Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Kinda Like Those Sunsets, That Leave You Feeling So Stoned

Back in town,Starting to fall in the same rut I told myself to stay out of Why? I don't know! I guess cause it's easy and familiar. I guess cause there really isn't that much to do here? now don't get me wrong,It's nice to see the people I left behind, but when you come back there is really not that much to talk about
well at least not for long..
People ask, I start to tell and they lose intrest
could it be my geographical location or my story telling ability?
who knows?!?!?!?!?
Something happens and it remeinds me of a time when I was travelling
I start to tell the story and somehow it all ends with the other person telling me about mexico...
Mexico WTF??
Which reminds me, I watched our old favorite travel show and they were in Vietnam was really cool to see stuff on TV that I have been to!
Well, at least I know there is a whole other world out there :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If A Women doesn't Find You Handsome, She'll At Least Find You Handy!

Not having a job has it's perks
like the bathroom reno is almost complete
My Dad has been a huge help since I move pretty slow these days.
Pulled my lower back a week ago, Dr here I come if it is still like this in a few days.
That should eat up a good part of my day
Gotta get ready for skiing, and other nature activities before I probably move to Edmonton
I want to stay here, but financially it doesn't work
best case would be to have a responsible tenant and my mom live here for a few years I can focus on my goals, work on my degree and thats all I have for now :)
Not much changes here anyhow, so why not go on another adventure
this time making money and not spending it all...

A little bird told me that I don't post any pics anymore, I'll get around to that since I took about 1300 on my travels.
The one of me and Sadie up above turned out cool though eh!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Put The "B" In Subtle

Well, not much has changed here in TBay
fixing up the house is always fun :)
especially when you need a rental income
or an income in general
Pulled my back out, so things are going slow
not like I have a timeline, but I do!

Pretty lost these days
do this
do that
go here
go there
take this
take that
wait for this
don't wait for that
order these
order those
talk to her
talk to him
buy this
buy that
move here
move there
stay here
live there
Ahhhh, to tell ya the truth there's a link missing and
too many people read this for me to be blunt about things
I'm doing SFA till January and we'll see what happens then
I'm hoping for this
but, I'll probably get that
confused yet?
so am I...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Matthew Good - It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man

Not much to say these days, so this is what I woke up singing today

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Ran, I Ran So Far Away

So, I'm back in the hometown and it's nice to see everyone!
Feel like a stranger here, I recognize people and really not much has changed
Same faces at the same places I was at a year ago
At least I know where to find em if I'm lookin LOL
Getting ready for "reno's" which I love, by the way!
Gotta get the apartment ready for rent, so when I skip town theres no worries
Found our old work gloves and it made me sad
"GOLD" "T-MAC" missing my little helper on this job...who's gonna yell at me now?
It decided to snow on my birthday...nice I think??
Had beers with the boys out front in the yard, it was snowing beautiful
I'm not gonna lie though, I thought about buying a plane ticket
to somewhere warm and waiting out the winter there....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kill The Headlights And Put It In Neutral

Well, I hate to be one of those people who talks about the weather
but, I'm freezing my ass off here in Canada!
OK I'm done^*^
Booked a flight home on Friday have not been there in almost a year...
looking forward to that!
Signed up for 2 more Uni courses starting in January gonna be busy :)
Trying to formulate a future plan to pay off my debt, and get travelling again!
So far I have a few options, but gotta get the house rented first...
Life's complicated ya know
step by step is my new approach, the problem is you can only walk in so many directions.
When I get home, the life we used to live will be right in my face
reality will have finally caught up to me
Now Teri is in Korea, I'm back in Canada
She's like a rocket there
I'm walkin here...
At least it's good motivation to walk faster :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hey Did You See A Birdhouse?

