Friday, December 28, 2007

There's A Light Out There Somewhere

I don't know whats going on with my nose these days
Sensory overload I smell everything
Like this air freshener that was sprayed at work
I think it's burned into my nasal cavity
trying to escape that I go to my office
My office smells like Tikka Masala
and air freshener
Weird cause the last time I made it was months ago
Gonna eat some this weekend
I have it in the brain
a craving
Frozen in me fridge there be a wee sample
I could cook with rice

My necks sore as hell
Really bugging me these days
this morning I was secretly wishing
I had got a machete for Christmas
So I could lob off my head in one great swipe
But I decided to go with plan "B"
6 Advil and a Doctors Appointment Wed Jan 2
Gonna fire up the chop saw this weekend
That's right Advil and power tools
I have intentions of making a work table
then I'm gonna attempt to make a picture frame
notice I said attempt
I have a door to sand but I'm waiting for a nice
snow free day so I can do it outside
4 days off coming up
I should get one of em done
Remember the lawn tractor
well it's still parked
My mechanically inclined friend
was supposed to look at it after the holidays
Gotta call him and find out
Then I gotta try to get it there
There's never a dull moment
There's supposed to be a poker game tonight
not too interested in going
gonna be people from the old crowd there
To tell you the truth
there the old crowd for a reason
Although it would be nice to see em
I'm 70/30 in favor of not going
I was in the other night
but they cancelled the game
Good Thing cause
I'm broke anyhow
Happy New Years to you and yours!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Music At Work

Hello sports fans
A flippin fantastic time was had this Christmas break
till today (645 am today to be more specific)
We went to a seafood party( Thanks to Nova and family)
Also dubbed "The Turkey is for suckers" party
Met a few new people
I ate enough to feed a small village
Smoked Christmas hash
Drank beer till the wee hours
opened a present or two
I now own A pimpin pizza stone
(send pizza ideas here)
Was up at 10am boxing day feeling fine
weird you would think I would be hung
I guess the non stop gorging was a savior
or the hour drive back to metro
Did I mention all this fun stuff happened way way out in the bush?
I was feelin so fine when we got home
I made a five dollar shake on my nifty new milkshake maker
You wanna know what's in a five dollar shake?
Send me five bucks and I will tell you
fo sure the best five bucks you'll ever spend
trust me

Friday, December 21, 2007

Don't Go Swimming Past The Drop Off!

5 glorious days off
Been busy with the shopping and perogies
Why do people insist on me chasing them for there perogies?
After hounding(asking multiple times)
a certain someone for 6 weeks to pay for their order
I said fuck it and sold their order to someone else
today he is here at work
I bet you Mr blog that he will ask me about em today
gonna have to tell him he missed the bus
Back to the bet
In return if I win I get to post pictures of hotties
and I get free post ideas for a month from you
If I lose I will post a retarded picture of myself
followed up by my own post ideas
OK well I read some other great news
Probably does not mean much to y'all
but I'm eligible
Too bad I can't go anytime soon.
but I should take advantage of it just to have it
I'm gonna need help from ms Doodle on that one.
Moving on here
I'm not sure how much I will be blogging during the next week
being the crazy time of year so I would like to say
Thanks for reading and
Merry Christmas to you and to yours!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When Were Together Even When Were Apart

The brain is working overtime today
sometimes I wonder if it works at all.
Sour Jolly ranchers are the way to go
good stimulation of the senses,
like a good dose of the Tragically Hip
it will do ya no wrong
no wrong
When I was younger I wanted to write songs
not sing em or play em just write em
It went nowhere kinda like this post

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ants Marching

So shopping is going OK
Got some stuff last night and with any luck today I will finish
I really don't get the Christmas thing
Society dictates that Christmas is all about shopping
I'm in it for the food, drink and company
Granted it's nice to get a gift but the hype is outta control
I know I said it was my favorite holiday,
still is but not for the shopping
I think the thoughtful homemade gifts are the nicest
like a picture made into a card or
an oven fresh turkey(not the ones I work with)
The look on someones face says it all
"Hey I baked you a Turkey instead of the Nintendo game you wanted"
Moving on to some sad news here
Tis a busy season/ time of year
Teribabes said she's gonna quit blogging
I think you should click this link and email her Kinda like an online petition
Put some wind in her sails,Let her know what a good job she does
and how sad you would be if it stopped.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Recycle Bin

The weekend was wicked awesome,
Truth is I'm tired, lost my murse and don't feel like writing so
If your bored and have about 20min click here
It is quite interesting and OK for workplace viewing.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long Distance

