Sunday, September 30, 2007


Putski It's a word i use often to define working or doing things around the house
"I putski 'd around here all day" or "to putter"

So granted yesterday was a total right off due to Friday night festivities.
Today I puski 'd alot around here
Pouring rain so I am forced to use the dryer in lieu of the clothesline, I prefer the clothes hung on the line, for two reasons one... they smell great ans two I have a big washer and a medium dryer so clothes take forever to dry.
I touched up the bathroom cause the "painters tape" I bought for $5 freakin dollars ripped the ceiling paint off with the tape
Stopped raining for a bit so I Put the new battery in the famous lawn tractor
Then we had yet another smoking sparky fiery good time going on......I guess the wiring is fried and has to be replaced , along with the ignition which appears to do nothing.....I can take the key out and it will still turn over all by it's self! possessed I think!

This is where i get confused See the black thing on top next to the battery cable , with all the coloured wires goin to it. If I hook the battery up to that like it's supposed to go wont stop turning over and sparking.Even without a key. Ya see I got about 15 different jobs around the house to do all the time That being said you could also say putski'ing never ends so when I got nothing to do.... I putski. Of course I want to get this lawn tractor going cause it has a monster snow blower attachment and winter is creepin in. sorry folks it's true. I sometimes think I'm losing my mind when I putski cause I'll start doing one job get distracted and start to do something else , just cause I'm in the basement....I get distracted and end up outside....all because i went to empty the garbage in the basement.

Is there not some kinda helpline I can call?

wait never mind the laundry's done........


Teri said...

i triple-dog-dare you, when you go to work tomorrow, to add "ski" to the end of everything you can. all day long.
(and now you have to do it, because i t-d-d'd you.)

Teri said...

ps--beauty tractor.
dead sexy.

Teri said...
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