Friday, August 31, 2007

We Talk All Night Trying To Make It Right, Believe Me Shit Was Tight... It Was The Wrong Way!

Howdy Folks Welcome to Your Friday!
So I have come to the conclusion that spell check makes you dumb
I can't even spell half the words I used to Just type something close and spell check will get it
An example of how technology is screwin y'all
yet another fine example is the price of gas..... It causes less people to buy new SUV's and v8 trucks in turn thousands of people in Canada will lose their jobs at the Auto plants, they won't be buying gas witch means the price will go up again.
Don't we have our own oil? Oil refinery's? Pipeline? Just sayin.....
I would vote for this guy as Prime minister besides the fact He know's his shit He's freakin Hilarious! Another thing he's got going for him is Stompin Tom is too old!

Have a good long weekend !!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Im Against Picketing But Don't Know How To Show It......

Remember The Five Dollar Milkshake:
Cos I'm such a nice fellow I'm gonna share the secret to the $5 Shake
Bryers french vanilla ice cream
Beatrice chocolate milk
blend, fire up pulp fiction movie and enjoy........Fuckin eh!
Trust me I'm bringing it back bitches!
On a side note the NO BS contest starts next week so nobody call me at the top of the hour during the week Im gonna be busy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fuel.....:::Shimmer (Acoustic)

Get In Shut Up And Hang ON!

Not much else going on other then the following random thoughts:

*need to pull $114 outa my ass and finish painting the trim soon like real soon

*need to give the liver a break from all the beer.....thanks from the liver in advance!

*Disposable razors suck real bad three swipes and it's all clogged up. Cheaper is better my ass!

*Might be quitting my gravy job soon ......they want to move me to the food and beverage department If that happens .....bon voyage!! They got great supervisors over there so great if I owned a Popsicle stand I would not let em run it!

*Went for $5 wings on Monday night to a different spot not my usual watering hole , the waitress is hot, the wings are hot so me being me says thank you in french .......she answers in french now I'm nervous cause my french is not so good so I duck, drink and run.

*was thinking about a creative writing class to take just for fun....anyone want to join me?

* I am looking forward to September for a few reasons.......Hiking, bbqing , Matthew good in concert I think it's gonna be a good month

*Often I worry about my house when I'm at work It's the hermit in me kickin in or the neighbourhood

* I want to move to or at least retire in rural Thunder Bay

*I can give good sound advise to anyone but

*I try to be the best wingman I can for my buddys but when I need one....nobody's around ......wanna go to the Hodder tonight?

* Anyone buy a tshirt yet? check the link it!

That's all for today.....I know it's lame but Do you believe they actually want me to do work while Im here at work ....bastards!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All That Shimmers In This World Is Sure To Fade Away......

Did I use that title before .......can't remember but the song is stuck in my head. Speaking of my new favorite is ...........You Wouldn't Know by Hellyeah it rocks!
To be honest here I don't even know what I'm doing anymore, just been kinda lost going through the motions day to day one of these days I'll snap out of it or snap ....not sure
Love the movie Office Space watched it for about the 300th time the other day It reminds me of my job, coworkers and the daily gongshow.
Its funny how little things bring back memory's good or bad. In real time when your doin what your doin and the stuff is happening you don't say to yourself 4 years from now Im gonna see that plate and remember this time were having .......ummmm No people just don't do that but it's funny how certain things trigger certain memory's in your head unexpected
Then I wonder how much shit is actually crammed into this brain of mine only because some of it I don't want to remember and some of it I will never forget.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Riverboat Gringo

Stellar day yesterday! Went to the farm to help the farmer harvest the barley , got there in the early afternoon he's riding around on his 1950's combine It is super loud and squeaky, the things burning oil and smoking out the whole field I wish I got a pic of that....LOL Anyhooo
like I said he was riding around cutting the barley Al and myself took care of fixing the machine when it broke the dam belt kept coming off , also emptying the hopper off the combine into the 1 tonne bag which was in the back of the truck. When the bag was full we brought it to the barn and unloaded it with the tractor. When he was cutting there is not much to do , We sat in the box of Al's truck ate sandwiches, drank barley soup, watched him go round the field and enjoyed the sunshine!
The very last of the barley was cut and the belt finally broke and when we got the combine back to the farm about a ten min drive it ran out of gas.......we emptied the hopper with buckets like the smurfs in a chain gang.....I was workin the hoe!
It was a long day got home at midnight, looking like a dirty Mexican with a smile on my face!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lost To The Treasures That Compel Us......