As you may or may not know I'm back on home soil
It's frickin freezin here!
Hard to believe a week ago I was somewhere warm
and 4 days ago I was having lunch with the one I miss the most!
What am I doing here? Good question!
I have some work to do on the house
I have some re-grouping to do
I have some friends and family to see
I think I'm gonna be bored in about 2 months
weather will play a huge part in this
She will be in Canada in or about that time
hmmmm time to check the air miles.....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Call On Me, Call On Me,"______" I'm The Same Boy I Used To Be

Well reality is looming, and I'm back in Phuket
I'm getting ready to make the journey to the motherland
Cold ass weather, time to put away the shorts :(
Gonna pay huge for my xtra baggage and newly acquired stuff
On the upside I'm leaving Thailand with an Open water diver license
Yup PADI certified!
Swam this morning with the coolest fish and some black tip reef sharks
there was rumour of a whale shark, but we didn't see it
14m deep and about 5m visibility
The vis was the shits today compared to Saturday at 20m

Looking forward to my lunch date in Seoul during my 10hr layover
Not looking forward to the 30+ hr travel day though :(
I got a plan I think for my return, but it depends on a few things
I guess we'll see what happens??
I'm quite confident it will go my way though!!
I'll write ya from Bangkok!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nemo And The Jets

Last day in paradise and it's raining
my luck, so much for the tan.
one dive to do tomorrow, and a boat ride to Phuket in the afternoon.
I'm staying the night there, and flying to Bangkok the next day.
One night in Bangkok, and off to Canada I go.
I don't really want to go back and face "reality",but I guess all good things come to an end.
Things aren't gonna be the same as when I was there, and I guess that might be the reason why I don't want to go back.
Well and the fact it's winter LOL
I'm sitting here in shorts and a Tee typing this less than a week I'll be in a sweater, pants and a jacket :(
I took alot of pics in my travels, but hardly any of this place. The plan today was to do that but the weather is the shitz....maybe later??

Friday, October 29, 2010

Trigger Fish

When bouncing around from the beach to Internet cafes
ya never know what your gonna get, for example:
a sunburn, or a computer that doesn't have chat
When ya want to chat with someone, and there's slim chance you might catch em online
your happy until, the computer you rent for 2baht a minute does not have the smarts to do so :(
Speaking of smarts, she was right again
I signed up for a 3 day open water dive course here on Koh Phi Phi
very scary and weird at first, but now I think it's pretty frickin cool!
I'm halfway to certification with 2 dives left to do..
Today we did a 10m dive in the bay where "the beach" was filmed
Saw to many fish to list, and a giant sleeping turtle
no nemo's yet though
I wonder who will show up first the chat or the Nemo?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Runaway Train

A rainy day in paradise
A island where the music scene is behind,
lots of tunes I have not heard in like 12 yrs
kinda cool and it brought back memories!
Staying at the rock backpacker hostel
got a room the size of a twin mattress in the room there are 3 things:
Not pretty, but very cheap and after a few days I'm gonna relocate to a real hotel room just for the hot non seawater showers!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Ascending To Outer Space, To Find Another Race

Full moon party was fun, but really not my scene
I'm gonna guess maybe 20,000 ppl in attendance!
Was fun to watch the drunk as shit ppl passed out and stumbling around :)
Left the day after the party and took a flight to Phuket
a couple islands to visit then the party is OVER
back to Canada I go :(
I am sad, but it will be a refreshing change of pace.
Peoples relationship with animals and the amount of stray dogs and cats
you see in SE Asia is starting to get to me,I mean they are everywhere, picking through garbage and sleeping on the street.
Granted there is nothing I can do, but I feel bad for the dogs and cats.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Be Yourself, Take Only What Ya Need From It

What have I been up to?
Well I'm on an island in the south of Thailand and besides working on my tan;
-I have met some great people. One guy from England who is an expert at the contact ball and juggling. The contact ball is the coolest thing I have seen. It's basically a round ball the size of a cantaloupe and he balances it up and down his arms, neck, and body ( anyway look it up F'n cool! His german friend is quite the character aswell!
-Saw Muay Thai boxing from the third row. 6 KO's outta 8 fights...got pics
-Learned to Juggle(sort of)
-Smoked a little and watched the sun go down
-Lost money at the worst poker game I ever been to. All the players were drunk and it took like ten minutes a hand, so I threw all my chips in and gladly lost and left the table.
- Huge full moon party tonight on the beach, not my scene but gonna check it out anyhow
-been wondering where my suit is I sent from Vietnam to Canada.
-been waiting for an email, that doesnt seem to be coming
-been drinkin alot of Singha and Leo beer
Thats all folks
Off to Koh Samui tomorrow to check it out, before I leave the sun and return to the snow :(

