Thursday, August 2, 2007

You Still Make Lemonade Taste Like A Summer Day!

So What's Dummer my blog or you reading it?
I stole that from some dude's shirt (replace blog with t-shirt)

What's with the mood lately You ask? well I think it is a product of my environment I leave here aka work and like flicking a light switch .....BAM I'm in a good mood This usually happens around 3:15pm

Here's an idea for ya
OK every time I turn on the radio I here a commercial for a random furniture store having the sale of the year in attempt to get our business
Now if I was a store owner I would have hot chicks lounging around on the beds, couches and in the store in general
Think about it if you were going bed shopping for example and your walking through the store with the salesman. He or She jumped all over you when you walked in the door, we all know how that is! Anyhow your on your way to look at a new bedroom suite some hottie was kinda just loafing around on it
I think you would out sell the competition!
I have a friend who is a sales manager at a major furniture store, I ran it by him and he thought it was a great idea ! But it would never happen at his store........Instead they just hire hot chicks to take your money!
Now for you ladies and gay men who might not find hotties on couches attractive as a business man I would also hire some buff dudes to deliver the furniture........
Chances are you'll be back if not to shop, but to look at the scenery.

Now I just need a name for my store!

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