Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Since The Return Of Her Stay On The Moon , She Listens Like Spring And Talks Like June.

Been going to bed early
Trying for a bit of a routine
I find I get alot done around the house between 4-7
Ironically that was my nap time
know what else I noticed
When going to bed early I have to get up and
use the bathroom at some point during the night
Never had to do that before
(course before I was only sleeping 3hrs at night)
Now it feels good to get a full night sleep
I think I'm getting old
My Sirius radio subscription renewed itself
my Visa is maxed
How does Sirius charge $150 dollars to a card that's maxed
not to sure
Visa overdraft???
Visa was in a good mood?
Never the less It was a lovely surprise this morning
Your even more broke then before
usually a surprise is a good thing
not in this case
The sad part is I have not used my radio in months
I don't drive as much or go anywhere far
and by the looks of things financially
I won't be for a while.
A word I been having alot of fun with for the last couple days
It just kinda fits and makes me laugh
probably driving Teri-Masala nuts
The other night We went out for Indian food
Twas very very good and spicy
The restaurant was also really nice
When I was there I lost my Vindaloo
It fell on the waitresses shoe
She was mad for a minute or two
sorry I said from me to you
I didn't mean to lose my vindaloo
as we had dinner for two
but let me tell you, we would sprig back there
even if it was in Timbuktu.

1 comment:

Teri said...

your wisdom--
the rhyme-master mr. gold
has entered the realm of
Crazy 8s
even tho u rhyme
you win not