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beach Bums

Well Koh Phangnan is nice
I decided to get away from the party scene
and went to the north coast of the island.
Well, let me tell ya I was away from the party scene and
everything else in the world
saw like 5 people in 30+ hours!
Beach was nice,saw some crabs eating a dead fish!
The bungalow was not so nice, but what can u expect for 5 bux a night?
Met some hippe dude, who happened to be my bungalow neighbour
He was OK, but a little to far out of his brain to be the only person to talk to, so that got old fast. LOL
Today I relocated back to party central.
Rooms are up in price because the full moon party is around the corner.....
now I'm paying 20 bux a night, but hey I have warm water, power and a sink!
Got a sunburn on my back today I guess travelling alone does have some disadvantages,
like you cant reach your whole back with the suncream
Ahhh well, hopefully the burn will fade into a tan :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Foolish Games

Ahhh step by step I guess
The great debate now is, send a box home and MAYBE get it in 2 months
take all my newly acquired stuff on the flight home,
and pay the overweight charge/extra baggage fee
either way I'm payin...
However, if I take it with me I know i'll have it:)
looking at all this stuff here I think i'm just gonna pay at the airport.
I sent some stuff from Vietnam which has not arrived yet to my knowledge
gonna check on that today...
Been checking other stuff out too, but that seems to be running it's own course.

Running Blind

Well I'm back in Thailand
This is a good thing, but also a bad thing
Less than a month from now, I will be back in the motherland
of cold Canadian winter.
No money, this is OK life's short so who cares
No job, this is a bad thing
No car, this is a livable and cheaper alternative
No women, this is a no comment
Isn't there a song like that?
Looking forward to going home, however reality is gonna smack me in the face when I get there on so many levels
Till then, I'm going Island hopping and hopefully get home nice and tanned

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Giving Back

Last night was crazy fun!!!!:)
It's pouring rain, so I duck into this little Khmer food place,
order a beer and some kinda spice beef/veggie/rice/peanut combo.
Next door to my restaurant is a fish massage tank, you know the kind u
stick your feet in and the little fish eat all the dead skin.
Weirdest feeling ever! After about 5 minutes of squirming around it actually felt great.
Now, the fish massage was not why I went over there, There were 4 Cambodians sitting on the ground playing traditional instruments,clapping and generally carrying on.
I grab a beer, put my feet in the fish tank and listened to these guys rock out.
Before ya knew it I'm now in the band playing these hand bells!
Couple of other dudes came and sat down and they got one guy to be the drummer(bongo)
Cool and fun got some pics and clean feet to prove it!
Today was OK, went with my tuk tuk driver to the furthest temple out of town 36km
nice place, but crawling with busloads of people so every pic I got has a tourist in it :(
On the way back, we stopped at the landmine museum.
What an interesting and eye opening place
They say there is about 5,000,000 mines left unexploded on Cambodian soil,
killing and injuring people and animals every year.
The guy that runs the museum has been looking for and clearing mines for years.
(can't remember how many but judging by the collection he has...)
He runs the museum with about 12 staff and there is an orphanage/boarding house and school for child mine victims. If they do well in their studies, the centre gives them a scholarship to a university or trade school
The guy who started the mine clearing was declared a hero in 2010 and is getting interviewed with CNN on Thursday(show to air in November)
Pretty cool eh!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tomb Raider

Angkor wat
Angkor thom
Ta prohm
Banteay Srei
Banteay Samre
Pre Rup
Neak paon
Preah khan
All of the above are something to see,I think my fav was Angkor Thom???
I'll get back to ya on that.
I have many pics and no way to post em :(
I'll also get back to ya on that,if your still here....
Where ya been?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Khmer Dance

Cambodia is probably the poorest country I have been to.
You kinda have to have thick skin to look past the poverty and not feel bad.
On the same note, if you give $$ to everyone you would be broke the first day!
The amputee rate here is very high aswell, due to the Vietnam war and the many many mines that are left unexploded in the rural areas.
The people here though are amazingly friendly! Granted there are alot of beggers and hawkers on the street, but If you say no thank you and smile they leave u alone.
Vietnam and Thailand were different because when you say no thank you... they keep on ya till you basically ignore them and then they go away.
Phenom Pehn was OK like any other big city it has its faults
The killing fields and S21 prison were very very disturbing and sad
I got an erie feeling there, but it was something to see.
Took the bus today to Siem Reap, gonna see Angkor Wat and the many other temples tomorrow. After that Im not sure, but I think I won't be spending too much time in Cambodia and move on to Laos or Thailand!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So I Drew A New Face, And I laughed.

