Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Waiting Game........

Hello Sports fans
An extra long weekend for me thanks to the flu
During the weekend I watched the Leafs lose surprised??
I also watched the Rangers lose
in a shootout, which is not that bad
but they still lost
Then I started thinking about the team names
Why are most teams named after a city
and only a handful after the state there from?
NY Rangers
Chicago Black hawks
Boston Bruins
Toronto Maple Leafs
Vancouver Canucks
Minnesota Wild?
Why could they not be the Minneapolis Wild?
or the Rolly(sp) Hurricanes
or the Miami Panthers
I was just wondering how or why they chose em like they do?

I also became a crazy eight's professional over the weekend
1 win 1 loss I would say that's semi-pro anyhow!
The cards were french to add a little spice to the game
I also learned how to play the meanest air guitar over the weekend
I got it free from my friend radmad

What was cool was yesterday I had to go to my old high school
talk about a blast from the past, wow the place has not really changed
anyhow I was there to pick up
pick up my transcript that is, I needed it for my new career move
All said and done I turned in my application for apprenticeship
Now I wait
I hate waiting............Sigh!

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