The party continues ....In effort to not become a fat bastard from the non stop beer drinking I went for another walk yesterday to blow off some steam and get some exercise. Me and my schlep luck got caught in the rain I was mad at first thinking what good luck I have Then after a bit I thought , I like walking in the rain as gay as that sounds but I do only if you get caught in it. I dragged my soaked ass home to find two postcards in my mailbox........One from Singapore and one from Bali, I was happy this totally made my day my little travelling, blog writing totally nerdy cool friend sent me postcards.
Do you have any idea how long it's been since I got a 12+ yrs
Then I open face book and the girl I had a crush on for the better part of my life has added me as a friend I have not talked to her in 13yrs + for sure. Yup she's a MILF that does not live here.
So all in all twas a good day!
On a side note only successful applicants will be contacted about the girlfriend job Please no phone calls !
So it is 3am wed and My friend from outta town leaves my house cos I got to catch a 3hr nap before work He leaves and my other buddy is putting his shoes on I look there is someone walking up my driveway. Last Wed I had some people at my house and this girl borrowed a sweater unbeknowst(sp) to me I did not think she was gonna return it a week later at 3:18am
So my buddy takes off being the good wing man he is She's like Hi I brought your sweater its all washed .... I'm like cool but that's a little extreme being 3am but thanks! I gotta go to bed and she left.
Who does that?
Reminds me of the story on why people stand so close to people in elevators , Really it doesn't but it's definitely abnormal psychology
or hornology not sure....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who Are You To Wave Your Finger....You Musta Been Outta Your Head!

It appears as tho were at a bit of a crossroad here's why
Lately like the last month maybe month and a half, I have been kinda toning down the content I write on here in effort not to piss people off. Why I'm worried about pissing people off I'm not sure. The problem is I think it is starting to effect my creativity. A little known fact is that people that are artsy and have a more of a creative way of thinking are more likely to get or bring out bi polar disease they don't even know they had ..... weird eh could be the reason for the major daily change in moods. Don't ask why I know that I just do
Anyhow I may remove the advertising of the blog site address from places like face book and msn. Just go wide and type it as it comes or I may just continue to write in a creative toned down kinda way. Change the comments section so unanimous comments are no longer allowed
Some thoughts:
I think part of me wants to recruit people to blog hence the advertising and toned down content comments allowed
I think part of me wants to write a book about my strip joint career believe me that won't be toned down but on the other hand it has to be to sell.
I think I got to have a Porno Pizza before I die
I think I'm old enough to be her dad but all I want her to do is call me daddy!
I think were almost outta rope so click the links people and voice your thoughts!

I think my new favorite song is The Pot by Tool........fukin eh!
Rock On Wonton!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Players Only!

You know what is good anger management? Walking well at least for me it works it out pretty good
Cancelled my Duluth trip due to financial reasons see there is no money in blogging so I hope ya' all enjoy this ........To be quite honest I am fucking pissed off I can't go. Gonna miss so much fun, Last year I woke up naked in a tent 20 min before our race .....LOL That's enough of that story, also The coach is pissed I cancelled but I told him shit happens. I was supposed to catch a ride to Duluth with this friend of mine , You know when your friends with someone and eventually all there stories and bullshit just get to you well this guy bullshitted so much about everything I actually kept him around for entertainment , He would contradict himself in the same sentence and to be honest i was tired of hearing it So I told him off , now I can't catch a ride with him Dam..... I know you can't unburn any bridges but fuck em
Got a good friend in town from Vancouver I have not seen since 2005 so It's been a non stop party since Friday My jaw hurts from laughing so much.....The weirdest shit happens to that guy. Hopefully he's gonna start bloggin about it , I think I got him convinced....stay tuned!!
New News:
I am currently taking applications for a new girlfriend, there is a prerequisite she has to be a little nerdy , maybe have a blog who knows but I'm tryin something different she has to be outdoorsy too
This player is tired of being played. Tonight I'm going for a walk and let some frustrations out about that. Not that I got played per say but I have a feeling I will be walking it off.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't Fuck The Princess.....Do The Maid!