well this is fun, I'm in a little town
a little poor town, the roads should be dirt but they are not
if they were, it would match the infastructure of the place.
I arrived to this little place called Chau Doc last night at 3am
me being me and not having a plan isn't a smart thing when you arrive at 3am.
I pick a hotel recommended by the lying planet
knock knock...wait
knock knock....wait
no one around
hmmmm well time to go for a walk 330am
I find the second place and try again
knock knock
A dude answers and I'm in luck...so I think
he opens the door and with a friendly 345 am voice he says
"no room" and closes the door
hmmmm, now I am contemplating life on the street in this strange poor place
I look down the road and see a dude or a group standing around a fire in the middle of the road...well not walking that way I think to myself
By this time I have attracted the attention of the local motorclyle taxi's and the cyclo drivers. I politely tell them to buzz off and carry on wandering.
I found a hotel and managed to wake someone up at about 415am to check me in
The place isn't pretty but it works, I guess.
Today, is a new day and I awake at 1030am, walk down to the river which I know where it is because of the walking I did last night.
I hire a boat guy to take me for a tour
A rusty old boat with a very loud motor
We tour around and see floating markets and some shitty temple.
He takes me back and I go for lunch.
What's for lunch you ask?
I'm not exactly sure but it was something that resembled a street meat sandwich.
Was OK a baguette sort a thing
Im happy, me belly is full and I'm going for a walk
I booked a boat to Phenom Penn tomorrow am
Cambodian holiday!
I think things are going ok, walking I notice the different types of sports in this town:
People here sleep in hammocks or on benches
People here play cards or checkers
People here fix they're scooters or bicycles
People here like to watch the only foreigner in town walk by
People here like to say hi and then giggle when I say hi back
People here like to drink the local beer and talk really loud
I also noticed alot of random chickens on the street
chickens in the tv shop
chickens in the garages
chickens in the parking lots
there is also alot of cats and dogs running around
as I sit here in this internet cafe there are 4 cats and 2 dogs within spitting distance of me.
Off to people watch the people watching me
sounds creepy eh....well it is!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ba Ba Ba 3 3 3

3 days of madness is enough time in Saigon.
I like it better than most big cities I been to, but madness I tell ya!
Wanna take a video of me crossing the street
nerve racking to say the least!
I wanted to leave today, but the post office is closed and I need to mail stuff home.
Gonna take a local bus to the Meekong delta tomorrow and a slow boat to Cambodia
That should be good for a few pics!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poor People, Rice Paddies, Water Buffalo's and Snakes

Well where should I start?
I'm gonna say be thankful for what you have!
Visiting a poor country like Vietnam is a real eye opener, and wallet opener for that matter!
These people on average make 3-5 US dollars a day, and ya know what I have never met such a happy group of people. By a day I mean like 15hrs of work.
As far as Im concerned it's unbelievable,unimaginable and sad but true!

Ignore the grammar errors, I'm just gonna type here:

