Saturday, October 9, 2010

Khmer Dance

Cambodia is probably the poorest country I have been to.
You kinda have to have thick skin to look past the poverty and not feel bad.
On the same note, if you give $$ to everyone you would be broke the first day!
The amputee rate here is very high aswell, due to the Vietnam war and the many many mines that are left unexploded in the rural areas.
The people here though are amazingly friendly! Granted there are alot of beggers and hawkers on the street, but If you say no thank you and smile they leave u alone.
Vietnam and Thailand were different because when you say no thank you... they keep on ya till you basically ignore them and then they go away.
Phenom Pehn was OK like any other big city it has its faults
The killing fields and S21 prison were very very disturbing and sad
I got an erie feeling there, but it was something to see.
Took the bus today to Siem Reap, gonna see Angkor Wat and the many other temples tomorrow. After that Im not sure, but I think I won't be spending too much time in Cambodia and move on to Laos or Thailand!?!?!?!?

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