Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thunder Bay At It's Finest!

On today's front page there were 2 articles
How our retarded city council delayed a new 6ooo sq ft(est) shopping
center to be built(delayed for three months) so they can look into other people or options for the vacant land They want to give local investors a chance blah blah blah
translation= nothing is gonna happen!
look how much of a fight the flying J had to go through just to open up here
I seriously doubt that this investor will stick around for our city council
to pull the old political thumb outta there asses
I really wish they would let some new developments
develop, rebuild and attract tourists to this dying city
Article two was about the population of Thunder Bay Dwindling
it said 4331 people packed there bags and skipped town last year
Sure some moved to Thunder Bay As well, but I'm sure they will leave too
as soon as school is done or they figure out that a monkey could run the city better
Now how many jobs do you think woulda came out of the new shopping area
construction and retail??
How many tourist dollars could we draw in from Minnesota?
Once again this is Thunder Bay at it's finest!

Boats And Hoe's

Winter approaching
The most expensive time of year
The furnace will fire up again
Poker games will fire up again
Ski hills will fire up again
Snow machines will fire up again
Christmas trees will fire up again(hopefully not in the house)
Kinda depressing really
Summer was here and gone
on that note
I had an excellent summer full of travel and fun
there's a few minor things left undone
I woulda liked to get out fishing more
and get the rest of the house trim painted
Now I look forward to the second Winter
with my Sweet T
Full of winter projects, cooking shows
pesty la rue's and boats and hoe's

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dancing Days

While listening, trying and trying to win the cash on the radio
This morning I heard Led Zeppelin is planning on touring in 2009
with little Bonham on drums and some back-up singers
I know someone in a hat that would love to go
I know someone writing this post would love to go
Who wouldn't love to go?
even if it's copious amounts of money
I just hope they land in our country somewhere
Led Zeppelin , my sweet T and Vancouver
Now that's Bon C'est Bon!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is Everybody Gone Crazy?

If I wrote a book witch has been on my brain for awhile
I came up with a title
"Schlepp Luck"
One man's story,
life in my shoes,
In's and outs of life,
A story about a man and his jolly ranchers....
not sure what the subtitle would be but
I googled the main title and it's available
It would be a book about my life experiences
A dark cloud paperback novel of sorts
Course Ms doodle would have to proof read it for me
She told me a little secret
kinda like blogging the more personal it gets
the more of an audience it builds
face it people like to gossip
not that I think I'm famous but
I wonder if it would sell.......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Pink Houses

You ever drop your steel toe boot on your not so steel toe?
You ever come to work to take a rest?
Well don't drop your boot on your toe
while getting ready for work
It makes for a shitty day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

When Hollywood Runs Out Of Indians

My horoscope told me today
I could suffer from a metaphysical crisis.
WTF is that you ask
Well I asked the same thing
Also I asked Who writes this shit
I wish it would have said your financial crisis is over
Call now, take the day off or your worries are over

Two weeks ago I won the hundred bucks
Today I can win again (stupid rules)
She will be good to me sometime soon
I can feel it
House needs some money spent on it
pre winter check up for the furnace
clean out the drain that goes to the street
Mr rotorouter dude is coming Monday for that

The garden turned out to be more of a success then the original plan
we ended up with quite a bit of tomato's and hot (supposed to be sweet) peppers
peas and beans too
Knowing what I know now
I wish we could start the summer over and grow baby grow!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Forget About It

It's a pleasure to be here
not where I sit at work but here on blogger
Still tryin to sell my dishwasher
took $100 off the asking price and still no dice
We as you may or may not know Got 5 new fish for our tank
We named all our fish after mobsters
They are all Cichlids:

Micki Blue eyes

Tony Soprano

Joe Pesci
Tony and Joe they look the same however Tony's bigger and joe's meaner
Tony= big and Joe= pest
And the plecko or the sucker fish is
J Edger Hoover Im not a detective here but if Hoover dies
Im guessing it was a mobster

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Tragically Hip - Fiddlers Green

It's been done before, Perhaps about a year ago Here's a sad song on such a nice day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Second Hand News

Just a quick little piece of info you all should know
When using spray foam in a can
Use Gloves!
I have had this shit on my hands for three days now
It will not come off, I tried lots of cleaners, chemicals
peeling and scratching of the skin.
Did I tell ya to use gloves?
Now I know and you do too!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh summer

worlds largest truck Guess where it is!

Lake Louise Tourist trap

Ferry's Are Cool! (The Boats)

My love picking Cherry's

The Royal Tyrell Museum
Yup We Were there on the set of Corner gas!
They were filming down the road so this is the pics
we could snap!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Madness Fills My Heart And Soul As If The Great Divide Could Swallow Me Whole

Well good day all
I had an extend-a-weekend
unplanned but it worked out well

Couple of things
I know I said I would post some pics of the August vacation
There coming just like Christmas

Whiskey should only be drank in whiskey season
Clearly Sunday nights in September are not the season
You could ask Ralph or Mr 2 day hangover

The piggies are going to the chop shop this weekend
Every other weekend is booked and busy
not just for us but for Mr Choppy

Next weekend is moving weekend for my Mom
That should be interesting

where the Fuck did September Go?
Someone please...... be kind rewind!

It's time to put the roof back on the Jeep
tis dark til 8am and a little cool in the mornings

Friday, September 5, 2008

Could I Have Been Anyone Other Then Me?

It's 7am and I been trying to win this g'dam radio contest
Took a while, like 3 days for me to get through
It's 7am and I am now one hundred dollars richer
Time to take Ms doodle to the Prospector for supper
That should be a good Friday night
Sing and Dance La La la Hey La la la hey la la
Have a Good Weekend all!

Post script - I never replied or heard back from wacko dishwasher dude
but if you think of something clever to send him let me know
maybe we could have fun with this.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ohh I'm Feelin Fine Mama, Naked Ladies And A Bottle Of Wine Mama

So as you may or may not know, I'm selling a dishwasher
This is the strangest email request I have seen
let alone be addressed to me verbatim:

Good day sean.............i am very sorry for replying you lately it is due to business. i think i can count on you...am okay with your price,since you will be honest to me to let you know i got a local shipper that will be coming to make the pick_up at your door post as soon as you got the payment..for the payment to be mail out..i will like to have your full details for the payment?such as your
the cost of the item.............
full name..............
street address.............
postal code ................
and your contact phone number...............
thats all what my bank request for..as soon as all this is been provided your payment will be out immediatly cus i will not want any delay in this transaction..hope to hear from you in good faith.God Bless You as you do soo..thanks bill alexander............reply asasssp..........
Alexander Bill

So I did reply, cause Asking for my postal code and my state does not add up!

Hi There
I just want to clarify a couple of things before I give you my information
I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario ,Canada
I was wondering if the shipper you have will pick it up here
what is the name of the shipping company and where is it being shipped?
Is it possible to send the certified cheque to the shipping company and they can pay me upon pick up?
My asking price is $250CDN for the dishwasher and you pay the shipping
Let me know.....
thanks Sean

It gets better This morning I get this:

i wiil be the one to pay my shipper.dont bother........
send the info..reply back
Alexander Bill

So as I was saying I have a dishwasher for sale
It's nice and All I wanna do is sell it
one thing for sure this weirdo certainly is not getting it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I've Become, The Simple Souvenir Of Someone's Guilt

Not dead
I meant to upload all my pics from the vacation this weekend
It never happened
Got lots done but that was not one of em
Don't give up on me, It's well worth the look
I'm also selling a dishwasher if your interested
Soon to be selling a fridge and stove too
Man I'm a busy kid
So listen to this it will keep you entertained!
back Soon!