Friday, January 4, 2008

In It For The Money

"They" say if you wish for something out loud
subconsciously you try to achieve that wish with out even knowing
I wish the pipe fitter job would just work out
there I said it.
I been here 2 1/2 days this week
I hate it....feels like I never left
I'm also in a lottery pool here
so far we won SFA except once we each got $100
Gave the pool leader $30 today and I still owe em $50
I wish our lottery pool would do better.
I heard they are starting the No BS contest on Monday
I hope so cause I could use the cash
2 Months ago
I borrowed some cash from a friend
to pay for the safe return of my driver's license
(the one I lost for too many parking tickets)
I got to pay him back soon
odds are he's not worried about it
but I am , because he did me the favor

I have come to the conclusion I am
super happy with everything and the way it's going
Ms Doodle , friends, family, fun times, cooking lessons
the house, the cat, the plants , the new job prospect
the list could go on and on..In my life, money doesn't really matter
but for some reason it keeps biting me in the ass
The broke ass that is
It truly is the ONLY thing I stress about
I guess life's not that bad!

I was thinking about the duration of this blog
How it all started, how it grew
Did y'all know I was gonna call it
"Headlight Morning Glow" instead of "Drink The Kool-Aid"
The choice was clear and obvious once it was made
however that old idea popped in my head this morning
It all came from a song I heard 1000 times before
Here's a hint
"She said the best thing you can do is hang around for awhile"
No idea well I'm in a good mood today so I'll tell ya
It's one of my favorites
Prime Time Deliverance---Matthew Good
(Of course the solo-acoustic version is way better)
Have a Good Weekend!

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