Friday, December 28, 2007

There's A Light Out There Somewhere

I don't know whats going on with my nose these days
Sensory overload I smell everything
Like this air freshener that was sprayed at work
I think it's burned into my nasal cavity
trying to escape that I go to my office
My office smells like Tikka Masala
and air freshener
Weird cause the last time I made it was months ago
Gonna eat some this weekend
I have it in the brain
a craving
Frozen in me fridge there be a wee sample
I could cook with rice

My necks sore as hell
Really bugging me these days
this morning I was secretly wishing
I had got a machete for Christmas
So I could lob off my head in one great swipe
But I decided to go with plan "B"
6 Advil and a Doctors Appointment Wed Jan 2
Gonna fire up the chop saw this weekend
That's right Advil and power tools
I have intentions of making a work table
then I'm gonna attempt to make a picture frame
notice I said attempt
I have a door to sand but I'm waiting for a nice
snow free day so I can do it outside
4 days off coming up
I should get one of em done
Remember the lawn tractor
well it's still parked
My mechanically inclined friend
was supposed to look at it after the holidays
Gotta call him and find out
Then I gotta try to get it there
There's never a dull moment
There's supposed to be a poker game tonight
not too interested in going
gonna be people from the old crowd there
To tell you the truth
there the old crowd for a reason
Although it would be nice to see em
I'm 70/30 in favor of not going
I was in the other night
but they cancelled the game
Good Thing cause
I'm broke anyhow
Happy New Years to you and yours!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Music At Work

Hello sports fans
A flippin fantastic time was had this Christmas break
till today (645 am today to be more specific)
We went to a seafood party( Thanks to Nova and family)
Also dubbed "The Turkey is for suckers" party
Met a few new people
I ate enough to feed a small village
Smoked Christmas hash
Drank beer till the wee hours
opened a present or two
I now own A pimpin pizza stone
(send pizza ideas here)
Was up at 10am boxing day feeling fine
weird you would think I would be hung
I guess the non stop gorging was a savior
or the hour drive back to metro
Did I mention all this fun stuff happened way way out in the bush?
I was feelin so fine when we got home
I made a five dollar shake on my nifty new milkshake maker
You wanna know what's in a five dollar shake?
Send me five bucks and I will tell you
fo sure the best five bucks you'll ever spend
trust me

Friday, December 21, 2007

Don't Go Swimming Past The Drop Off!

5 glorious days off
Been busy with the shopping and perogies
Why do people insist on me chasing them for there perogies?
After hounding(asking multiple times)
a certain someone for 6 weeks to pay for their order
I said fuck it and sold their order to someone else
today he is here at work
I bet you Mr blog that he will ask me about em today
gonna have to tell him he missed the bus
Back to the bet
In return if I win I get to post pictures of hotties
and I get free post ideas for a month from you
If I lose I will post a retarded picture of myself
followed up by my own post ideas
OK well I read some other great news
Probably does not mean much to y'all
but I'm eligible
Too bad I can't go anytime soon.
but I should take advantage of it just to have it
I'm gonna need help from ms Doodle on that one.
Moving on here
I'm not sure how much I will be blogging during the next week
being the crazy time of year so I would like to say
Thanks for reading and
Merry Christmas to you and to yours!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When Were Together Even When Were Apart

The brain is working overtime today
sometimes I wonder if it works at all.
Sour Jolly ranchers are the way to go
good stimulation of the senses,
like a good dose of the Tragically Hip
it will do ya no wrong
no wrong
When I was younger I wanted to write songs
not sing em or play em just write em
It went nowhere kinda like this post

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ants Marching

So shopping is going OK
Got some stuff last night and with any luck today I will finish
I really don't get the Christmas thing
Society dictates that Christmas is all about shopping
I'm in it for the food, drink and company
Granted it's nice to get a gift but the hype is outta control
I know I said it was my favorite holiday,
still is but not for the shopping
I think the thoughtful homemade gifts are the nicest
like a picture made into a card or
an oven fresh turkey(not the ones I work with)
The look on someones face says it all
"Hey I baked you a Turkey instead of the Nintendo game you wanted"
Moving on to some sad news here
Tis a busy season/ time of year
Teribabes said she's gonna quit blogging
I think you should click this link and email her Kinda like an online petition
Put some wind in her sails,Let her know what a good job she does
and how sad you would be if it stopped.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Recycle Bin

The weekend was wicked awesome,
Truth is I'm tired, lost my murse and don't feel like writing so
If your bored and have about 20min click here
It is quite interesting and OK for workplace viewing.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long Distance

Things are good!
I learned how to make blackened chicken yesterday
Of course I said I knew how
gotta be Rico smooth in the kitchen or she'll catch on
but truth is last night was the first time ever.
I think it turned out good
On the menu was Blackened Chicken Cesar Salad
Had some company later on and got some perfection tips on making the saltfish
turns out the first batch was waaaaaaayyyyy to salty
I know it sounds funny... salt fish that's salty
but too much really ruins the fish.
Moving on here
Were going to get a tree for Christmas this weekend
Turns out we had a tree stand tug of war and I lost
no charlie brown trees allowed
At least it's good excuse to pull the snow machine out
tree hunting at 60mph
I never had a real Christmas tree growing up
Always wanted to but it never happened
then I moved out
did not even put a tree up at all cause
there was no point to set one up for myself
This year it's different and I'm stoked
Homemade decorations
penis shaped Christmas baking(Thanks)
gift wrapping
lots of snacking
seafood supper (turkeys for suckers)
good wine, beer and spirits
lots of time under the stinkin mistle toe
Fresh snow
The glow of happiness
lighting up the room
or maybe that was fathead knocking over the tree
not sure but
Christmas is my favorite holiday
If I had to pick one
This year in the mix of my birthday and Christmas
I already got what I wanted so
Everything else is all a bonus.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The 33 second Package Man

There is something to be said about
Jalapeno and banana pepper pizza,
Besides the fact it's hot and tasty.
At 7:30 in the morning
It's a real eye opener........fuck coffee!
That will fire you up!
Not sure if I had the munchies, needed the calories
or had a craving for the spice
but wow wee my mouth is burning!
Had a hard time (no pun intended) waking up
this morning, not sure why we went to bed around 1am
Had a bit of a nightmare because I been trying to watch
Corner Gas, every time it's supposed to be on
It's not
I even saw a preview saying watch Corner Gas at 930pm
Monday or Tuesday
I tried 2 weeks in a row....not on!
Then they shoulda put another preview saying
hahahahaha sucker it's not on thanks for lookin!
It's an American controversy due to the Dam writers being on strike
My Opinion anyhow
Bonus at least the Canadian content will get more exposure/airtime
besides that I slept great.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flirting With Time

I wonder if people become soft as they get older?
As the years roll by do you become more compassionate?
towards life, towards people, towards animals I think so.
I also think it takes something or someone to open you up
break down the wall
maybe get you to take a second look, give a hand or just listen
I can remember a time where I always stood aloof from people.
A very Private Individual
I think my 32 birthday opened a door I been walking by for awhile
It took a long time and It was hard
but god dam I'm glad I opened it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Super Soup, Cordless Drills and Sperm Scratchers

In Better effort to pack with the wolves
I bought a brand new Delta compound mitre saw......for free
coming my way in 3-4 weeks did I tell you it was free!
The shipping too all free!
A long awaited purchase
I love Air Miles!
I also have a feeling Ms doodle will have me doing some kinda house project
Anything to bust out the power tools
The Cordless drill BTW this could be the best invention in the world
The table saw and now the Chop saw.
Next house projects include putting a bathroom shelf up.
Put a door on the porch to close it off from the kitchen
That's warm on the feet
A door with a cat door cut out of it
should be interesting
not the most cosmetic but it's only for winter.
Otherwise in January when it's -40
my furnace will be workin OT
heating downtown PA
and that's NFG!


