Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey Pretty Baby Won't You Hold Me Tight, Im Loadin Up, Rollin Outta Here Tonight.

Good day
This is Pussy Galore reporting for Channel 7 Action News
Downtown Thunder Bay,
You might remember me from such movies as
Good Dog Bad Kitty or The not so Stray Cats.
I'm here with Dick LeGrande. Chief acting officer for the Metro Police.
So Dick.... What's the situation here?

Well Pussy, there seems to be some sort of bug.
Not your average bug, we're really not sure.

Well Dick where do you think this came from?

Like I said. We're not entirely sure, but some experts say it's a travel bug. All I can say at this time Pussy is the bug was originally planted in a set of fleece sheets.
Dick, Is it Contagious?
Is it Serious?

Ohh ya Pussy It spreads like wildfire,
or like you did at your old job

So what should I tell our viewers to look out for Dick?

Well once you been bitten there's no going back, so
we certainly want the public to be cautious of that, also
word on the streets is there is a hottie with Ontario plates
spreading the bug around, so if you see a hottie with Ontario plates.
Do the right thing and make sure you call the metro police.
Ask for me. Dick LeGrande

OK Dick. Thanks for the update and keep us posted.
This is Pussy Galore reporting for Action News
Channel 7.
Stay tuned for your local weather featuring
our very own Fast Sally but first our sports report
featuring Randy Bolt.

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