Monday, January 14, 2008

Shine On You Crazy Painter

The weekend is over and the bathroom is almost done
Thank god for that, our house is in shambles
totally the fault of Ikea
On the plus tho the finished product looks good
Silky Bamboo/ Cream of wheat
basically a brown wall and a cream coloured trim

Remember the tractor I have talked about in past rants
Well it's supposed to get picked up today and brought
to my mechanically inclined friends house for a fixen
I actually am starting to think the tractors cursed
We'll see if she goes

Saturday A friend of mine was killed in a snowmobile accident
Today It's in the paper
Kinda makes it official reading it
He was a hilarious guy
funnier then most
lived life at 900 mph
gonna miss the laughs out at camp
and the always new lingo
I guess the saying is true
Only The Good Die Young
Danny Always said
"Gonna Pack with the wolves better learn how to howl"

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