Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sometimes The Same Is Different, But mostly It's The Same

This was the day when I allegedly won the Hundred bucks on the radio
I hope I find another cool contest to play soon
I could possibly get a better photo of myself to display publically
in this one I'm smiling with tiredness and the cash is long gone!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Was out and about yesterday
I see this sign on the pin-up board
It says:

Garmin GPS
somewhere in current river area
If found please call

Now is it me or is that not Hilarious???

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Higher Then The Building

The usual thing for me is
I don't ever remember my dreams
once the foot hits the floor there gone with no memory
However this morning
I remembered a little bit of the dream I was having
not much Just a little
There was an extra large baby blue book in the dream
don't ask me who was there or where I was
but the book was titled
" Meatballs
$$ "
Seriously WTF is that about ????
The freaky part is that when I got to work today
Meatball subs are on sale in the staff cafe.....

moving on here
I have a question
Why do stores that sell clothes like in a mall
find it necessary to play crap dance music at full volume?
Does it help you shop?
does it help you with customer service?

I was just wondering cause it seems to be a trend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just Credit Time For Showing Up Again

Had a great birthday!
Has it really been 33 yrs?
yup I guess it has
3 weeks till Ms Doodles birthday
I'm excited
I'm also excited for tomorrows poker
then poker party
yet another celebration
win money at or lose money at
either way were gonna eat and drink

I have a love hate relationship this time of year
I love all the eat drink and be merry stuff
I hate the fact the bank account takes a beating
Speaking of bank accounts
I was approved for a vehicle loan
so today I'm going to look at a jeep
there's a few of em out there but this one is nice!
I'm not too fond of the extra payment I just acquired
but I am a fan of a newer kick ass reliable ride

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jeep Volleyball

I have found that
there is alot of scammers on
kijji/ebay/craigs list
remember the post about the dishwasher
buyer who wanted all my bank info and stuff
I found a steal of a deal on a jeep
I contact the guy and it all sounds legit
then he tells me via email the jeep is in St Johns NB
It was listed in Winnipeg's kijji (red flag #1)
I email him back and based on his price
I would go to NB and pick it up
So I tell him I am interested, I have a ton of questions
and I would like his phone number instead of a bunch of back and forth emails
I ask for his phone #
He apparently just moved and does not have one(red flag#2)
Now I am looking for someone I know
or someone someone knows in NB to go see if he is
for really real
I don't think it is but it's worth a shot.
I really need a new vehicle or ms doodle
will kill me if the old jeep doesn't

Monday, November 10, 2008


Had a fantastic weekend!
it came to a halt with the Monday alarms
Today friends of mine just took off to Vegas for a week
and the only thing that pisses me off about that
is the day they leave it's freakin cold out
I'm here freezing and there bubbling and tanning
In effort to combat this problem
I went and picked myself up a passport application
Since Im not really good at stuff like that
Ms doodle will help me fill it out i hope....
We were talking about Cuba which sounds fun
and cheap and fun and sunny!
yet to work out the details but maybe April is a good month

To go to Vegas would be cool to but we were
talking and a week there I think would be a bit much.
Since we don't really gamble and there's only so many things to walk around and see
Of course there is other things to do there
Grand canyon, Hoover dam,helicopter rides ect, ect
I can't remember the name of it but there is a highway
around there called Devil's canyon, devils highway something like that
anyhoo it has no speed limit and is supposed to be quite the road to experience
Anyone know what it's called?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bumperstickers I Like

Out Of A Job Yet?
Keep Buying Foreign!

Think Fast Hippie

If you Can read this
I lost my trailer

It's a Jeep thing

If you can't change your mind
Are you sure you still have one?

Earth's full go home

If you can read this
roll me over(written upsidedown)

Support lakehead search and rescue
Get Lost!

If I were in an F18
I would be home by now

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Backwards Into A Wall Of Fire

Well Sirius radio came out with a Led Zeppelin channel
to me that's pretty cool
so last night I went for a drive and cranked some channel 12
Driving around aimlessly and rocking out
I thought it woulda been cool to see them in concert
I say woulda cause I don't think that's ever gonna happen
there is rumor of a reunion tour but who knows
I was too young to see the concert above
however the Date is significant here
why you ask?
It does not really matter
What does matter is
The tickets would probably cost alot
The concert would be no where near here guaranteed
I can't quit you baby and
In reference to the title
Strange days are coming.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Wonder What It's Like To Be The Rainmaker

Here's my prediction
I have not really watched any of the US campaigning
but I think Obama will win tonight's election
McCain is quite old and supports the war, not to mention if he dies Palin will be in charge
That's scary!! remember she wants to build a bridge to nowhere....
Also if Obama wins the fact the US has never had a black president
and the fact there were 2 attempts on his life already definitely went through my mind
Anyhow no matter what happens it's scary for Canada
and the rest of the world.
So let's hope something good comes outta this!
Enough political mumbojumbo
On a side note here Do you think there is people out there who's main goal
in life is to send spam faxes through there fax machine to yours everyday?
email I understand but fax machines .....are you serious?

Monday, November 3, 2008

There's A Shadow On the Moon Tonight

Happy Monday!
Had a great weekend !
Friday i worked and went to the bar after
as the DD to Pick up the sister and ms D
Who seemed to enjoy lots of shooters
at a halloween slash going away party
I saw some nerfty costumes and some shady ones too
I was dressed up as the guy who just got off work
and to tell you the truth I really don't miss the bar scene
however for the short time i was there it was Fun!
Saturday was a chill day tho I managed to get some
doin's around the house done
I thought to myself puttering around
Where do fruit fly's come from?
It's not like I put half rotten fruit out and open my screen door
but for some reason they randomly show up everywhere
I heard a few theroys like they live in the fruit, ect ect..
Im still confused as to where they do come from.....
No more fruit for this guy.
Yesterday i went to pick up the snowmobile from the farm
It had broken down last year around Christmas right in the middle
of a field
So I figure it was time to get er fixed
Almost got the jeep stuck in the mud
however we made it
persistence pays off
So does four wheel drive!