Monday, November 16, 2015

Winning Popularity Contests

I bought a FitBit it’s pretty cool and it has helped motivate me to walk more.Unfortunatly though it makes an eczema  type rash on my wrist. I like it though (the fit bit, not the rash).
I have also stopped drinking Pepsi. It’s been a week and a half I don’t miss it really. I used to drink 2-5 a day and it was getting out of control. Lost 5 pounds too.
Birthday was fun! Drank way too much and was hurting for 2 days LOL I also managed to piss some people off... meh I’m forty now and don’t really care. That’s a lie; I do care, but what’s done is done!
Really I only care about one person(that I pissed off), and I’m hoping she’ll get over it. She is a longtime friend(20+ years) and we kind of have a flirty relationship (she doesn’t live here or in Tbay) and texting after several Jagar is not a good idea (incase you needed advice) << Don’t do what I did!
Work seems to be picking up again and I’m hoping it stays that way. Not to curse it but all this time off is making me stir crazy. I can’t go anywhere incase they call and there’s only so much you can do without spending money. Well i’m off to the bar! Cheers!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Can’t Spell “Sucker” Without U.

Hola Amigos,

It’s been a weird couple of months. Works been slow and my motivation has gone with it.
I did go write my Mag exam(no results yet), and I signed up for the dye course in February.
When I get both of those tickets I can maybe move back to TBay where housing is affordable and still be able to work out here earning a decent salary. That’s the plan anyway....and you know how those go.
Turning 40 in a couple of days.
That’s been on my mind a lot these past weeks; trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. What I’d rather be doing and what I should be doing are two different animals. Mid life crisis coming right up! LOL
I’ve learned a lot about people these past few years and yes it took me a while, but the point is I learned.
Not sure if you read the previous post of the girl that flaked out and disappeared from our relationship? Halloween night my phone rings and I’m out with some buddies. She’s calling me because she is stranded downtown and can’t get a cab.
She knows I live downtown and I’m a sucker so I tell her “come to the pub, I’ll get you an Uber and pay me later” She came and had a quick beer then proceeded with some (what i think) is a story on how her friends kid never came home and she had to get to her friends ASAP. OK I call her an Uber; cost me $40(primetime prices), and she got to where she needed to go. She calls me after says they’re playing cards and having beers if I wanted to come by. So I did (another $20 in Uber) It was fun. We spent the night together and just like she whooshed back into my life she whooshed right back out again.
I texted her a few times in the following days and the responses were vague. for example:
Me- Hey! What are you up to tonight? Wanna do something?
Her- Laundry
Me- OK well it has to be done, but if you’re bored later gimme a buzz
NO response from her
Needless to say I won’t be as nice next time; and have been noticing a trend where she uses people.