Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flirting With Time

I wonder if people become soft as they get older?
As the years roll by do you become more compassionate?
towards life, towards people, towards animals I think so.
I also think it takes something or someone to open you up
break down the wall
maybe get you to take a second look, give a hand or just listen
I can remember a time where I always stood aloof from people.
A very Private Individual
I think my 32 birthday opened a door I been walking by for awhile
It took a long time and It was hard
but god dam I'm glad I opened it.

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Universal Thought said...

Well it seems to me that there is only 2 directions you can go in life, one direction softens you and awakens you to life as it is with all of its pains and pleasures and the other direction hardens your shell blinding you from the truth of reality. This internal struggle of heart and mind between which way to go lives on within you until you wake up and realize that the path of becoming harder will never protect you from the pains you feel inside. As you soften you start to allow yourself to become vulnerable to your life and your shell begins to crack allowing the outside light to shine through. You discover a life that was always there but you where to blind to see it because of the darkness of your harden shell. You begin to awaken from the dream. Opening yourself up to loving yourself is the only doorway to loving others. What cracks the harden eggshell is being truly loved by another and allowing this love to penetrate your entire being. Embrace it! Resistance is futile!