Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stand And Deliver Or The Devil He May Take Ya

In a really good mood today
considering how my day started
Heading out for work
Say good bye and start cruising
It sounded like this
Sputter Sputter Sputter ppt ppt Sputter Clunk
Fuck fuck FUCK
The Jeep ran outta gas in the middle of Cumberland st
Twas my own fault, and the fact the gas guage is broken
All I gotta say is walking at 630am in -35 soakes alot of cork.
Thanks to Teri-teri-bo-berry for putting up with my shlep luck
and of course for the ride back to the jeep
Got some gas
She fired Off to work I go 1 hour late
Bonus is I never got docked for my absence
As a fellow co-worker saw my jeep in the middle of the road
confirming my story.

I thought I had money problems
You thought you had money problems
check this out
Im broke as a joke and right now
After seeing that I feel rich
When the shit hits the fan
Im gonna sit back eat a BigTurk and
hopefully while Im puking the massive shitstorm will miss me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Zoo Lion Sobers Up And Starts To Scream And Shout

It's amazing how your environment effects your attitude
lately after about an hour after I walk into work
The Disgruntled Sean comes out
Today like yesterday it didn't take long
Mental giants one right after another roaming the place
like buffalo, at least one case that could prove to be true.
The shitty part is as much as I would love to up and quit
specially when they want to switch me to another department
I can't quit like everyone else there's bills to pay
Ahhh what to do?
I better do something before I let my mouth get the better of me
and I make a decision I might regret
Make due and come to work everyday
be in a quiet pissy stressed out mood
sorta like jail with benefits.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Black Rooms To Babysit and White Halls To Pace Away From It

Simple Human
Was the thing I had a huge rant about yesterday
Lemme explain
OK so were at Bed Bath and Beyond or whatever the store is called
I'm walking and I notice a toilet plunger with a $152 price tag
Now who in there right mind would pay that for something your gonna stick in shit?
Obviously someone....Do you realize you can buy a new toilet for that price
The killer of it all is I went to the website and they only want $25 for the plunger
So I think I read the wrong tag or the store people have a hell of a mark-up
Then I started thinking All is not lost here.
When I die I wanna be buried with this "ritzy hoyti toyti plunger"
cause I figure all the shit that's gonna be thrown my way in the afterlife
$152 plunger should handle it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

From The Penthouse To The Outhouse

Had a bad day yesterday
Got drunk last night
(stupid thing to do numero uno)
Made the usual ass of myself
(stupid thing to do numero deux)
Stayed up way too late
( stupid thing to do numero trois)
Continued to make an ass of myself
( stupid thing to do numero quatre)
I guess the smartest thing I did in the last 24hrs
was show up to work today
Then again it's only because I had to.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

6 Metal Strings On A Piece Of Wood

Went to a wellness fair
It was pretty cool, It was on company time
28 little booths set up in a semi circle
Fared out with some free stuff for the house
Found out ways to get government grants
home improvement with rebates
Something else pretty cool
I learned my blood type
I never knew mine before today
It's A+
The most common I believe
So I signed up for Plasma donation
If someone wants THC filled blood
It's in me to give!
Won a Hundred bucks on the radio
I was the man Yesterday at 1pm
It's already spent as I suspect you suspected
They changed the rules so you can only win
once every two weeks
Those bastards I was counting on some extra bling!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Since The Return Of Her Stay On The Moon , She Listens Like Spring And Talks Like June.

Been going to bed early
Trying for a bit of a routine
I find I get alot done around the house between 4-7
Ironically that was my nap time
know what else I noticed
When going to bed early I have to get up and
use the bathroom at some point during the night
Never had to do that before
(course before I was only sleeping 3hrs at night)
Now it feels good to get a full night sleep
I think I'm getting old
My Sirius radio subscription renewed itself
my Visa is maxed
How does Sirius charge $150 dollars to a card that's maxed
not to sure
Visa overdraft???
Visa was in a good mood?
Never the less It was a lovely surprise this morning
Your even more broke then before
usually a surprise is a good thing
not in this case
The sad part is I have not used my radio in months
I don't drive as much or go anywhere far
and by the looks of things financially
I won't be for a while.
A word I been having alot of fun with for the last couple days
It just kinda fits and makes me laugh
probably driving Teri-Masala nuts
The other night We went out for Indian food
Twas very very good and spicy
The restaurant was also really nice
When I was there I lost my Vindaloo
It fell on the waitresses shoe
She was mad for a minute or two
sorry I said from me to you
I didn't mean to lose my vindaloo
as we had dinner for two
but let me tell you, we would sprig back there
even if it was in Timbuktu.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Why do we have a winter weather forcast in northwestern ontario?
It's cold
What's it gonna be like tomorrow?
Get it they could play more music
skip the weather forcast for at least 2 months in winter
I'll tell ya what's hot tho
My tractor is running, painted and almost ready for snow removal
people who thought it "would never go" can kiss my freshly painted seat.
The weekend was good I did alot of tractor work but
I managed to squeeze a poker game in on Friday( ya I lost)
A free thunderwolves hockey game in on saturday night.
Had a few evening games of crazy 10's with the new champ
The games are close
She's sneaky and still the champ