I arrived in Hanoi Sept 12 and am working my way south to Saigon (Ho Chi Min city) till I skip over to Cambodia(yet another poor country)
Hanoi was great, met some great people, and saw Halong bay for 3 days 2 nights. Saw some monkeys on an island...for the record monkey's look better in trees than on the beach, but cool nonetheless!
I booked a open end bus ticket with Trekking Travel from Hanoi to Saigon where I could stop along the way and stay whereever I wanted, for as long as I wanted, good for a month....good deal right $42 USD
I get on the "sleeping bus" in Hanoi and I am going 600km to Hue a 13hr ride because the roads are the shitz!
Well I climb into the seat and #1 I don't fit #2 my feet have nowhere to go and #3 evertime the bus hit a bump my head would hit the roof. I ended up standing for about 300km out of 600. After quite possibly the worst ride ever I get to Hue and cancel my ticket. I one way ticket from Hanoi to Hue costs $10 USD so I figured I would get some money back minus the penalty and such...Well THANK YOU Trekking Travel for the 12 USD refund. In reality I paid for 3 flippin tickets!
Hue was nice, people there are great and I ended up hiring an "easy rider" which translates to a dude who drives you around on his motorcyle to show you stuff. Anyway, I saw some temples, a old US army bunker and a remote fishing village where I was like a celeberty in the middle of a very poor village on a lake. I was taking pics and when I turned around there were about 40 kids there all yelling "Hello" in english...I took some pics of them too. Following the Hellos they would say something in Vietnamese, I asked my driver when we got back on the bike what they were saying and it basically translated to "hello, give me a dollar" LOL
He was a great guide, and I hired him to take me 150km south to a town, to a beach town called Hoi ann. I spent one more night in Hue and met some ppl from Australia and England. The English dude worked for a travel company where he is a tour guide. I sent the company an email in hopes of a job here in SE Asia but no response so far :(
Anyhooo Fast forward, my guide picks me up his name is "Bi" we get on the bike and start heading south to Hoi Ann. We stopped a few places along the way, but by far the coolest was a mountain waterfall with a huge rock shaped like an elephant.. trunk, tusks and all! Crystal clear water and in +30 weather I had to go for a swim. We were hungry by this point and Bi says "hey do ya like chicken and rice?" I say sure sounds good, thinking to myself we are in the middle of the bush where the fuck we gonna get chicken and rice? So...I ask him that, and he says pointing at some chickens running around "pick your chicken" Ummm Ok that one I guess?? The lady who was lounging around got to work and made us a fantastic meal complete with chili peppers and veggies!
Back on the bike, we head out and continue south. In Vietnam there are basically two landscapes; jungle filled mountains and beach. There is a pass over one mountain called "Hi van" pass and the view for this road and peak was amazing! At the top, yet another US army bunker sits and rots while ladies try to sell you everything under the sun...remember I told you it's a poor country, so no work= No eat.
We start heading down the pass toward the city of Danang, this is where the US army first set foot in Vietnam during the war. We pass through Danang, not much there but a bunch of beach front hotels/resorts and an airport. Only 48km to Hoi ann where I planned to spend my next three days. We get there I pay Bi $ 75 USD for the two days. I check in to my hotel, and go for a walk around, what a nice place I think to myself, walking along the river with old french buildings in the background. I go to bed. The next day because Hoi ann is so small I rented a scooter to go to the beach(it's 5km outta town)The beach is beautiful, clean and there is nobody there maybe 100 ppl on like 6km of whitsand!
Hoi ann is famous for the many many tailor shops that make any kind of custom clothing you can wish for! Long story short I ended up staying a week, buying a suit and 4 casual shirts, partying with great people and getting a sunburn! Now it's time to go I catch a flight(not getting on a bus) 600km south to Na Trang for $40 USD and decided to check out the beach and town for a few days. I get there and the beach is the shitz, things are overpriced, and the people are not that friendly like in small town Hoi ann. I decide to stay 2 days. Now because of my great experience with "easyrider Bi" I decide to hire another easyrider to take me to Munaei (another beach town about 450km away) Well I meet this guy named "dong" he seemed like a good guy and we worked out a price. Next day we leave Na trang and start heading south. He was a good guide showed me lots of interesting things like waterfalls, silk work farms and factories, minority villages, coffee plantations, pepper farms, currie trees, and tapiocca trees. Who knew Tapiocca grew on trees??
We stayed at Lak lake the first night, a nice resort and the next day we drive to Delat. On the way there I saw farms and farmers on mountain sides.I also saw animals that shouldn't be on the road like:
cows, chickens, pigs, water buffalos, snakes, dogs, cats and ducks. Im sure there were more but I cant remember LOL
Anyhoo,He tells me there is lots to see in Delat, and it's very easy to get a flight or bus or train to Saigon(HCMC) from there, where Munaei is very difficult to gain onward travel by bus and train because they are 20km outta town and the airport is 60km out. I think well OK I'll check out Delat, a mountain town with cool temples and farms. I paid him for 3 days and 2 nights and thinking to myself we only went half the distance and stopped we're even right....Wrong!
Halfway through day 3 (later than the check out time at the hotel) he says I owe him for one more day. I told him I paid you for 3 days, I bought all your food and you want more...kiss my ass! Trip finished!
He was a great guide, and I was actually going to tip him until he pulled that shiznit! He is a very poor man the bike we were riding is like a 1975 model and like I said he was good so I felt bad threw him 200,000 dong (10USD) and told him he should learn how to do business and don't ask ppl for money after the fact! he was very greatful, I never saw him agian!
All that being said, I still HIGHLY recommend hiring a motorcycle guide as the only real way to see the place your in is with the help of a local!!
Delat was not that great, it is a cold mountain town that is spread out, I really didn't care for it much. I took a flight to Saigon(HCMC) this morning and the place is flippin crazy. I thought Hanoi was nuts, but this takes the cake! Went to the war museum this afternoon WOW what a depressing way to spend the day!
I can't post any of my 1000 pics yeat because my computer is in Bangkok but thats all I got so far...time to get lost in the madness of HCMC on this Friday night!
Be back soon :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Morning Vietnam!

