Sunday, August 26, 2007

Riverboat Gringo

Stellar day yesterday! Went to the farm to help the farmer harvest the barley , got there in the early afternoon he's riding around on his 1950's combine It is super loud and squeaky, the things burning oil and smoking out the whole field I wish I got a pic of that....LOL Anyhooo
like I said he was riding around cutting the barley Al and myself took care of fixing the machine when it broke the dam belt kept coming off , also emptying the hopper off the combine into the 1 tonne bag which was in the back of the truck. When the bag was full we brought it to the barn and unloaded it with the tractor. When he was cutting there is not much to do , We sat in the box of Al's truck ate sandwiches, drank barley soup, watched him go round the field and enjoyed the sunshine!
The very last of the barley was cut and the belt finally broke and when we got the combine back to the farm about a ten min drive it ran out of gas.......we emptied the hopper with buckets like the smurfs in a chain gang.....I was workin the hoe!
It was a long day got home at midnight, looking like a dirty Mexican with a smile on my face!

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Buits said...

which hoe were u workin?