Friday, December 7, 2007

Golden Gaze

Been waking up in the mornings in a great mood
The usual "fucking work" rant comes out of my mouth every morning
The difference it's only half the rant it used to be,maybe it's cause I'm tired
or maybe it's cause I'm in a great mood
The house is in shambles....I don't care, I'm still smiling
It will be all organized and straightened before we know it
Gonna be a busy weekend.
I'll be in a great mood, you should be too
Cause that shit spreads all the way to Kalamazoo.
Have a good weekend!
ps- My poetry sucks

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Was wondering what they sell at the gift shop?
I was also gonna call and book a rental home for three weeks in the summer because it would probably take me three weeks to figure out what the hell a minnow shot is.
Any ideas?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cold Cold Night

Yesterday the plow went by my house so after work and 2 left handed smokes
I went to shovel the end of the drive. The neighbour from across the street whom I never talked to in my life has a brand spankin new quad with a plow.
He plowed everybodys driveway around me
and stood in his driveway with his buddys quad running watching me shovel
Now I don't expect him to plow my driveway and I don't need his help but don't just fuckin stand there and watch me shovel the grader roll next to your pretty quad runner.
My lawn tractor project does not look like it's happening I need someone with
electrical systems for small motors training or experience
I have no idea on stuff like that, but I'm thinking positive.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Boys Of Summer

I'm a guy that does as little as possible when it comes to shopping,
once in a while you gotta cowboy I did this weekend
It went rather well
I even found a deal
I would not say I hate shopping
I would not say I hate shopping malls
for some odd reason I just don't go shopping
I like the grocery shopping more then shopping at the mall
It's been probably close to a year since I been to
Intercity mall lots has changed so the walk around was enjoyable
Other then that Get in, get what you need and get out
Atsa da way to do it!
On the way in I won a radio contest Friday , not the hundred bucks :(
but some other contest where you had to name the song when they
read you the lyrics. I did and won a bunch of stuff
gotta pick that up and clean the house for the arrival of
TPM and The Tardis

Friday, November 30, 2007

Rico Was A Short Man

Lots of stuff on the brain this am
Just got paid and I'm broke
Just got the rent for Dec it's
I think Christmas will be a tough go.
I'm Thinking it's time for another job as much
as I have been avoiding that little fact
It's right here in black and white
-$457 and payday was yesterday
At least the heat is paid and the lights will be on till Jan
fuck sakes.....anyhoo as you probably heard before
I don't mind my job but some of the people here drive me
freakin insane, not all the people some.
So because I'm trying to keep myself sane
I'm coming up with different email addresses
I might change to something along these lines
least in my head Im laughing
"Ya email me" would be my response to everything
There's 2 weeks outta the month where the place is
almost turkey free, then there's the other 2 weeks.
Who knew turkeys were a herding animal?
The plus is it's Friday and the Turkeys will be gone
starting on Monday for 2 weeks,
ohhh the things I look forward to.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Co-Habitation And The Gift Of Gab.

The birthday gift idea is a good one but for some odd reason
In my thoughts I'm starting to second guess it
Don't get me wrong It would be a fab gift to sprig on someone
In my procrastination (and waiting for payday)
I thought of another idea
It won't work by it's self, but a good part of a package for sure.
Guess it's time to cowboy up and hit the store
Where to start?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey Pretty Baby Won't You Hold Me Tight, Im Loadin Up, Rollin Outta Here Tonight.

Good day
This is Pussy Galore reporting for Channel 7 Action News
Downtown Thunder Bay,
You might remember me from such movies as
Good Dog Bad Kitty or The not so Stray Cats.
I'm here with Dick LeGrande. Chief acting officer for the Metro Police.
So Dick.... What's the situation here?

Well Pussy, there seems to be some sort of bug.
Not your average bug, we're really not sure.

Well Dick where do you think this came from?

Like I said. We're not entirely sure, but some experts say it's a travel bug. All I can say at this time Pussy is the bug was originally planted in a set of fleece sheets.
Dick, Is it Contagious?
Is it Serious?

Ohh ya Pussy It spreads like wildfire,
or like you did at your old job

So what should I tell our viewers to look out for Dick?

Well once you been bitten there's no going back, so
we certainly want the public to be cautious of that, also
word on the streets is there is a hottie with Ontario plates
spreading the bug around, so if you see a hottie with Ontario plates.
Do the right thing and make sure you call the metro police.
Ask for me. Dick LeGrande

OK Dick. Thanks for the update and keep us posted.
This is Pussy Galore reporting for Action News
Channel 7.
Stay tuned for your local weather featuring
our very own Fast Sally but first our sports report
featuring Randy Bolt.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Denial Twist

A couple o days has passed since I been here for that I'm sorry.
No luck out hunting Whew knew a 1200lb moose
can hide so good, saw lots of tracks just nothing standing in em.
Lately I have been catching myself looking at popular and
not so popular travel destinations on the web
looking at world maps
Agreeing with myself where Indonesia really is
Day dreaming Costa Rica.
Wondering if there really could be a door
where there was no door before.
All because of a passport and
Now I know What an adventure travelling could be
Specially if you have a world traveller at your side
My problem is that in my list of life things I wanna do
I'm not sure where travel would fit
I want a country house
I want a nice boat for Superior
I want a garage to park the boat
I want a new jeep to pull the boat
and the list goes and goes
Where does travel fit
Who knows.
Somewhere between wants and needs?
Somewhere between money, the shortness of life and french sandwiches
Of course things always change with time
Travel is on the list now
not in lieu of anything just on the list
I simply never thought about, was financially capable
or was inspired to travel in the past.

Friday, November 23, 2007

See Me Ride Out Of The Sunset, On Your Colour TV Screen

Can't get enough of the Icky Thump for some reason today I like that song
Today's title came from a song
Let's play a game of name the artist
If your good guess what song it is?
Mawno tonight, Gonna pack with the wolves better learn how to howl.
No snowmachine yet but The mission is to drink beer tonight , shoot a deer tomorrow and
decide if the birthday gift Idea is a good one while I'm out in the fresh air.
Fresh air is good for the brain, I have come to that conclusion
here's why EVERY time I come back from the great outdoors
I feel like a new man
refreshed and relaxed.
I need that
at least 4 times a year.
A quarterly release
I missed the last hunting trip
so this is gonna be well worth the wait.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

She Was High On Intellectualism, Ive Never Been There But The Brochure Looks Nice

Saw a moon dog last night out at the farm.
The moon was wicked awesome.
That's one thing for sure I miss about country living
The stars and wood stove too
The bullshit was flying and I was late getting home
not that I had to be anywhere till 645am but I was
trying to get home before the phone rang
The cell reception at the farm is the shitz
Turns out the phone rang before I got home
Felt bad for asking her to call back but
the Apocalypse is so loud these days,
A conversation full of "what's" is not what I wanted

So I made it home and bam She called back
The plants look nice by the way!
I started the Apocalypse this morning and let it warm up
630am its cold out
Sounded like a Harley in the driveway
Tenants love that
Really they do, Well for at least the next 5 months.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So She's Leaving

620 am The 3rd alarm goes off and I'm up for work
Teri google is up packed and heading to Ottawa today
She starts the Tardis (10 min early) and I start the Apocalypse
"So She's Leaving" is on the radio
good song, I chuckle
Lunches in hand , We leave in different directions
It's her last trip to Ottawa and back
Unfortunately It's not my last trip to work, fuk sakes Anyhoo
By lunches I mean Homemade pizza from last night
made with love.......or at least with cheese, alot of cheese.
We went for a midnight walk
choosing direction Kai by bo style
not sure if she was happy with the route but
it was a nice to stroll, watch the snow and breath the fresh air.
Going to mawno this weekend Can't wait!
Doin some Hollywood hunting
drinking and eating
It's gonna be good for the mental health
and maybe the freezer.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hollywood Nights

Cider I forgot about you
The hangover your so good at giving me
you wonder why your only around in winter
The alarm going off this morning was a reminder
that Dam tasty usually means no good for you
not an a weeknight
As usual the weekend flew by it was hard
to get up for work this morning
really hard, for a couple of reasons
so in protest I'm not gonna do much here today.