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tied Up And Twisted The Way I Like To Be

This Morning I realized I'm Stuck in a rut
This Morning I realized I'm boring
This Morning I realized I'm lucky
This Morning I realized I'm in need of a career change
This morning I realized I'm Happy at home
This morning I realized I'm not a one man army
This Morning I realized I'm nervous about the future
This morning I realized I'm changing
This morning I realized I'm missing having a dog
This morning I realized I'm in need of a passport
This morning I realized I'm not being fair
This morning I realized I'm a Scorpio and it's in my nature
This morning I realized I'm right once in awhile
This morning I realized I'm Fortunate to have a nice girl who is patient
This morning I realized I'm persistent

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is It Strange I Should Change I Don't Know, Why Don't You Ask Her.

So the No BS contest is under full swing I can't
even get it to ring I tried many times already
wish me luck!
I got the tractor running last night
( Yahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
well when I say I got it running I meant
my buddy AL gotter going but I was there
We brought it to his garage where it's warm
I changed a few of his wall calenders to past babes
re decorating the place
I don't know a dam thing about small motor electrical
Like a fly on the wall so far so good
I could be on my way to plowing snow soon

(I was bored and reading Sorry!)

It is full out turkey week here at the work
All the turkeys this week are on days
So before my mouth gets me in trouble
I'm hiding in my office reading blogs and weird news
I'm Not much of a vegetarian but Ms Doodle made a veggie stew
last night It warmed me right up
lots of spicy goodness and it was really filling
I think the authors of this book stole my ideas
Too bad they don't know all my tricks
Now I just need secrets to winning the hundred bucks on the NO BS contest

Monday, January 14, 2008

Shine On You Crazy Painter

The weekend is over and the bathroom is almost done
Thank god for that, our house is in shambles
totally the fault of Ikea
On the plus tho the finished product looks good
Silky Bamboo/ Cream of wheat
basically a brown wall and a cream coloured trim

Remember the tractor I have talked about in past rants
Well it's supposed to get picked up today and brought
to my mechanically inclined friends house for a fixen
I actually am starting to think the tractors cursed
We'll see if she goes

Saturday A friend of mine was killed in a snowmobile accident
Today It's in the paper
Kinda makes it official reading it
He was a hilarious guy
funnier then most
lived life at 900 mph
gonna miss the laughs out at camp
and the always new lingo
I guess the saying is true
Only The Good Die Young
Danny Always said
"Gonna Pack with the wolves better learn how to howl"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Delicate Sound Of Thunder

This is a lengthy debate
The one where everyone has a theory
but this morning I bet everyone's theory was shot
You all know when you walk under a streetlamp
as you pass under it It goes out
Weird you say
well it happens to me all the time
but in particular this morning
2 separate street lights went out 2 separate times
normally the odd one will go out when I'm near it
timing? luck? energy to or from your body?
take your guesses
I'm miffed???????

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Paint It Black

So today I have a mission, besides digesting the tuna casserole I ate
I have to find a good aptitude test online
I want to be prepared for the call, to take my test for pipe fitting
A test that has adding,subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions
Some basic trigonometry and a few word problems
It's been 12+ years since I did fractions or a test for that matter
Good thing I learned all that useful stuff in school
I used it when in my everyday life?

Winter projects
Doing round three in the bathroom at the two two six
round three of painting that is
Step 1 - fix and patch all holes
Step 2 - paint Da Primer
step 2 - 1/2 Tape around shower and non paintable areas
Step 3 - paint Da Walls
Step 4- paint Da trim
Repeat steps 3+4
Step 5 - paint Da Door
Step 6- Clean up and move everything back in
Step 7 - Hope Ms Doodle is happy with the colours
I have another door I tried to sand for 2 hours on the weekend
a door for my porch, no luck getting the 3 layers+ of paint off
now it's in the backyard just screaming for a belt sander
That's a weekend project.
Till Then.........