Things are good!
I learned how to make blackened chicken yesterday
Of course I said I knew how
gotta be Rico smooth in the kitchen or she'll catch on
but truth is last night was the first time ever.
I think it turned out good
On the menu was Blackened Chicken Cesar Salad
Had some company later on and got some perfection tips on making the saltfish
turns out the first batch was waaaaaaayyyyy to salty
I know it sounds funny... salt fish that's salty
but too much really ruins the fish.
Moving on here
Were going to get a tree for Christmas this weekend
Turns out we had a tree stand tug of war and I lost
no charlie brown trees allowed
At least it's good excuse to pull the snow machine out
tree hunting at 60mph
I never had a real Christmas tree growing up
Always wanted to but it never happened
then I moved out
did not even put a tree up at all cause
there was no point to set one up for myself
This year it's different and I'm stoked
Homemade decorations
penis shaped Christmas baking(Thanks)
gift wrapping
lots of snacking
seafood supper (turkeys for suckers)
good wine, beer and spirits
lots of time under the stinkin mistle toe
Fresh snow
The glow of happiness
lighting up the room
or maybe that was fathead knocking over the tree
not sure but
Christmas is my favorite holiday
If I had to pick one
This year in the mix of my birthday and Christmas
I already got what I wanted so
Everything else is all a bonus.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The 33 second Package Man

There is something to be said about
Jalapeno and banana pepper pizza,
Besides the fact it's hot and tasty.
At 7:30 in the morning
It's a real eye opener........fuck coffee!
That will fire you up!
Not sure if I had the munchies, needed the calories
or had a craving for the spice
but wow wee my mouth is burning!
Had a hard time (no pun intended) waking up
this morning, not sure why we went to bed around 1am
Had a bit of a nightmare because I been trying to watch
Corner Gas, every time it's supposed to be on
It's not
I even saw a preview saying watch Corner Gas at 930pm
Monday or Tuesday
I tried 2 weeks in a row....not on!
Then they shoulda put another preview saying
hahahahaha sucker it's not on thanks for lookin!
It's an American controversy due to the Dam writers being on strike
My Opinion anyhow
Bonus at least the Canadian content will get more exposure/airtime
besides that I slept great.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flirting With Time

I wonder if people become soft as they get older?
As the years roll by do you become more compassionate?
towards life, towards people, towards animals I think so.
I also think it takes something or someone to open you up
break down the wall
maybe get you to take a second look, give a hand or just listen
I can remember a time where I always stood aloof from people.
A very Private Individual
I think my 32 birthday opened a door I been walking by for awhile
It took a long time and It was hard
but god dam I'm glad I opened it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Super Soup, Cordless Drills and Sperm Scratchers

In Better effort to pack with the wolves
I bought a brand new Delta compound mitre saw......for free
coming my way in 3-4 weeks did I tell you it was free!
The shipping too all free!
A long awaited purchase
I love Air Miles!
I also have a feeling Ms doodle will have me doing some kinda house project
Anything to bust out the power tools
The Cordless drill BTW this could be the best invention in the world
The table saw and now the Chop saw.
Next house projects include putting a bathroom shelf up.
Put a door on the porch to close it off from the kitchen
That's warm on the feet
A door with a cat door cut out of it
should be interesting
not the most cosmetic but it's only for winter.
Otherwise in January when it's -40
my furnace will be workin OT
heating downtown PA
and that's NFG!


Friday, December 7, 2007

Golden Gaze

Been waking up in the mornings in a great mood
The usual "fucking work" rant comes out of my mouth every morning
The difference it's only half the rant it used to be,maybe it's cause I'm tired
or maybe it's cause I'm in a great mood
The house is in shambles....I don't care, I'm still smiling
It will be all organized and straightened before we know it
Gonna be a busy weekend.
I'll be in a great mood, you should be too
Cause that shit spreads all the way to Kalamazoo.
Have a good weekend!
ps- My poetry sucks

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Was wondering what they sell at the gift shop?
I was also gonna call and book a rental home for three weeks in the summer because it would probably take me three weeks to figure out what the hell a minnow shot is.
Any ideas?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cold Cold Night

Yesterday the plow went by my house so after work and 2 left handed smokes
I went to shovel the end of the drive. The neighbour from across the street whom I never talked to in my life has a brand spankin new quad with a plow.
He plowed everybodys driveway around me
and stood in his driveway with his buddys quad running watching me shovel
Now I don't expect him to plow my driveway and I don't need his help but don't just fuckin stand there and watch me shovel the grader roll next to your pretty quad runner.
My lawn tractor project does not look like it's happening I need someone with
electrical systems for small motors training or experience
I have no idea on stuff like that, but I'm thinking positive.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Boys Of Summer

I'm a guy that does as little as possible when it comes to shopping,
once in a while you gotta cowboy I did this weekend
It went rather well
I even found a deal
I would not say I hate shopping
I would not say I hate shopping malls
for some odd reason I just don't go shopping
I like the grocery shopping more then shopping at the mall
It's been probably close to a year since I been to
Intercity mall lots has changed so the walk around was enjoyable
Other then that Get in, get what you need and get out
Atsa da way to do it!
On the way in I won a radio contest Friday , not the hundred bucks :(
but some other contest where you had to name the song when they
read you the lyrics. I did and won a bunch of stuff
gotta pick that up and clean the house for the arrival of
TPM and The Tardis