Contrary to popular belief
it's true you can hang clothes out on the line
even when it's -8
sure they freeze but eventually they dry
good smellin laundry it takes awhile but well worth it
Gonna put a clothes line up in the basement
just because I'm hoping the tenant will also use it, I cant wait
3 days when it's -40 for my laundry, less wear'n'tear on the dryer
and of course better on the hydro bill
A win win situation, twas the Tbirds Idea.

What's not a good idea is drunken trampolining
I'm gonna leave it at that.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Vegetarian is a native word that means lousy hunter.
Just something I heard.

I'm pretty quiet today, so this is gonna be short
no reason in particular
just thinking, hummin and hawin
waiting for the day to pass
thinking about last night
and how my biznitch was the shiznit.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Haven't Slept In Years

Made a valiant effort and succeeded
Took a long time but, I was determined
Had some tough competition
An expert and some on-lookers
But after an hour and some laughs
That Pahd Thai was history
Now I am Semi Pro
at chopstickery.

I stole that word
from an expert chopsticker
She's good at stuff like that
I'm not
till yesterday
now I can hold my own
Lookout world!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

32 Years Of Wisdom

Bounce into the jeep on the way to work this morning
Just Enough Essential Parts to get there
Smiling and Doin the "life review" during the 5 min drive and 2 min walk
I can say I'm Happy with the way things are and the way things are going for the first time in a longgggg time......weird but I like it
There's a few financial quirks to work out yet, some stuff that I know will be worked out in time
Timing is funny reason being during the 7 min skdash to work
I walked under a street lamp it was on, as I passed by it went out
This happens to me lots when I'm walking or driving
Usually the orange streetlamps like me best
I wonder if there's a reason like with body energy, voodoo, aura who knows
or it's my timing
nonetheless it happens lots.

perfect timing= what were all aiming for
Too early = Could be good or bad
Too Late= well too late

Also alot these days I been thinking about getting a passport
why .....who knows but I was told and I quote
"If you get a passport doors will open where there were no doors before."
For some reason it (that) has popped in my head quite often
When should I go and do that ........soon but Timing is everything.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fun With Jalapeno's

Fantastic Weekend as always it went by too fast. An unexpected dinner party on Saturday night at the farm, that led into a mellow Sunday. Like I said A good weekend however I feel a little bit lazy so tonight I am doing some domestics that shoulda been done on the weekend. That should take an hour or so minus the laundry witch seems to take forever. Why you ask well in case a party breaks out tomorrow(this is quite possible) I want to have a clean house. You underestimate my sneakiness.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Serious Useless Info

Cause I'm a slacker, It's Friday and I probably wont post anything tomorrow
or I might but in case I don't, let it be known that tomorrow marks the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald.
The story of that shipwreck is intriguing and not cause there was a song about it.
Or maybe it is I dunno
Ask me why I know this and I would bore you with useless info Like
The boat was 728 ft long.
In other sad news I learned my favorite deli had to close it's doors due to new
health regulations.
He could not afford to purchase all the modern "hands free" equipment
now required by the ministry of health.
They made the best sausages known. The meat was a little pricey but quality was superb
I wish I knew before hand as I woulda made a last minute purchase x 10.
Don't forget about Rememberance Day Sunday!
Have a Good Weekend

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Fromage Beaver Dam

Saw this on the news Things In Hollywood are changing Love the snow it makes my road look so clean
I woke up from the afternoon nap
drank some sour grape juice and looked out the window
Then I got an idea for a business
Then I would have kick ass radio commercials featuring the "big voice" guy
" Common down to Ipids and more on Teridoodle drive, buy 3 ipids and get a free roll of toilet paper...downloads not included " dododododododododaaa Ipids and more
Aaahhh ya know what i mean.......
Fromage + sleepy = this blog post

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Eat That Shit With Mustard

Bob's round for afternoon chocolate milks
Beatrice of course
Just had a Monte Kristo
I eat that shit with mustard
and I spelled it wrong
Egg and mustard good together
Whew knew?
Little things today make me
win in my head
like the cool sharpie pen I stole
Baby steps and the way things are going
Just Seanable
I will leave you this
Retarded, funny
and you can eat that shit with mustard.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lamby Joes And The Worry Wort

KHawk the mystery commenter should have his own blog
That being said ya'all should Email him and let him know
Like a petition, I think it would be great and trust me he has time.
Did you vote for Raymi yet?........Please do!
Are you not glad you showed up Now ya got some homework to do
cast a vote and send an email .....
Moving on here
Awoke before the sound of the alarm to the cell ringing
A sweet voice sounds better then any alarm clock
She's en route and almost here
I'm Happy and giddy.
Granted the recent time change was good for the extra sleep
my appetite has been severely messed cause of it tho
I'm freakin starving and it's 830am
I just want this day to go by fast
so far not so much.
I was thinking and looking not by choice
at train graffiti
as the cars rolled by I notice
some of it is really artsy and done well
So well it makes me wonder how much time was spent
doing it and how they got away doing it
midnight spray bomb????
Bonus...your art gets shown across the country
then you also get the shit morons spray
not so nice
sloppy and cheesy
kinda like my lunch.

Monday, November 5, 2007

What was I gonna Do Tonight?

Round Here

The title is from the song Jason sung el karaoke
Downloaded that tune and believe it or not the voices are similar
Good job!
now get back on the horse do some blogging.
I think if I could karaoke I would sing that song, not that I'm a copycat
but it's a great song
Golden gaze is new to me but seems alright not so much my style of music however
Went to the farm last night to see the new moocows
rocked out to Sirius 19 hair nation
styx and van halen on the ride
they freshly paved the road on the way out there
Driven that road a trillion times but it was like I was somewhere else
no bump at the top of the hill, no washboard on the corner, fresh painted lines
and smooth....Freaky smooth
My poor jeep needs all the smoothness it can get
It's gotta make it through the winter
like a jeep jeep should.
2 more sleeps!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Styrofoam Coffee Cups

Hung over ....dam you jack Daniels
someone stole my lighter......dam you Jason
so I'm gonna make this quick
you should go to the webblog awards site and vote for Raymi
Some Saskatchewan political blogger is currently winning and
Raymi should be so make sure you vote!
I think ms Doodle should be nominated next year.
3 more sleeps

Friday, November 2, 2007

Spittin From A Bridge

I'm not Cordelia I'm Sean the broke ass blogger
I have to go to the MTO today
see how much I owe for the renewal of
my permis de conduitre
or I might have to come to work
a la pied.
Wish Me luck........

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pressure Points

How to twist your mind like a lemon well you can read this guy's blog
I'm not saying it's juicy but He's new, he just started blogging and I added him
I think he's a good writer like I said he's new so if ya like give it a read.
Ya know when you ask someone for advise or an opinion and they just have no clue so they make up something they think is a funny answer. In turn it just irritates you more
Note to self...... Look at who your asking and Don't ask them again.
Maybe my fuse is short this morning but the one thing I do know the midnight crew needs to use there head for more then a hat rack
Today's day crew is not much I think to myself What would Ms Doodle do?
Probably make fun of em in her head, have a Witty comment (they probably wouldn't get.)
Then go for a run to train for the tug of war competition.
I miss Ms Doodle!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Future Is X-Rated

Bongs, Blogs , Wheat Kings and Pretty Things!

