little bit lazy so tonight I am doing some domestics that shoulda been done on the weekend. That should take an hour or so minus the laundry witch seems to take forever. Why you ask well in case a party breaks out tomorrow(this is quite possible) I want to have a clean house. You underestimate my sneakiness.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Serious Useless Info

Cause I'm a slacker, It's Friday and I probably wont post anything tomorrow
or I might but in case I don't, let it be known that tomorrow marks the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald.
The story of that shipwreck is intriguing and not cause there was a song about it.
Or maybe it is I dunno
Ask me why I know this and I would bore you with useless info Like
The boat was 728 ft long.
In other sad news I learned my favorite deli had to close it's doors due to new
health regulations.
He could not afford to purchase all the modern "hands free" equipment
now required by the ministry of health.
They made the best sausages known. The meat was a little pricey but quality was superb
I wish I knew before hand as I woulda made a last minute purchase x 10.
Don't forget about Rememberance Day Sunday!
Have a Good Weekend

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Fromage Beaver Dam

Saw this on the news Things In Hollywood are changing Love the snow it makes my road look so clean
I woke up from the afternoon nap
drank some sour grape juice and looked out the window
Then I got an idea for a business
Then I would have kick ass radio commercials featuring the "big voice" guy
" Common down to Ipids and more on Teridoodle drive, buy 3 ipids and get a free roll of toilet paper...downloads not included " dododododododododaaa Ipids and more
Aaahhh ya know what i mean.......
Fromage + sleepy = this blog post

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Eat That Shit With Mustard

Bob's round for afternoon chocolate milks
Beatrice of course
Just had a Monte Kristo
I eat that shit with mustard
and I spelled it wrong
Egg and mustard good together
Whew knew?
Little things today make me
win in my head
like the cool sharpie pen I stole
Baby steps and the way things are going
Just Seanable
I will leave you this
Retarded, funny
and you can eat that shit with mustard.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lamby Joes And The Worry Wort

KHawk the mystery commenter should have his own blog
That being said ya'all should Email him and let him know
Like a petition, I think it would be great and trust me he has time.
Did you vote for Raymi yet?........Please do!
Are you not glad you showed up Now ya got some homework to do
cast a vote and send an email .....
Moving on here
Awoke before the sound of the alarm to the cell ringing
A sweet voice sounds better then any alarm clock
She's en route and almost here
I'm Happy and giddy.
Granted the recent time change was good for the extra sleep
my appetite has been severely messed cause of it tho
I'm freakin starving and it's 830am
I just want this day to go by fast
so far not so much.
I was thinking and looking not by choice
at train graffiti
as the cars rolled by I notice
some of it is really artsy and done well
So well it makes me wonder how much time was spent
doing it and how they got away doing it
midnight spray bomb????
Bonus...your art gets shown across the country
then you also get the shit morons spray
not so nice
sloppy and cheesy
kinda like my lunch.

Monday, November 5, 2007

What was I gonna Do Tonight?

Round Here

The title is from the song Jason sung el karaoke
Downloaded that tune and believe it or not the voices are similar
Good job!
now get back on the horse do some blogging.
I think if I could karaoke I would sing that song, not that I'm a copycat
but it's a great song
Golden gaze is new to me but seems alright not so much my style of music however
Went to the farm last night to see the new moocows
rocked out to Sirius 19 hair nation
styx and van halen on the ride
they freshly paved the road on the way out there
Driven that road a trillion times but it was like I was somewhere else
no bump at the top of the hill, no washboard on the corner, fresh painted lines
and smooth....Freaky smooth
My poor jeep needs all the smoothness it can get
It's gotta make it through the winter
like a jeep jeep should.
2 more sleeps!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Styrofoam Coffee Cups

Hung over ....dam you jack Daniels
someone stole my lighter......dam you Jason
so I'm gonna make this quick
you should go to the webblog awards site and vote for Raymi
Some Saskatchewan political blogger is currently winning and
Raymi should be so make sure you vote!
I think ms Doodle should be nominated next year.
3 more sleeps

Friday, November 2, 2007

Spittin From A Bridge

I'm not Cordelia I'm Sean the broke ass blogger
I have to go to the MTO today
see how much I owe for the renewal of
my permis de conduitre
or I might have to come to work
a la pied.
Wish Me luck........

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pressure Points

How to twist your mind like a lemon well you can read this guy's blog
I'm not saying it's juicy but He's new, he just started blogging and I added him
I think he's a good writer like I said he's new so if ya like give it a read.
Ya know when you ask someone for advise or an opinion and they just have no clue so they make up something they think is a funny answer. In turn it just irritates you more
Note to self...... Look at who your asking and Don't ask them again.
Maybe my fuse is short this morning but the one thing I do know the midnight crew needs to use there head for more then a hat rack
Today's day crew is not much I think to myself What would Ms Doodle do?
Probably make fun of em in her head, have a Witty comment (they probably wouldn't get.)
Then go for a run to train for the tug of war competition.
I miss Ms Doodle!