Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Players Only!

You know what is good anger management? Walking well at least for me it works it out pretty good
Cancelled my Duluth trip due to financial reasons see there is no money in blogging so I hope ya' all enjoy this ........To be quite honest I am fucking pissed off I can't go. Gonna miss so much fun, Last year I woke up naked in a tent 20 min before our race .....LOL That's enough of that story, also The coach is pissed I cancelled but I told him shit happens. I was supposed to catch a ride to Duluth with this friend of mine , You know when your friends with someone and eventually all there stories and bullshit just get to you well this guy bullshitted so much about everything I actually kept him around for entertainment , He would contradict himself in the same sentence and to be honest i was tired of hearing it So I told him off , now I can't catch a ride with him Dam..... I know you can't unburn any bridges but fuck em
Got a good friend in town from Vancouver I have not seen since 2005 so It's been a non stop party since Friday My jaw hurts from laughing so much.....The weirdest shit happens to that guy. Hopefully he's gonna start bloggin about it , I think I got him convinced....stay tuned!!
New News:
I am currently taking applications for a new girlfriend, there is a prerequisite she has to be a little nerdy , maybe have a blog who knows but I'm tryin something different she has to be outdoorsy too
This player is tired of being played. Tonight I'm going for a walk and let some frustrations out about that. Not that I got played per say but I have a feeling I will be walking it off.

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Teri said...

don't wander too far away.