Saturday, October 23, 2010

Be Yourself, Take Only What Ya Need From It

What have I been up to?
Well I'm on an island in the south of Thailand and besides working on my tan;
-I have met some great people. One guy from England who is an expert at the contact ball and juggling. The contact ball is the coolest thing I have seen. It's basically a round ball the size of a cantaloupe and he balances it up and down his arms, neck, and body ( anyway look it up F'n cool! His german friend is quite the character aswell!
-Saw Muay Thai boxing from the third row. 6 KO's outta 8 pics
-Learned to Juggle(sort of)
-Smoked a little and watched the sun go down
-Lost money at the worst poker game I ever been to. All the players were drunk and it took like ten minutes a hand, so I threw all my chips in and gladly lost and left the table.
- Huge full moon party tonight on the beach, not my scene but gonna check it out anyhow
-been wondering where my suit is I sent from Vietnam to Canada.
-been waiting for an email, that doesnt seem to be coming
-been drinkin alot of Singha and Leo beer
Thats all folks
Off to Koh Samui tomorrow to check it out, before I leave the sun and return to the snow :(

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The Man said...

Ohhh ya and I read a book...weird!