Wrap your heads around this......Out for a hike with a friend yesterday .....I post some pics after but anyhoo on the way back she's like do ya wanna see something that will probably freak you out....Im like what, sure I guess
So we get off the highway down this dirt road and she stops the car
We get out and start walking up this trail it's not marked If you did not know it was there you probably would drive by it. It was so well maintained it look like someone ran a lawn mower up and down it. Were walking along and there's a picture on the tree , then another tree and another picture all religious scenes then we get to this beautiful cherry red bench in the middle of the guessed it more pictures anyhow there are 13 pics in total Finally we get to the top of the trail and there is this tomb type thing made of rocks. inside there is a bunch of rosaries and a couple urns surrounded by flowers, another cherry bench with a engraved name on it , a statue of a woman holding a baby girl. There is a few homemade crosses around the area
I guess the story is a dude had a wife and a kid they were killed in a car crash , he in turn burried them up there, now people go there and pray for there loved ones. There is a large baggie full of pictures and obituary's I even saw one from Iowa. There were lots of film containers strung together with plastic chain In each container there was a name
This place is creepy but the view of lake superior is absolutely beautiful from there.
All in all the weekend was good, just thought I would share the weird things that happen to me!
For the record No Im not going back there......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Mean You Crush Me, Now You Know.....

Had a total grey moment yesterday here's how it went

Got home from work and figured I would have a little nap now normally I hit the couch for a bit afterwork but for some odd reason I ended up in my bed. My cell alarm never went off and when I rolled over it was 730 I look out the window and the suns up, I'm like fuck ripping off my t shirt and shorts thinking it's Wed morning and I'm late for work.(no that's never happened before) When I finally clue in that it is 730 at night after trying to call the supervisor. I realize I missed the 7 o'clock Dragon boat practice double Fuck! I went for a walk around boulevard to look at some girls and at least do some kinda exercise

I made missing the practice up tho by going to dry land training after my walk and eye candy tour. I guess the team practices for an hour then drinks for two or three or four! See I know how to pick em!!.......Anyhoo left them there and I ended up at my usual watering hole after for some wings , more beer and someones bright idea to buy a round of liquid cocaine shooters. She's there I say Hello on our way out. I finally get enough balls to ask her for her number after about a half year of flirting ........scores! Gotta love the single life***Insert sarcasm here***
Now I'm wondering weather Im the boxer or the bag......

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Champions Of Nothing!

What the hrmmm happened to you? Hey Sean .......Hey
Ohh hey Was kinda spacing out there for a minute .....what's up?

The above is an example of what's been happening alot lately! It's not from smoking too much pot rather, I Think it is from this voice in my head that says your spinning your wheels not really going anywhere Gold do something about it
I keep telling myself after summer is over We'll look into some options. I was supposed to pick up a shift at Centerfolds for some part time cash but The Aug 18 start date has been changed The weekend after I will be in Duluth for the Dragon boat festival so that's out Maybe after the summer. I also have my sister calling me every other day bugging me to move to Edmonton
The problem is I like my house here, there is alot of moneymakin potential off the house if I rented it. Although there is not to many people I trust from 2000 km away it's an idea.
These are the Things left to do (the cheap stuff)
Paint the bathroom green
another coat for the outside trim (fuck)
try on wedding clothes for the Friday Wedding
Things I wanna do but .......there is complications like money
Roof shingles
Sofit and fascia
fence for the one side of the house
On a separate note I had to fork out $10 because someone stole my parking pass (Cocksucker!)outta my jeep and I needed a new one. It is $2 a day otherwise if I was to pay everyday. Also I went grocery shopping and after I was done I came out to find a ripe granny smith apple sitting on my passenger seat.....that was weird So Apparently I traded my park pass for an apple???
Also The spidey sense has been acting up lately , so I tried to call someone about it and their cell phone was off........DAM!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dancing with The Thorns Of My Buried Past

So I have not been here in awhile Took a staycation Got lots done around the house, did some farming and had some leisure time. Rented a portable boom truck to paint my house trim It worked slick.......Need to rent it again to do one more coat. Like I said I did some farming ......everybody this is Blaze......Meet the sheep!Went to silver falls KayakingHowlin at MawnoMawno at 9am

So that is my vacation in a nutshell Ya'all wondered why I didn't post for awhile well if a picture says a thousand words then I believe I'm all caught up!
On A side note I changed my relationship status on facebook to single from it's complicated even tho I been single the whole time people are like what's going on and surprised.....too funny!

