Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Wonder What It's Like To Be The Rainmaker

Here's my prediction
I have not really watched any of the US campaigning
but I think Obama will win tonight's election
McCain is quite old and supports the war, not to mention if he dies Palin will be in charge
That's scary!! remember she wants to build a bridge to nowhere....
Also if Obama wins the fact the US has never had a black president
and the fact there were 2 attempts on his life already definitely went through my mind
Anyhow no matter what happens it's scary for Canada
and the rest of the world.
So let's hope something good comes outta this!
Enough political mumbojumbo
On a side note here Do you think there is people out there who's main goal
in life is to send spam faxes through there fax machine to yours everyday?
email I understand but fax machines .....are you serious?

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