Fired up the Apocalypse it's 633am (It's loud the tenant loves this 5 days a week) The radio's on and I'm sleepy.It's not the coming to work that bothers me It's the 8 hours I have to wait to go home that pisses me off.
Had another chainsmokin sausage party at my house last night
I mean it's OK cause there is not much a doing on a Tuesday night
It was comical anyhow We talked Jeeps Toyota's and cheap american vehicle prices
4inch lift's with 33inch tires
the Toyoltal package The Rubicon and of course The Boston whaler
Dreams and Guy talk I guess
you trepak'ed around my head popping in popping out
Roadtrippin in a brand spankin new jeep would be top notch
specially if I had someone to help me wave!
By the way....If you have to ask at what
you wouldn't understand.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zodiac Shit

In effort to keep up with the great USA our time change was changed last year from OCT 28-29ish to November 4th
Personally I have trouble with losing an hour sleep considering I only get a few per night
Ya I hate this time change
Problem is... all the VCR's, Dvd's are programmed to automatically time change in October
so for a few days the time is wrong
No biggie but Way to go George!

Moving on

Granted that horoscopes are there for entertainment they are usually read for fun
Some people take em serious some don't. I personally think there is some truth to em
based on personality and what sign you are.....So in turn I read mine in the newspaper everyday, along with a few headlines, stories and the classifieds
rest is just flipped
Do you think sometimes horoscopes are right because your one of a million people reading it and Chances are if a million people read it it's gonna be bang on and apply to somebody??Today's horoscope read....blah blah blah blah I got to come up with a new plan
I think there wrong I'm dam happy with things, and the way there all going right now so there will be no "new plan" however as of right now I added something sweet to my existing plan.
a bratwurst cooking wood stove......just kiddin but that would be sweet.
Anyhoo There's vultures where I work if your not reading or flipping the paper they hover around the table in hopes of taking it from you
2 people in particular.....fuckers!
I said it before and I'll say it again
"gonna pack with the wolves, better learn how to howl!"

Monday, October 29, 2007

When The Bubble Bursts And The First Are Come For By The Last

What makes a good song?
It depends on the person and their likes
To me a good song can be listened to over and over
Like every morning I come to work and listen to a few favorites
including Cortez the killer
I blogged about that a year ago
you figure I would be sick of it by now
A good song will be stuck in your head from time to time
outta the blue, just pop in there
Next thing you know your whistling Sultans of swing
(which is up there on my all time favorites by the way)
I could not even dream to make a list of favorites
you would be reading for 8 hours
Just for giggles I'll give you ten in no particular order
-Sultans of swing
-Springtime in vienna
-Hootchie Cootchie man
-Prime time deliverance
-Cortez the killer
-Hey hey my my
-Grace too
-One piece at a time
- And justice for all
-Yellow Ledbetter
You don't get a prize for naming the artists sorry....
lot's of music styles but it all boils down to talent
So if it just pops in your head that's a good thing
If it stuck a chord with you in someway
that's talent or a good thing
I guess this theory could be applied to people as well
no matter
what there talent is
how much you talk/listen with them
if your still interested that's a good thing
If they just pop in your head
there's a reason for that
and you should listen.

Friday, October 26, 2007

My baby's New Amsterdam, If She Can't Do It No One Can

You know how they say
"never buy a car that was made on a Friday or a Monday"
Today I understand the theory.
Let's just say there's alot of water cooler talk goin on,
not much working and alot of spacing out.
Another late night with my buddy from outta town
Chillin around the two two six bullshit was flying, moose was on the plate and
beers were cold
Probably do the same tonight
Peeps I know want to go out tomorrow night, there a fun bunch
Being Halloween and I'm not much of a dresserupper
So I may join them, I may not
I'm sure my mind will be somewhere else
but i'll probably go for the hell of it
spooky eh!
Did you know when you look at your reflection in the window
your reflection is, or looks like it's about 20lbs heavier
why? Who knows
but I know I look buff
in my own mind.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Writers Bloc De Quebec

Learned something new today
and you thought I forgot
Ask me to use it in a sentence and I'm fuck'd
Ask me to keep doin what I'm doin and I'm fine
Never heard the word till Monday Morning
sometimes I hide from things I don't know
like widgets
I know what a widget has to do with a can of Guinness
but on a computer?? Ya don't ask
OK Moving on here I got my physio/massage this am
what felt like15 min = $40
They make you take your shoes off when you enter
Most physio places are like that......Who Knew?
Neck is more sore after but doc says no pain no gain
Even in the wallet I say....
I got "the look" and booked two more appointments @ $40 EA
I get reimbursed $25 per visit from work but I have to pay up front
I wonder If that's a tax write-off?
On a side note while doing this post
I noticed Matthew Goods new CD has alot of "The Who"
sounding guitar in it
Know what I mean??

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short Wave Radios

"Bloggin like its hot scene 1 take 19"

Had a good massage on the neck.....felt great till today
freekin sore today...Have to go back for 3-5 more sessions
Doc says that should do it.
Can't wait
Last night had a friend of mine over
I have not seen him in at least 10 years
It was a good visit, The ironic part He's from/lives in Vancouver
and we were drinking tasty BC brewed Kokanee Gold all the way
Ran outta beer so we went guessed it
Chicken Wings and of course Beer.(we took a cab)
We talked about getting old, parents getting old,
good times, bad times, dogs,cats and touches of grey then
I gave him all my bar stool prophet skirt chasing advise for
I am a happy boy who has since retired.
"end scene"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kick Ass Chocolate Milk On A Monday Afternoon!

Led Zeppelin Tribute band was an all around good time.
For the girls it was about the music but more importantly
looking at the singers crotch
For me it was about the company and of course the music
As always It Sounded really good in the Auditorium.
Rest of the weekend was fan fricken tastic
It was so hard to come into work today
Ms Doodle and I saw the funniest thing on Sunday afternoon
There was a lady given'r rollerblading down the street and smoking a cigarette at the same time, I think she's training for the Olympics but we weren't sure.
Watch for her in the rollersmoking event Vancouver 2010.

Friday, October 19, 2007

There's Not Enough Lovin In This World.....

You Don't know it but those two guys in the back.......There making fun of you!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

You Don't Make Friends With Salad

Picked up some fresh moose kielbasa,
garlic coils too
been burpin it up all morning
so I ate more
Those won't go to waste
There dam tasty.
My friend who shot the moose taught his 4yr old son
That deer aren't called deer
Oh No There called "tasty deer"
He took the family out for a drive
His wife flipped when the boy said
"Look Mom Tasty deer"
The boy was pointing out the window
at Bambi
I think she wears the pants
and my friend is sleeping in the doghouse.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Your Mouth's Writing Cheques Your Body Can't Cash!

I'm at work thinking about going to see the Led Zeppelin tribute band this Friday
I mention it to Bob He Say's to me "Led Zeppelin sucks" I don't know if I should punch him in the face or catch myself falling off my chair. He goes on to tell me "everybody who likes Zeppelin is or was a stoner, It's stoner music Gold" Now I'm fuk'n pissed because to me stoner music is more like The Grateful dead or Jefferson airplane or Pink Floyd( Whom I also really like) Zeppelin is a rock and roll band not no candy ass incense and peppermints type shit. I say your new nickname Bob is "NO Clue Bob" or NCB for short. I take it a step further and well now were doin a survey here at work. So far I'm winning by 2
The Question-----Do You like Led Zeppelin? A---Yes , No or Maybe
The question part 2----Are you or were you a stoner? A-- Yes or No
Supporting examples are that EVERYONE knows who Led Zeppelin is and since they broke up 20+ years ago there still popular( according to NCB only with young stoners) So that in it's self says something. NCB could at least name 5 Zeppelin songs but I'm gonna get him a Brittany Spears CD for Christmas cause she does not do drugs right?
For the record I won the hundred bucks this 9am so I am going to the tribute concert
fo sure bitches!


