Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some video I took of the massive tank felt like a kid again for a bit LOL
Went to the Korean war museum for the afternoon. It had exibits from the Chosun dynasty all the way up to the Korean war. The third pic from the bottom is a scale model of the DMZ. I would like to put all my pics on but that would take a long time! The museum was free to visit,it's huge, in Canada it would have cost at least $20. I'm gonna go back again for a second walk through. There is a bunch of short movies you can watch while touring the museum, didn't get to see all of them so like I said I'll go back!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Life Has It's Up's And Downs

Well well well look who's back, been awhile since I have came here but you heard that before.
The new place is all set up and back to "normal"
The thing I can say about the new place is that we live on the 11th floor, the view is great! There is vendors that sell fantastic food off of carts, right outside my front door Pogo's for a buck! A store and a bar in the basement..It's well set-up!
My one and only problem with the new place is the elevator...We used to live on the second floor so I never "had" to use the elevator. Some might say hey than why don't you take the stairs? Well because there is 2 flights of 10 stairs each per floor and that's alot of frickin I wait for the elevator.
There is 11 floors above ground and 5 below, if your timing is not good, let's just say your waiting for it to go down, skip the main floor, come back up, you get in then it stops on every floor because A: it's full of people or B: people on lower floors pushed the call button and decided to take the stairs...ugg
I do enough stairs at the subway station and average of about 150 a day so I'm waiting for the elevator!
The second pic is the "Holy Mary GS25", a church and a convenience store all in one, so if your sweating in Church you can buy a beer or some soju to calm ya down!
The mountain views are the view from our apartment, I told ya it was nice!
The dude passed out on the garbage bags, I guess is a regular occurrence of a Saturday night!
The first pic is myeondong market(sp?)and as you can tell by the sea of black hair the place is a flippin zoo to walk through. The last pic is sweet potatoes and squid for sale out in the said market..
All in all things are OK missing out on a weekend trip to Taipei because the airfare is alot of money right now, guess I'll keep lookin
that's all for now, I'm going to get a pogo!