Why this big space is here I don't know.........Cheers big ears!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Hey Midnight, Turn On Your Lights...Roll Out Your Stars, Roll Out Your Stars

Got the new Matthew Good Cd It's pretty mello, but I like it !
So the song of the day is>>>>Metal Airplanes
On holidays after today, and today I woke up with the notion that I got 300+ friends on facebook but can't find anyone to go to Grand Beach with me.
Rather depressing

Thursday, August 2, 2007

You Still Make Lemonade Taste Like A Summer Day!

So What's Dummer my blog or you reading it?
I stole that from some dude's shirt (replace blog with t-shirt)

What's with the mood lately You ask? well I think it is a product of my environment I leave here aka work and like flicking a light switch .....BAM I'm in a good mood This usually happens around 3:15pm

Here's an idea for ya
OK every time I turn on the radio I here a commercial for a random furniture store having the sale of the year in attempt to get our business
Now if I was a store owner I would have hot chicks lounging around on the beds, couches and in the store in general
Think about it if you were going bed shopping for example and your walking through the store with the salesman. He or She jumped all over you when you walked in the door, we all know how that is! Anyhow your on your way to look at a new bedroom suite some hottie was kinda just loafing around on it
I think you would out sell the competition!
I have a friend who is a sales manager at a major furniture store, I ran it by him and he thought it was a great idea ! But it would never happen at his store........Instead they just hire hot chicks to take your money!
Now for you ladies and gay men who might not find hotties on couches attractive as a business man I would also hire some buff dudes to deliver the furniture........
Chances are you'll be back if not to shop, but to look at the scenery.

Now I just need a name for my store!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Guess words Are A MotherFucker....They Can Be Great!

Welcome back........ya so I took a few mental health days off work Just got back today and I feel fine minus the fact im at work



It started right after work I went to get some ugly shoes and met my reliable drinking buddy at the shoe store so long story short>>>Drunk as fuck I was supposed to go visit a friend whom I have not seen/talked to in 5 yrs +. She was having a bonfire and some people over the problem was I was not driving and nobody wanted to drive me/ go. Needless to say I did not make it
She's mad

Saturday :
I went to the farm to get the play by play on feeding the animals because for the next two weeks I'm farmer Sean Of course there was many beer involved in the training 0hh ya I also left with a old beat up riding lawn mower for the cost of a case of beer.

Sunday :
Did some laundry and painting also I got a phone call it kinda went like this


Hey Sean'


Whatcha doin?

Painting just hanging out on a ladder sweating my balls off

Whatcha doin?

I'm at the marina having breakfast


What's up

Wanna go sailing today?

Really , fuckin eh I'll go


Meet me at pier 3

OK in 1/2 hour

I'll watch for ya

cool bye


So I went sailing for the first time in my life on Sunday It was a 27ft boat Only one hairy moment out on the Gitche Gumee where the boat was at about 4o degree angle I was hanging off the side trying to tighten the rope for the front sail, shit was falling off the counter down below the waves were splashing us a good 30 seconds of shitting your pants anyhoo the whole thing was a fuckin blast! The thing I like about sailing is the speed you can get with no motor noise.

I got ready for work, packed my lunch and was just about to go and decided to call in sick I have not called in since February. Put my lunch in the fridge, went back to bed ,was actually ill. Was freaking hot all day so I went swimming in the evening, found a wedding date and my shoes!
I came to work and left a hour into my shift, slept all day and felt better
I absolutely hate when people just "pop" on over without calling I smoked a reef and was doing some housework **knock knock** It's my mom I give her shit for not calling first and tell her nobody just pops by when you live in the country and how I would like to move far far into the country.
She's mad and leaves
Then My buddy Shawn pops over....same thing I give him shit for just popping over
Fuck I hate that ......How hard is it to understand COME OVER ANYTIME JUST CALL FIRST!
What happens if I was beating it in the kitchen and all of a sudden company's there Not cool for the company or for me. He brings beer but decides to drink mine Till I notice... He did not even put his in the fridge I give him shit explaining how I just won the lottery and I can afford to buy beer all the time for everyone so clean me out and take yours home......He left me a couple of his beer to replace mine .....thanks and leaves mad....
I'm making friends all over these days I guess it takes all kinds
I decided no more games with people Just gonna tell everyone from now on what I'm thinking and if they like it or don't like it that's the way I roll bitches!
One more thing Why are people so different when online like on facebook as opposed to in person?
Sneaky eh....