One year ago to the day
was a sad time for the author
I put my dog down
It's hard to play god but for old age reasons
It had to be done
To this day
I miss my dog alot.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He Drinks Tequila, She Talks dirty In Spanish

" Success is getting what you want , Happiness is wanting what you get"- some Chinese guy

Maybe I could write a book of quotes that are actually bumper stickers, I'm not sure it would sell but it would be definitely entertaining........ Like on a mechanics car He could put
" I'm not a gynecologist, but I'll take a look"
On a hippie van
"Think Fast Hippie"
On the Human resources office door
" You Can't spell Who Cares without HR"
OR for most cars of the people employed here
" It's hard to soar with the eagles....when you work with turkeys"
For the boys
" Gonna pack with the wolves better learn how to howl" - Danny at Mawno

The other idea is a book written of short stories that all make up one story. Like if you were on a cross Canada road trip and every chapter could be a part of the big story or a part of the trip.
it could be creepy or pulp fiction ish maybe call it "confessions of a skirt chaser" or "what goes on the road stay's on the road" actually both those titles suck but you get the point
realistically tho I would need a partner to help write, or at least proof read cause sometimes my English is not so good. Why this guy does not have a blog is beyond me>> K Hawk is like a walking dictionary , and due to the fact that spell check over the years has made me dumb your phone may be ringing soon. Don't you owe me a beer?
Three more days till Friday ! and let me tell ya what that's awesome.
Miss You!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dancing Days

You know it's all right Just rounded the better part of the afternoon
3 more hours to go and I'm dreaming of being outside
I work in fluorescent light
my vitamin d must be down
OK maybe not but I feel like I'm running outta days
to soak up some sunshine
to breath crisp fall air
All the late night chicken wings and beer are catching up with me
I think I should listen to boulevard lake calling me to walk
before I get dinky-doo disease.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Famous Doodle

So the rumours true I'm sitting at the marina in my jeep bloggin like its hot I was out and about decided to check it out and it! Would be a good view to if it was not dark out Anyhoo......Little bit of action at the two two six tonight , well not at the two two six but right across the street. I guess the kid down the street who stabbed his dog awhile ago decided to get revenge on the neighbour.The neighbour who called the cops on him for stabbing the dog that is. Tonight he broke a bunch of the dudes windows on the back of his house ....guess what the cops came again x3 and took him away LOL what a fuck'n moron. It however makes for good entertainment while eating chili !

Friday, October 12, 2007

Silence Is Golden.....Duct Tape Is Silver

Spacing out at work hoping this post would just write itself If you stare at it long enough it does!
This is what I would rather be doing with my Friday..... I'm tryin!
Scored some Moose steaks last night from a friend, the butcher was over in his garage so I came by to watch the show. I think butchering is like a hidden trade This guy was good!! Apparently Paul's moose was his second moose of the day. He said a big moose like this takes about 6 hours to clean.
Here's a little known fact You'll never find bones in moose meat the bone and bone marrow does something to the taste of the meat when cooked. So if someone tells ya they had a moose Tbone there full of it or it tasted like shit!
Guess what's for supper........ Moose Sirloin and _______ Fuk'n eh!
I may fill in the blank with these little squash I bought but have no idea what/how to make em
Guess what..... I may get cable so I can watch the food network and make some funky stuff over the winter(note to self call cable company)
I just had an idea .......Moose Chili hmmmmm
Moving on here
Feeling alot like a school kid these days
Have not felt like that in years, it's great!
Alone and wide awake thinking thoughts doing circles
when I'm supposed to be sleeping
So I made a decision
I'm totally cool with
that I'm gonna go for
even if it takes four months.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Drive-In's Rained Out

Sometimes (most times) you have a plan on paper or in your head
Just think how boring life would be if everything went as planned, smooth all the time
So naturally plans get tweaked and changed
written and unwritten
According to my horoscope today something's in the works
It also said I was gonna run into far it's bollocks
I do have a little something of my own in the works
How the horoscope people found out about it is beyond me
It's kinda Like Gordie says "It's been a long time running and it's well worth the wait!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fucking Or Fighting by 2AM

I stole the subject line from a friend who had it printed on a t-shirt
Totally his Idea Wish I could take credit for it
White t shirt big black letters
He Say's it's his motto
I say it's funny as hell!

Heard a old tune today
reminded me of a different time
It used to be my closing song before I retired
It was always a "pretty song for a pretty girl" kinda speech
Now there was no particular "pretty girl"
but for a old song the speech worked
Truth is I just liked it
Still do, If I could sing
I just might sing it
el kareoke

I felt bad yesterday
apologized today
something I should have
kept my mouth shut about(or my opinion)
Someone asked me for advice
I tore a strip off him
told him he would be STUPID to continue
twas my opinion with supporting examples
guess I thought I was helping
but I upset him

Afraid of change
Afraid of staying the same
Time to cowboy up
It's gonna be a cold winter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wanna Go Picnic Anyone?

Two coolers and a BBQ for the road!

The umbrella is full of Green Bay Packer patio lanterns.....lights up beautifully!

This is a hydraulic can crusher Put your empty can in, push the button and it falls into a bin below

I look like a dork......but it's about the table not me

Jim is the dude that made this picnic table from hell! He Say's it does 70MPH
Now that's how I would roll Bitches!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Twisted Thoughts They Spin Round My Head....I'm Spinnin

Doin laps is for sissies except if your nuts or getting paid. The brain was working OT and I was walking in circles at work, I finished up all the "work" I had to do, lots of time for walkin. Over the weekend I was at the Great lakes aquarium in Duluth , gonna post some pics a little later, but at work today (lap 13) I was thinkin my visit to the GLA was the first time I felt like a kid again in a long time. Carefree and not "worrying" about day to day bullshit I loved it........Stay tuned for foto's Fell asleep last night a little cold, sad but smiling. Too Da Do Da Do Da Doooo

Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Dropped like a frozen turkey
The cell phone call I was very much enjoying
Tried to get back through
No dice.
Going to Duluth for the weekend On a jet plane.....
No just shittin however
He drives it like it's a jet plane
Too bad this one has Mazda written on the side.
I'll be thinking of you while dodging the deer and border guards
wish me luck
Ya'all enjoy yer weekend now ya hear!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hey Hey What Can I Do?

Two Things:
This pissed me off Mainly because I missed his show.
Sorry I just had to get that out there.
I have a friend
He's a dog named Elvis
He bit his owner twice
He's a big Pitbull
He's a Good lookin dog
Just hyper and rowdy
Too bad He's gotta be put down.
The owner has kids
So I understand.
The sad part is , He is prohibited by the humane society
from giving Elvis Away.
Why Simply because of his age and breed
Not that I want a dog at this point in my life
I got different plans
I'm just sad for young Elvis and the situation.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

That's Rugged

This morning I kept pushing snooze, did not want to get outta bed
I went to bed early so I wasn't tired....just cold I forgot how cold my room is
Lying there I started remembering all the good stuff that goes on this time of year
It's Pumpkin Pie season
It's spaghetti squash season
It's almost whiskey season
It's closer to my Birthday :(
That's depressing but
This year I know what I want.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Turkey Bingo

Good Day eh!