Been awhile eh! yeah I keep meaning to write on here, but somedays I just keep my thoughts to my self. The brain has been busy, let me tell you beer Larue!
Compared to Korea, the internet in this part of the world is sketch at best!
Where do I start? How about with the saying that never gets old here:

U buy something from me?
very cheap, ahhh common u buy from me!

I hear this 90000000 times a day in my Vietnam travels, but Im having alot of fun!
Spending too much $$, but ya only live once!
People in poor countries want one thing and one thing only
The cash in your wallet!
I have become quite good at the "haggle" or so I think :)

Let me tell you a story about a little company called Trekking travel
You can purchase an open ended bus ticket, which means I can go from Hanoi to Ho Chi min city and get off at any town in between for a few days, then get on the next bus heading south till I want to stop again and so on until I get to the last stop Ho Chi Min city. The bus is called a sleeping bus, in the picture it looks fantastic so I think to my self I'll bite. I buy a ticket $42 US for the open ended deal. I get on the luxury liner in Hanoi and my planned stop is Hue about 600km away. This is where it gets good. First I don't fit in the seats, the road is like a wagon trail and the bus moves at about 50km/hr. I tried to sleep NOPE not happening I tried to get comfortabel NOPE not happening so I stood up most of the ride.. 13 fuckin hours later I get to Hue! If I was to buy a one way ticket on the bus from Hanoi to Hue it would cost $10. I go to the travel place to get a refund they gave me $12 so in reality I paid $30 for the ride or the equivilant of three tickets! Fuckers!
It worked out well though, I hired a motorcyle guide to take me around Hue and 150km to Hoi ann where I am now. He showed me lots of tourist stuff and even more non tourist off the beaten path things like US military bunkers, a remote fishing village, one of the coolest views I have ever seen from way up in the mountains of Hivan pass and a crystal clear waterfall and pool that has a huge rock elephant above it, I went swimming there and wow was it nice! He made some money off me I treated him well because I was happy so I made sure he was too I think with dinner and lunch (plus the driving) he made $75 off me...I don't mind because I saw stuff I never would have seen from the shitbus! When we went to the fishing village, I was taking pics of the water and the boats, when I turned around there were about 40 kids surrounding me like I was George clooney or something LOL They all said Hello in English and then some vietnamese words which I found out after translated to" give me a dollar please" LOL Anyway I tlked with them and took some pics!
I am going to a lantern festival tonight here and I booked a flight to my next beach town on Thursday for $50 Not going by bus thats for sure 615 km.
I do miss Korea believe it or not I find myself thinking or speaking of it often. I miss the people I met there, the food I ate there and of course Teri and the cats. I am coming home in November to TBay but I may head out again in January unless some job god throws me something that would be to hard to let go. I guess time will tell! Well I am signing off here and will try to be back when I can Hope all is well with you and come back soon...u buy something from me?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Counter Productive

