Sunday, September 30, 2007


Putski It's a word i use often to define working or doing things around the house
"I putski 'd around here all day" or "to putter"

So granted yesterday was a total right off due to Friday night festivities.
Today I puski 'd alot around here
Pouring rain so I am forced to use the dryer in lieu of the clothesline, I prefer the clothes hung on the line, for two reasons one... they smell great ans two I have a big washer and a medium dryer so clothes take forever to dry.
I touched up the bathroom cause the "painters tape" I bought for $5 freakin dollars ripped the ceiling paint off with the tape
Stopped raining for a bit so I Put the new battery in the famous lawn tractor
Then we had yet another smoking sparky fiery good time going on......I guess the wiring is fried and has to be replaced , along with the ignition which appears to do nothing.....I can take the key out and it will still turn over all by it's self! possessed I think!

This is where i get confused See the black thing on top next to the battery cable , with all the coloured wires goin to it. If I hook the battery up to that like it's supposed to go wont stop turning over and sparking.Even without a key. Ya see I got about 15 different jobs around the house to do all the time That being said you could also say putski'ing never ends so when I got nothing to do.... I putski. Of course I want to get this lawn tractor going cause it has a monster snow blower attachment and winter is creepin in. sorry folks it's true. I sometimes think I'm losing my mind when I putski cause I'll start doing one job get distracted and start to do something else , just cause I'm in the basement....I get distracted and end up outside....all because i went to empty the garbage in the basement.

Is there not some kinda helpline I can call?

wait never mind the laundry's done........

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ride The Lightning

Taking a leak this morning I notice I need another coat of dentist green
in my bathroom
Guess what I'm doin tonight!
Guess what I'm not doing on Sunday night?
I really want to go see Matthew Good at the Auditorium
but I'm not
Why you ask......well I went to go get tickets like 5 weeks ago....
Third row floor seats were available, I had the cash.
Now see not alot of people really like Matt Good as his new disc and style of music is really mello
The friend that I was supposed to go with wanted mezz tickets, as opposed to the floor seats.
mezz tickets were to go on sale Sept 17 (Mothers Day) So I held out
then they didn't go on sale at all.
now I could be stuck with 20th row seats on the floor
except I'm broke now and not going.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pillow Talk

It's 7am and I'm one hundred dollars richer!
yet again proving my theory on 7-8-9 am is the best time to call
of course I won at 11am last time, but I can't blame .
I invented a new colour, well when I say I
I mean she invented a new colour
It's called Dentist Green
It's now the colour of my bathroom
looks like a hospital scrub colour.
Why do people or should I say where do people
come up with names for colours?
Like have you ever heard of "Russian white"
WTF is that?
Truthfully tho
Russian white is a nice colour
kind of a pinky brown white
I'm all giddy like a school kid today
not sure if it's the paint fumes from last night
or my new found fortune.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Inner Smile

Called in to work to work today .When the meds wore off in effort to not go completely insane, recharge my spidey sense and clear my head with some fresh air. I went for a walk round the boulevard lake
Beauty day and I can say I love all the seasons for different reasons , however I like fall time the best. The fresh air and I strolled along got rained on by falling leaves and I noticed trees....trees I never noticed before. All the leaves were changing colour fiery red, bright yellow,crazy orange and greenish. I walked and watched a crow chase a crow round and around this huge bright yellow leaf tree.....Loud fuckers but entertaining. I saw alot of geese kickin it in the lake....shouldn't they be leaving soon? I was dodging the goose poop(cause its everywhere) when A squirrel came running up and across the path, took one look at me from two feet away and fucked right off....didn't think i was that scary but I said HI!
Saw three city worker trucks cruising the road , noticed there is glass all across the path its been there for 2 days now , some jackass broke the streetlamp with a rock......
they kept driving
hopefully they backtrack clean it up
and some dog does not cut his/her paws.
my friend If I had a broom
I would have cleaned it up.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are You The Judean People's Front?

A Little More On Biggus dickus....

Too weird!

I spent some time in Saskatchewan during my life Probably about a year and a half total. Anyhoo I was thinking about the province, a certain someone that's there in search of the drive through toilet, Dog River and the town of Estevan where I used to live. Estevan is small prob 10,000 people total. For the record Regina was not a place for me to live and when my job ended in Estevan we were supposed to go there, I left and came to Thunder Bay.

Watching the news last night They have a documentary called gimme shelter turns out it is about Estevan and the little boom that's going on there with oil and real estate.
Houses are cheap and they come with property....lots of property
There's work.......lots of work
Turns out people in big city's like Vancouver (where you could not afford a house if your life and friends lives depended on it) they are selling there fancy condos and moving to places like Estevan where they pay cash for there house , get a job and live mortgage free.

Now i would never move to Estevan..... been there saw the mall and the hockey team.
One cool thing I do miss about the prairies is the lightning storms Its almost worth a visit !
I wish a boom would happen here in Northwestern Ontario but I don't think so... at least not for awhile.People keep leaving here,which is understandable.... Hopefully you'll be back soon, at least for a visit cause I Miss you too!

Monday, September 17, 2007

September Seventeen , For A Girl I know It's Mothers Day..