I been brushing up on my American, since I'm going to corporate America this weekend
This is what I got so far:
Ya'all come back now ya hear
Candy bar not chocolate bar
It's A Tab not a Bill.
Can I get a Ceasar here?.....No Just Bloody Mary's ....yuk
Can I get a Whiskey and cola?
Blacktop= Highway or road
Moosehead beer is imported from Canada really?

Now add the Polish twist:
ya'allski come back now ya hearski
Cundy barski not chocolate barski
It's a tabski not a Billski
Can I get a Whiskey- ski and cola?

Ya'all get the point I think when I cross the border I'm gonna be the Polish American and then When were in the great Us of A.... I will just blend in with the lingo and people.
Truth is I would be going Hunting if I was not going to Duluth. All of it is a wicked great time.
**Sigh*** There is somewhere I would rather be but That's not gonna happen till Novemberishski.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Dirty Little Rockstar

Your feeling horny and think Flirting is harmless? maybe even Healthy The way I see it
Look at the menu and eat at home.....That's coming from me Mr skirt chaser you heard it here first.
Anyhow for those that are a little more flirty and frisky constantly getting in trouble
You should click here this could be for you.
Don't say I don't try to help!
Ps- I love the disclaimer!

Lesbian Music

I stole this picture from miss 604
Got through at 7am for the no BS contest by that I mean I got it to ring however it just kept answer and no $100 maybe later today I will be lucky!
I need to win this week or I'm gonna be skinny
Collected the rent this AM well it was late last night however it is already gone
jeep parts and water bill = goodbye October rent cheque
I am going to Duluth this weekend kinda pumped It's been awhile not really a plan just going for the sake of going.
They got a freshwater aquarium and its open all year were going
Maybe I'll do some shopping after
as gay as that is, I need some clothes
American beer sucks , but it's cheap
specially when the dollars at par
and the mall is busy.
It will be fun
but expect some drunken dialing!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Putski It's a word i use often to define working or doing things around the house
"I putski 'd around here all day" or "to putter"

So granted yesterday was a total right off due to Friday night festivities.
Today I puski 'd alot around here
Pouring rain so I am forced to use the dryer in lieu of the clothesline, I prefer the clothes hung on the line, for two reasons one... they smell great ans two I have a big washer and a medium dryer so clothes take forever to dry.
I touched up the bathroom cause the "painters tape" I bought for $5 freakin dollars ripped the ceiling paint off with the tape
Stopped raining for a bit so I Put the new battery in the famous lawn tractor
Then we had yet another smoking sparky fiery good time going on......I guess the wiring is fried and has to be replaced , along with the ignition which appears to do nothing.....I can take the key out and it will still turn over all by it's self! possessed I think!

This is where i get confused See the black thing on top next to the battery cable , with all the coloured wires goin to it. If I hook the battery up to that like it's supposed to go wont stop turning over and sparking.Even without a key. Ya see I got about 15 different jobs around the house to do all the time That being said you could also say putski'ing never ends so when I got nothing to do.... I putski. Of course I want to get this lawn tractor going cause it has a monster snow blower attachment and winter is creepin in. sorry folks it's true. I sometimes think I'm losing my mind when I putski cause I'll start doing one job get distracted and start to do something else , just cause I'm in the basement....I get distracted and end up outside....all because i went to empty the garbage in the basement.

Is there not some kinda helpline I can call?

wait never mind the laundry's done........

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ride The Lightning

Taking a leak this morning I notice I need another coat of dentist green
in my bathroom
Guess what I'm doin tonight!
Guess what I'm not doing on Sunday night?
I really want to go see Matthew Good at the Auditorium
but I'm not
Why you ask......well I went to go get tickets like 5 weeks ago....
Third row floor seats were available, I had the cash.
Now see not alot of people really like Matt Good as his new disc and style of music is really mello
The friend that I was supposed to go with wanted mezz tickets, as opposed to the floor seats.
mezz tickets were to go on sale Sept 17 (Mothers Day) So I held out
then they didn't go on sale at all.
now I could be stuck with 20th row seats on the floor
except I'm broke now and not going.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pillow Talk

It's 7am and I'm one hundred dollars richer!
yet again proving my theory on 7-8-9 am is the best time to call
of course I won at 11am last time, but I can't blame .
I invented a new colour, well when I say I
I mean she invented a new colour
It's called Dentist Green
It's now the colour of my bathroom
looks like a hospital scrub colour.
Why do people or should I say where do people
come up with names for colours?
Like have you ever heard of "Russian white"
WTF is that?
Truthfully tho
Russian white is a nice colour
kind of a pinky brown white
I'm all giddy like a school kid today
not sure if it's the paint fumes from last night
or my new found fortune.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Inner Smile

Called in to work to work today .When the meds wore off in effort to not go completely insane, recharge my spidey sense and clear my head with some fresh air. I went for a walk round the boulevard lake
Beauty day and I can say I love all the seasons for different reasons , however I like fall time the best. The fresh air and I strolled along got rained on by falling leaves and I noticed trees....trees I never noticed before. All the leaves were changing colour fiery red, bright yellow,crazy orange and greenish. I walked and watched a crow chase a crow round and around this huge bright yellow leaf tree.....Loud fuckers but entertaining. I saw alot of geese kickin it in the lake....shouldn't they be leaving soon? I was dodging the goose poop(cause its everywhere) when A squirrel came running up and across the path, took one look at me from two feet away and fucked right off....didn't think i was that scary but I said HI!
Saw three city worker trucks cruising the road , noticed there is glass all across the path its been there for 2 days now , some jackass broke the streetlamp with a rock......
they kept driving
hopefully they backtrack clean it up
and some dog does not cut his/her paws.
my friend If I had a broom
I would have cleaned it up.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are You The Judean People's Front?

A Little More On Biggus dickus....

Too weird!

I spent some time in Saskatchewan during my life Probably about a year and a half total. Anyhoo I was thinking about the province, a certain someone that's there in search of the drive through toilet, Dog River and the town of Estevan where I used to live. Estevan is small prob 10,000 people total. For the record Regina was not a place for me to live and when my job ended in Estevan we were supposed to go there, I left and came to Thunder Bay.

Watching the news last night They have a documentary called gimme shelter turns out it is about Estevan and the little boom that's going on there with oil and real estate.
Houses are cheap and they come with property....lots of property
There's work.......lots of work
Turns out people in big city's like Vancouver (where you could not afford a house if your life and friends lives depended on it) they are selling there fancy condos and moving to places like Estevan where they pay cash for there house , get a job and live mortgage free.

Now i would never move to Estevan..... been there saw the mall and the hockey team.
One cool thing I do miss about the prairies is the lightning storms Its almost worth a visit !
I wish a boom would happen here in Northwestern Ontario but I don't think so... at least not for awhile.People keep leaving here,which is understandable.... Hopefully you'll be back soon, at least for a visit cause I Miss you too!

Monday, September 17, 2007

September Seventeen , For A Girl I know It's Mothers Day..

Good day
Actually Great day!
Things seem to be going as expected not like yesterday.....
I went to tighten the wheel bearing in the jeep cause it was so worn the wheel was gonna fall of at some point
went to tighten the nut that presses the bearings can't tighten it....hmmmm
upon further discovery the whole wheel bearing and hub is in one piece.....3 bolts changes it all
Of course there's the $120 you have to spend on a new one
All in all a 15 minute job took 4 hours and 4 beer now the front end is solid
Another job well done!
I talked to the girl I had a major crush on for most of my childhood yesterday
The first time in 13+ years.
This was Also not expected but nice!
She's very successful and living in Calgary
She's still dam hot except now she's a MILF.....also not expected.
Then I thought of some choices I made in life
how things might have been different
If I moved to Calgary way back in the day
instead of working at a strip joint
instead of partying all the time
no regrets
but it makes me wonder.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Pretty Song For A Pretty Girl

Love chocolate milk
Im having a serious craving for
a big tall glass glass of the choco
It has to be in a glass or the carton it comes in
something about a plastic cup just ruins the
chocolatey goodness.