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Waiting Game........

Hello Sports fans
An extra long weekend for me thanks to the flu
During the weekend I watched the Leafs lose surprised??
I also watched the Rangers lose
in a shootout, which is not that bad
but they still lost
Then I started thinking about the team names
Why are most teams named after a city
and only a handful after the state there from?
NY Rangers
Chicago Black hawks
Boston Bruins
Toronto Maple Leafs
Vancouver Canucks
Minnesota Wild?
Why could they not be the Minneapolis Wild?
or the Rolly(sp) Hurricanes
or the Miami Panthers
I was just wondering how or why they chose em like they do?

I also became a crazy eight's professional over the weekend
1 win 1 loss I would say that's semi-pro anyhow!
The cards were french to add a little spice to the game
I also learned how to play the meanest air guitar over the weekend
I got it free from my friend radmad

What was cool was yesterday I had to go to my old high school
talk about a blast from the past, wow the place has not really changed
anyhow I was there to pick up
pick up my transcript that is, I needed it for my new career move
All said and done I turned in my application for apprenticeship
Now I wait
I hate waiting............Sigh!

Friday, January 4, 2008

In It For The Money

"They" say if you wish for something out loud
subconsciously you try to achieve that wish with out even knowing
I wish the pipe fitter job would just work out
there I said it.
I been here 2 1/2 days this week
I hate it....feels like I never left
I'm also in a lottery pool here
so far we won SFA except once we each got $100
Gave the pool leader $30 today and I still owe em $50
I wish our lottery pool would do better.
I heard they are starting the No BS contest on Monday
I hope so cause I could use the cash
2 Months ago
I borrowed some cash from a friend
to pay for the safe return of my driver's license
(the one I lost for too many parking tickets)
I got to pay him back soon
odds are he's not worried about it
but I am , because he did me the favor

I have come to the conclusion I am
super happy with everything and the way it's going
Ms Doodle , friends, family, fun times, cooking lessons
the house, the cat, the plants , the new job prospect
the list could go on and on..In my life, money doesn't really matter
but for some reason it keeps biting me in the ass
The broke ass that is
It truly is the ONLY thing I stress about
I guess life's not that bad!

I was thinking about the duration of this blog
How it all started, how it grew
Did y'all know I was gonna call it
"Headlight Morning Glow" instead of "Drink The Kool-Aid"
The choice was clear and obvious once it was made
however that old idea popped in my head this morning
It all came from a song I heard 1000 times before
Here's a hint
"She said the best thing you can do is hang around for awhile"
No idea well I'm in a good mood today so I'll tell ya
It's one of my favorites
Prime Time Deliverance---Matthew Good
(Of course the solo-acoustic version is way better)
Have a Good Weekend!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Baby's On The Level

If at first you don't succeed Try again and again
Always a few roadblocks to deal with

So I learned that high schools still out till Jan8Th
I need a copy of my transcript for the pipe fitter job
got everything else together except for that
guess they want to know that I graduated
Monday is the day I hope
Gonna turn in the application and wait
Then there's a test
Gotta brush up on my math
fractions mainly
I graduated many moons ago and the old saying is true
"Use it or lose it"
needless to say GONE
Started smoking outside now at the twotwosix
pain in the ass but the house smells better
smells cleaner and so does the cat
I must admit I cheated the new rule last night
but for 99% of the time it's a go outside kinda feel
A resolution if you will
Is it possible to have a "fan" of your blog
probably more then one out there
but there more voyeur readers
Unanimous or anonymous
I spent the greater part of the morning
thinking about where my money actually does go
there's alot of robbing peter to pay Paul type thing going on
I never took juggling lessons
I never miss a payment
I just don't have any cash left over.......ever
So I started thinking
Where does it go?
I got a new budget programme I'm gonna try out
Hopefully that will clear the zits on my face
or gimme something to do at work.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Put On Your Shoes, Hit The Road , Get Truckin

Happy New Year!
Well 2008 should be interesting
I have some "resolutions" of my own
First I wanna say this blog has been going for a year
give or take a week
Gonna keep it going as best I can
I will admit it has been tough to write everyday
Since my motivation is taking a blogging break
It Might be contagious
Today I'm gonna go down to the pipe fitters union hall
Gonna throw my name in for an apprenticeship
If all goes well I will have a new job
exciting and scary
Thing is I'm the best I can be right now
Gonna be making the same money per year as 5yrs from now
That is NFG
I'm broke now with no relief in sight
So I decided
I need to grow and Change is good
I'm gonna take a chance
After all is that not what living is about?