Well, It's time to give up the beer for awhile
Time to "hop on the wagon" so to speak
Problem is I like beer, and it's so cheap here..water seems expensive!
However, as of the past days events it's time to gear down.
I type this post from a stand up computer terminal in Gimpo airport S.Korea
Why am I here and not in Japan???
a few beers + lack of sleep= miss my morning flight
So,I'm on my way shortly but I lost out on a day.
Been doing well in my Geography,only one assignment to go!
So far so good!
The plan is look for a new course to take and keep goin with it
maybe get into Oceans and fisheries type job eventually if I pick the right courses.
There's a marine college in Nova scotia that trains people to be coastgaurds
probably really expensive to attend, but Im lookin into it.
That would be cool!
Before I step back on my home turf, I'm planning a month vacation/treat for myself
Southeast asia seems to stick out but im looking around.
Vietnam,Thailand,Cambodia,Laos and any other god dam hot country I can squeeze in!
After all end of October in Canada is dam close to winter.
Gonna miss the moose hunting but Im sure PBear(and group) will shoot one anyway if Im there or not
Well gotta run here I have a Korean man standing beside me wondering why this white guy is typing up a storm when he needs the computer.
Check in later skaters!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Small Town Hometown Bringdown

Had a great Canada day, in the wrong country!
it was nice to have all the canadians here in the same bar
Tragically Hip cover band and Moosehead beer = A good night.
Going to Tokyo in 8 days and man I'm looking forward to that
Going solo, never have I done that
it should be a learning curve.
Hopefully the weather is good... as of late, every weekend it's freakin raining.
trying to email people at home...man I really wish I had a phone
If ya wanna call me (country code that I cant remember)8210-7217-6942
Sad that Korea lost in the world cup race, they deseved that game three times over but couldn't put it in the net.
Been super lazy the last two weeks no gym and lots of beer ohhh ya and I can't forget the new show(to me) I been watching called "the wire" hooked like crack I am on that show, I mean it's no Deadliest catch but it's great!
Everything seems normal here in regards to the yo yo's that live in N Korea
hope so anyhow, there's been a lack of fighter planes and choppers flying over my neighbourhood lately so, thats my guess.
Why is it because Im leaving here soon
I start to make all these great connections?
Maybe I'll have to come back one day..
you know there's no jobs in TBay!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello Walls

Yep home sweet home, I prefer to call it cozy rather than small
booked a trip to japan today that is all!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

You Can Have This Car In Any Colour Ya Like, As Long As It's Black

Well where do I start?
Teri and I are split, I got my own apartment about the size of a king size bed.
Hey it's somewhere to store my shit and beets the couch I slept on for two days. I don't have a plan but, im here till September maybe October?
Things are lonely in a strange country now that im flying solo
I do know people here and we hang out once in awhile. I go to the gym and entertain myself for an hour or two a day(not this week though I been lazy)
Doing Ok in my online course and it keeps me busy.
Talking to a beer can on a regular basis is driving me nuts so I thought I would write something on here afterall it's been a long time.
People make mistakes in life, and believe it or not I do too. I don't think it was a mistake to quit my job and come to Asia, I been to Shanghai,Taiwan,and all over Korea.I do have a few more places to see before I go home. What am I gonna do when i get there? Who the fuck knows, to be honest I haven't a clue. I don't think it was a mistake to meet new people and try new foods. I don't think it was a mistake to learn a different culture and language(which im not very good at) I do think it was a mistake to throw the relationship I had, more importantly the friendship I had out the window because of a dumb move.
Anybody got a time machine?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

X saves The World

Been a long time since I have posted.....
You probably know that!
Well not much to say these days
Taking a geography course through the university of Manitoba to keep my brain occupied it is 100% online and something to do
I learned two little interesting things the last few weeks:
90,000 people a day go through Seoul Station
That's the population of Thunder bay LOL That's also pretty freakin busy
Dog Soup costs $13 a bowl not that I ate it or want to eat it but I popped into one of very many "dog" restaurants to see how much the shit sells for...
You get some funny looks from the locals when you go into or around these "potion-tung" restaurants
Going to Taipei in two weeks, looking forward to that! A whilwind adventure of a weekend it will be....might I also say cheap at $350 round trip tickets!
That's about all I have at this point but hopefully we'll talk to ya soon!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some video I took of the massive tank felt like a kid again for a bit LOL
Went to the Korean war museum for the afternoon. It had exibits from the Chosun dynasty all the way up to the Korean war. The third pic from the bottom is a scale model of the DMZ. I would like to put all my pics on but that would take a long time! The museum was free to visit,it's huge, in Canada it would have cost at least $20. I'm gonna go back again for a second walk through. There is a bunch of short movies you can watch while touring the museum, didn't get to see all of them so like I said I'll go back!