Friday, August 31, 2007

We Talk All Night Trying To Make It Right, Believe Me Shit Was Tight... It Was The Wrong Way!

Howdy Folks Welcome to Your Friday!
So I have come to the conclusion that spell check makes you dumb
I can't even spell half the words I used to Just type something close and spell check will get it
An example of how technology is screwin y'all
yet another fine example is the price of gas..... It causes less people to buy new SUV's and v8 trucks in turn thousands of people in Canada will lose their jobs at the Auto plants, they won't be buying gas witch means the price will go up again.
Don't we have our own oil? Oil refinery's? Pipeline? Just sayin.....
I would vote for this guy as Prime minister besides the fact He know's his shit He's freakin Hilarious! Another thing he's got going for him is Stompin Tom is too old!

Have a good long weekend !!

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