I was at the walk in clinic sitting in the lobby
I remember thinking this place is kinda like mouthwash or shampoo
call the patient in, swish em around , give em some Advil, kick em out
rinse and repeat
Turns out my neck is just fine according to doc just gotta ice it, However Mr Gold if you want some Advil I can prescribe that , I'm like no thanks.......
It's been 2 weeks I think there is something more then Advil can fix
My luck of course I get to see the dude and not the cute nerdy doctor chick that was working
Then it hit me ........I need a massage for my neck or a cute nerdy doctor chick!

As y'all may know I won the cash last week on the radio , this week it seems dam near impossible to get through I tried every hour for 4 days now and I can't even get it to ring

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Honky Tonk Women

It appears as tho the Idea of looking for another job is becoming better and better
Thought about dedicating a good part of my day to radio contests but I have not won a goddam thing this week so that is also on the back burner.
I delivered a box and a bag to the admin office on the past Friday.....nobody can find it. I have had to answer to 15 people this morning as to where it is...yup just like Office space and the TPS reports.
2 pieces in the last 7 yrs missing I would say my record is quite impressive
The weird part is the 2 pieces were addressed to separate departments for the same promo and both are missing......
I wish I could disappear like that, gone without a trace!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If I Had The Money Hunny Would Ya Love Me Love Me Love Me?

Cruisin to my mom's in the jeep Trailer attached because being the good kid I am I went to pick up some tree and rose bush branches she wanted to send to the dump.
I'm driving up the quiet residential street thinking things I probably shouldn't , out of the blue I notice this guy waving frantically on the side of the road pointing.....I look Holy shit the power wire is fallen off the pole It is strung across the road, with another piece still hanging there. I would have drivin right through it or it woulda been too late to stop if that dude was not there to warn me....I thank him
I guess a transport driver thought it was a good idea to cruise the neighbourhood in turn he took the power wires out.
I got to my moms loaded the trailer and took a different way home.
On a separate note I'm gonna be really grouchy for a couple days I apologize in advance but the top is going on the jeep soon and summer is over........

Sunday, September 9, 2007

You Would'nt Know

I stink like Billy goat really bad , just got back from the farm. We drank premium beer in the sunshine all day.
Saw two Blue Jays came home BBq'd sausages and test the nation is on.
It's question 34 and I'm lost
Did I mention goats stink?

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Cloudy Future Stings My Eyes , I Still Find Time For Excersise

So granted I'm a Mental genius I wish I could have some way to record the millions of fantastic ideas I have every night. By the time morning comes around I usually have forgotten
So If I could call someone to take a note every time something flys through my brain,about every second beer....I would. I do my best thinking when walking and in the shower obviously it's not easy to take notes there. From time to time there has been some refer flying around the living room It contributes to alot of good ideas, however like I said I usually forget unless I write em down




yo skippy,It's Me, take a note

OK , when?

Now jackass


get your furnace checked before winter

I don't have a furnace

not you jackass ME I gotta get mine checked

ohhhh OK

cool thanks......bye


A few Minutes goes by.......yet another fantastic idea




Guess who


Take a note


I need to start future emails with "Dear Winnipeg" as the opening line

OK why

don't worry about it , I like typing


what else?

ahhh forget it I'll call ya back



Any Volunteers?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

She Sits Like A Bird On A Wire

One things for sure....too many birthdays will kill you!
Click this link to watch something you never watched before....

I tried to post it right on here but no luck .....Too Funny !

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's 11 oclock and Im One Hunderd Dollars Richer bitches!

So I sit down to tell ya all a story about my weekend and the cue to call comes on to call and win the Hundred dollars....I call and got through now Im like the title says One Hunderd dollars richer!
Had an awesome weekend! Did a little fishing, lots of 4x4 ing to get to the lake it was a six beer ride, my poor jeep took a beating it now sounds like a Harley. Did what I wanted to do all year and that was to get drunk by a campfire......mission sucsessful! Came back to town feeling refreshed, calm and surprisingly not hungover. I'll post some pics later I had no time last night.
When I was there I did not want to leave, It also made me think I need to do more of this tenting and exploring......
I hate the dentist the dentist hates me cause im one of those squirmy patients Im glad I only go every 9 months yup 2 days till my turn in the chair......dreading that fuck!
Well I got to go get my cash so ya'all have a good day!

Friday, August 31, 2007

We Talk All Night Trying To Make It Right, Believe Me Shit Was Tight... It Was The Wrong Way!

Howdy Folks Welcome to Your Friday!
So I have come to the conclusion that spell check makes you dumb
I can't even spell half the words I used to Just type something close and spell check will get it
An example of how technology is screwin y'all
yet another fine example is the price of gas..... It causes less people to buy new SUV's and v8 trucks in turn thousands of people in Canada will lose their jobs at the Auto plants, they won't be buying gas witch means the price will go up again.
Don't we have our own oil? Oil refinery's? Pipeline? Just sayin.....
I would vote for this guy as Prime minister besides the fact He know's his shit He's freakin Hilarious! Another thing he's got going for him is Stompin Tom is too old!

Have a good long weekend !!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Im Against Picketing But Don't Know How To Show It......

Remember The Five Dollar Milkshake:
Cos I'm such a nice fellow I'm gonna share the secret to the $5 Shake
Bryers french vanilla ice cream
Beatrice chocolate milk
blend, fire up pulp fiction movie and enjoy........Fuckin eh!
Trust me I'm bringing it back bitches!
On a side note the NO BS contest starts next week so nobody call me at the top of the hour during the week Im gonna be busy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fuel.....:::Shimmer (Acoustic)

Get In Shut Up And Hang ON!

Not much else going on other then the following random thoughts:

*need to pull $114 outa my ass and finish painting the trim soon like real soon

*need to give the liver a break from all the beer.....thanks from the liver in advance!

*Disposable razors suck real bad three swipes and it's all clogged up. Cheaper is better my ass!

*Might be quitting my gravy job soon ......they want to move me to the food and beverage department If that happens .....bon voyage!! They got great supervisors over there so great if I owned a Popsicle stand I would not let em run it!

*Went for $5 wings on Monday night to a different spot not my usual watering hole , the waitress is hot, the wings are hot so me being me says thank you in french .......she answers in french now I'm nervous cause my french is not so good so I duck, drink and run.

*was thinking about a creative writing class to take just for fun....anyone want to join me?

* I am looking forward to September for a few reasons.......Hiking, bbqing , Matthew good in concert I think it's gonna be a good month

*Often I worry about my house when I'm at work It's the hermit in me kickin in or the neighbourhood

* I want to move to or at least retire in rural Thunder Bay

*I can give good sound advise to anyone but

*I try to be the best wingman I can for my buddys but when I need one....nobody's around ......wanna go to the Hodder tonight?

* Anyone buy a tshirt yet? check the link it!

That's all for today.....I know it's lame but Do you believe they actually want me to do work while Im here at work ....bastards!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All That Shimmers In This World Is Sure To Fade Away......