Good day
Actually Great day!
Things seem to be going as expected not like yesterday.....
I went to tighten the wheel bearing in the jeep cause it was so worn the wheel was gonna fall of at some point
went to tighten the nut that presses the bearings can't tighten it....hmmmm
upon further discovery the whole wheel bearing and hub is in one piece.....3 bolts changes it all
Of course there's the $120 you have to spend on a new one
All in all a 15 minute job took 4 hours and 4 beer now the front end is solid
Another job well done!
I talked to the girl I had a major crush on for most of my childhood yesterday
The first time in 13+ years.
This was Also not expected but nice!
She's very successful and living in Calgary
She's still dam hot except now she's a MILF.....also not expected.
Then I thought of some choices I made in life
how things might have been different
If I moved to Calgary way back in the day
instead of working at a strip joint
instead of partying all the time
no regrets
but it makes me wonder.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Pretty Song For A Pretty Girl

Love chocolate milk
Im having a serious craving for
a big tall glass glass of the choco
It has to be in a glass or the carton it comes in
something about a plastic cup just ruins the
chocolatey goodness.

I was at the walk in clinic sitting in the lobby
I remember thinking this place is kinda like mouthwash or shampoo
call the patient in, swish em around , give em some Advil, kick em out
rinse and repeat
Turns out my neck is just fine according to doc just gotta ice it, However Mr Gold if you want some Advil I can prescribe that , I'm like no thanks.......
It's been 2 weeks I think there is something more then Advil can fix
My luck of course I get to see the dude and not the cute nerdy doctor chick that was working
Then it hit me ........I need a massage for my neck or a cute nerdy doctor chick!

As y'all may know I won the cash last week on the radio , this week it seems dam near impossible to get through I tried every hour for 4 days now and I can't even get it to ring

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Honky Tonk Women

It appears as tho the Idea of looking for another job is becoming better and better
Thought about dedicating a good part of my day to radio contests but I have not won a goddam thing this week so that is also on the back burner.
I delivered a box and a bag to the admin office on the past Friday.....nobody can find it. I have had to answer to 15 people this morning as to where it is...yup just like Office space and the TPS reports.
2 pieces in the last 7 yrs missing I would say my record is quite impressive
The weird part is the 2 pieces were addressed to separate departments for the same promo and both are missing......
I wish I could disappear like that, gone without a trace!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If I Had The Money Hunny Would Ya Love Me Love Me Love Me?

Cruisin to my mom's in the jeep Trailer attached because being the good kid I am I went to pick up some tree and rose bush branches she wanted to send to the dump.
I'm driving up the quiet residential street thinking things I probably shouldn't , out of the blue I notice this guy waving frantically on the side of the road pointing.....I look Holy shit the power wire is fallen off the pole It is strung across the road, with another piece still hanging there. I would have drivin right through it or it woulda been too late to stop if that dude was not there to warn me....I thank him
I guess a transport driver thought it was a good idea to cruise the neighbourhood in turn he took the power wires out.
I got to my moms loaded the trailer and took a different way home.
On a separate note I'm gonna be really grouchy for a couple days I apologize in advance but the top is going on the jeep soon and summer is over........

Sunday, September 9, 2007

You Would'nt Know

I stink like Billy goat really bad , just got back from the farm. We drank premium beer in the sunshine all day.
Saw two Blue Jays came home BBq'd sausages and test the nation is on.
It's question 34 and I'm lost
Did I mention goats stink?

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Cloudy Future Stings My Eyes , I Still Find Time For Excersise

So granted I'm a Mental genius I wish I could have some way to record the millions of fantastic ideas I have every night. By the time morning comes around I usually have forgotten
So If I could call someone to take a note every time something flys through my brain,about every second beer....I would. I do my best thinking when walking and in the shower obviously it's not easy to take notes there. From time to time there has been some refer flying around the living room It contributes to alot of good ideas, however like I said I usually forget unless I write em down




yo skippy,It's Me, take a note

OK , when?

Now jackass


get your furnace checked before winter

I don't have a furnace

not you jackass ME I gotta get mine checked

ohhhh OK

cool thanks......bye


A few Minutes goes by.......yet another fantastic idea




Guess who


Take a note


I need to start future emails with "Dear Winnipeg" as the opening line

OK why

don't worry about it , I like typing


what else?

ahhh forget it I'll call ya back



Any Volunteers?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

She Sits Like A Bird On A Wire

One things for sure....too many birthdays will kill you!
Click this link to watch something you never watched before....

I tried to post it right on here but no luck .....Too Funny !

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's 11 oclock and Im One Hunderd Dollars Richer bitches!

So I sit down to tell ya all a story about my weekend and the cue to call comes on to call and win the Hundred dollars....I call and got through now Im like the title says One Hunderd dollars richer!
Had an awesome weekend! Did a little fishing, lots of 4x4 ing to get to the lake it was a six beer ride, my poor jeep took a beating it now sounds like a Harley. Did what I wanted to do all year and that was to get drunk by a campfire......mission sucsessful! Came back to town feeling refreshed, calm and surprisingly not hungover. I'll post some pics later I had no time last night.
When I was there I did not want to leave, It also made me think I need to do more of this tenting and exploring......
I hate the dentist the dentist hates me cause im one of those squirmy patients Im glad I only go every 9 months yup 2 days till my turn in the chair......dreading that fuck!
Well I got to go get my cash so ya'all have a good day!