Did I use that title before .......can't remember but the song is stuck in my head. Speaking of my new favorite is ...........You Wouldn't Know by Hellyeah it rocks!
To be honest here I don't even know what I'm doing anymore, just been kinda lost going through the motions day to day one of these days I'll snap out of it or snap ....not sure
Love the movie Office Space watched it for about the 300th time the other day It reminds me of my job, coworkers and the daily gongshow.
Its funny how little things bring back memory's good or bad. In real time when your doin what your doin and the stuff is happening you don't say to yourself 4 years from now Im gonna see that plate and remember this time were having .......ummmm No people just don't do that but it's funny how certain things trigger certain memory's in your head unexpected
Then I wonder how much shit is actually crammed into this brain of mine only because some of it I don't want to remember and some of it I will never forget.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Riverboat Gringo

Stellar day yesterday! Went to the farm to help the farmer harvest the barley , got there in the early afternoon he's riding around on his 1950's combine It is super loud and squeaky, the things burning oil and smoking out the whole field I wish I got a pic of that....LOL Anyhooo
like I said he was riding around cutting the barley Al and myself took care of fixing the machine when it broke the dam belt kept coming off , also emptying the hopper off the combine into the 1 tonne bag which was in the back of the truck. When the bag was full we brought it to the barn and unloaded it with the tractor. When he was cutting there is not much to do , We sat in the box of Al's truck ate sandwiches, drank barley soup, watched him go round the field and enjoyed the sunshine!
The very last of the barley was cut and the belt finally broke and when we got the combine back to the farm about a ten min drive it ran out of gas.......we emptied the hopper with buckets like the smurfs in a chain gang.....I was workin the hoe!
It was a long day got home at midnight, looking like a dirty Mexican with a smile on my face!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lost To The Treasures That Compel Us......

The party continues ....In effort to not become a fat bastard from the non stop beer drinking I went for another walk yesterday to blow off some steam and get some exercise. Me and my schlep luck got caught in the rain I was mad at first thinking what good luck I have Then after a bit I thought , I like walking in the rain as gay as that sounds but I do only if you get caught in it. I dragged my soaked ass home to find two postcards in my mailbox........One from Singapore and one from Bali, I was happy this totally made my day my little travelling, blog writing totally nerdy cool friend sent me postcards.
Do you have any idea how long it's been since I got a 12+ yrs
Then I open face book and the girl I had a crush on for the better part of my life has added me as a friend I have not talked to her in 13yrs + for sure. Yup she's a MILF that does not live here.
So all in all twas a good day!
On a side note only successful applicants will be contacted about the girlfriend job Please no phone calls !
So it is 3am wed and My friend from outta town leaves my house cos I got to catch a 3hr nap before work He leaves and my other buddy is putting his shoes on I look there is someone walking up my driveway. Last Wed I had some people at my house and this girl borrowed a sweater unbeknowst(sp) to me I did not think she was gonna return it a week later at 3:18am
So my buddy takes off being the good wing man he is She's like Hi I brought your sweater its all washed .... I'm like cool but that's a little extreme being 3am but thanks! I gotta go to bed and she left.
Who does that?
Reminds me of the story on why people stand so close to people in elevators , Really it doesn't but it's definitely abnormal psychology
or hornology not sure....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who Are You To Wave Your Finger....You Musta Been Outta Your Head!

It appears as tho were at a bit of a crossroad here's why
Lately like the last month maybe month and a half, I have been kinda toning down the content I write on here in effort not to piss people off. Why I'm worried about pissing people off I'm not sure. The problem is I think it is starting to effect my creativity. A little known fact is that people that are artsy and have a more of a creative way of thinking are more likely to get or bring out bi polar disease they don't even know they had ..... weird eh could be the reason for the major daily change in moods. Don't ask why I know that I just do
Anyhow I may remove the advertising of the blog site address from places like face book and msn. Just go wide and type it as it comes or I may just continue to write in a creative toned down kinda way. Change the comments section so unanimous comments are no longer allowed
Some thoughts:
I think part of me wants to recruit people to blog hence the advertising and toned down content comments allowed
I think part of me wants to write a book about my strip joint career believe me that won't be toned down but on the other hand it has to be to sell.
I think I got to have a Porno Pizza before I die
I think I'm old enough to be her dad but all I want her to do is call me daddy!
I think were almost outta rope so click the links people and voice your thoughts!

I think my new favorite song is The Pot by Tool........fukin eh!
Rock On Wonton!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Players Only!

You know what is good anger management? Walking well at least for me it works it out pretty good
Cancelled my Duluth trip due to financial reasons see there is no money in blogging so I hope ya' all enjoy this ........To be quite honest I am fucking pissed off I can't go. Gonna miss so much fun, Last year I woke up naked in a tent 20 min before our race .....LOL That's enough of that story, also The coach is pissed I cancelled but I told him shit happens. I was supposed to catch a ride to Duluth with this friend of mine , You know when your friends with someone and eventually all there stories and bullshit just get to you well this guy bullshitted so much about everything I actually kept him around for entertainment , He would contradict himself in the same sentence and to be honest i was tired of hearing it So I told him off , now I can't catch a ride with him Dam..... I know you can't unburn any bridges but fuck em
Got a good friend in town from Vancouver I have not seen since 2005 so It's been a non stop party since Friday My jaw hurts from laughing so much.....The weirdest shit happens to that guy. Hopefully he's gonna start bloggin about it , I think I got him convinced....stay tuned!!
New News:
I am currently taking applications for a new girlfriend, there is a prerequisite she has to be a little nerdy , maybe have a blog who knows but I'm tryin something different she has to be outdoorsy too
This player is tired of being played. Tonight I'm going for a walk and let some frustrations out about that. Not that I got played per say but I have a feeling I will be walking it off.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't Fuck The Princess.....Do The Maid!

Wrap your heads around this......Out for a hike with a friend yesterday .....I post some pics after but anyhoo on the way back she's like do ya wanna see something that will probably freak you out....Im like what, sure I guess
So we get off the highway down this dirt road and she stops the car
We get out and start walking up this trail it's not marked If you did not know it was there you probably would drive by it. It was so well maintained it look like someone ran a lawn mower up and down it. Were walking along and there's a picture on the tree , then another tree and another picture all religious scenes then we get to this beautiful cherry red bench in the middle of the guessed it more pictures anyhow there are 13 pics in total Finally we get to the top of the trail and there is this tomb type thing made of rocks. inside there is a bunch of rosaries and a couple urns surrounded by flowers, another cherry bench with a engraved name on it , a statue of a woman holding a baby girl. There is a few homemade crosses around the area
I guess the story is a dude had a wife and a kid they were killed in a car crash , he in turn burried them up there, now people go there and pray for there loved ones. There is a large baggie full of pictures and obituary's I even saw one from Iowa. There were lots of film containers strung together with plastic chain In each container there was a name
This place is creepy but the view of lake superior is absolutely beautiful from there.
All in all the weekend was good, just thought I would share the weird things that happen to me!
For the record No Im not going back there......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Mean You Crush Me, Now You Know.....

Had a total grey moment yesterday here's how it went

Got home from work and figured I would have a little nap now normally I hit the couch for a bit afterwork but for some odd reason I ended up in my bed. My cell alarm never went off and when I rolled over it was 730 I look out the window and the suns up, I'm like fuck ripping off my t shirt and shorts thinking it's Wed morning and I'm late for work.(no that's never happened before) When I finally clue in that it is 730 at night after trying to call the supervisor. I realize I missed the 7 o'clock Dragon boat practice double Fuck! I went for a walk around boulevard to look at some girls and at least do some kinda exercise

I made missing the practice up tho by going to dry land training after my walk and eye candy tour. I guess the team practices for an hour then drinks for two or three or four! See I know how to pick em!!.......Anyhoo left them there and I ended up at my usual watering hole after for some wings , more beer and someones bright idea to buy a round of liquid cocaine shooters. She's there I say Hello on our way out. I finally get enough balls to ask her for her number after about a half year of flirting ........scores! Gotta love the single life***Insert sarcasm here***
Now I'm wondering weather Im the boxer or the bag......