Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Future Is X-Rated

Bongs, Blogs , Wheat Kings and Pretty Things!

Fired up the Apocalypse it's 633am (It's loud the tenant loves this 5 days a week) The radio's on and I'm sleepy.It's not the coming to work that bothers me It's the 8 hours I have to wait to go home that pisses me off.
Had another chainsmokin sausage party at my house last night
I mean it's OK cause there is not much a doing on a Tuesday night
It was comical anyhow We talked Jeeps Toyota's and cheap american vehicle prices
4inch lift's with 33inch tires
the Toyoltal package The Rubicon and of course The Boston whaler
Dreams and Guy talk I guess
you trepak'ed around my head popping in popping out
Roadtrippin in a brand spankin new jeep would be top notch
specially if I had someone to help me wave!
By the way....If you have to ask at what
you wouldn't understand.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zodiac Shit

In effort to keep up with the great USA our time change was changed last year from OCT 28-29ish to November 4th
Personally I have trouble with losing an hour sleep considering I only get a few per night
Ya I hate this time change
Problem is... all the VCR's, Dvd's are programmed to automatically time change in October
so for a few days the time is wrong
No biggie but Way to go George!

Moving on

Granted that horoscopes are there for entertainment they are usually read for fun
Some people take em serious some don't. I personally think there is some truth to em
based on personality and what sign you are.....So in turn I read mine in the newspaper everyday, along with a few headlines, stories and the classifieds
rest is just flipped
Do you think sometimes horoscopes are right because your one of a million people reading it and Chances are if a million people read it it's gonna be bang on and apply to somebody??Today's horoscope read....blah blah blah blah I got to come up with a new plan
I think there wrong I'm dam happy with things, and the way there all going right now so there will be no "new plan" however as of right now I added something sweet to my existing plan.
a bratwurst cooking wood stove......just kiddin but that would be sweet.
Anyhoo There's vultures where I work if your not reading or flipping the paper they hover around the table in hopes of taking it from you
2 people in particular.....fuckers!
I said it before and I'll say it again
"gonna pack with the wolves, better learn how to howl!"

Monday, October 29, 2007

When The Bubble Bursts And The First Are Come For By The Last

What makes a good song?
It depends on the person and their likes
To me a good song can be listened to over and over
Like every morning I come to work and listen to a few favorites
including Cortez the killer
I blogged about that a year ago
you figure I would be sick of it by now
A good song will be stuck in your head from time to time
outta the blue, just pop in there
Next thing you know your whistling Sultans of swing
(which is up there on my all time favorites by the way)
I could not even dream to make a list of favorites
you would be reading for 8 hours
Just for giggles I'll give you ten in no particular order
-Sultans of swing
-Springtime in vienna
-Hootchie Cootchie man
-Prime time deliverance
-Cortez the killer
-Hey hey my my
-Grace too
-One piece at a time
- And justice for all
-Yellow Ledbetter
You don't get a prize for naming the artists sorry....
lot's of music styles but it all boils down to talent
So if it just pops in your head that's a good thing
If it stuck a chord with you in someway
that's talent or a good thing
I guess this theory could be applied to people as well
no matter
what there talent is
how much you talk/listen with them
if your still interested that's a good thing
If they just pop in your head
there's a reason for that
and you should listen.

Friday, October 26, 2007

My baby's New Amsterdam, If She Can't Do It No One Can

You know how they say
"never buy a car that was made on a Friday or a Monday"
Today I understand the theory.
Let's just say there's alot of water cooler talk goin on,
not much working and alot of spacing out.
Another late night with my buddy from outta town
Chillin around the two two six bullshit was flying, moose was on the plate and
beers were cold
Probably do the same tonight
Peeps I know want to go out tomorrow night, there a fun bunch
Being Halloween and I'm not much of a dresserupper
So I may join them, I may not
I'm sure my mind will be somewhere else
but i'll probably go for the hell of it
spooky eh!
Did you know when you look at your reflection in the window
your reflection is, or looks like it's about 20lbs heavier
why? Who knows
but I know I look buff
in my own mind.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Writers Bloc De Quebec

Learned something new today
and you thought I forgot
Ask me to use it in a sentence and I'm fuck'd
Ask me to keep doin what I'm doin and I'm fine
Never heard the word till Monday Morning
sometimes I hide from things I don't know
like widgets
I know what a widget has to do with a can of Guinness
but on a computer?? Ya don't ask
OK Moving on here I got my physio/massage this am
what felt like15 min = $40
They make you take your shoes off when you enter
Most physio places are like that......Who Knew?
Neck is more sore after but doc says no pain no gain
Even in the wallet I say....
I got "the look" and booked two more appointments @ $40 EA
I get reimbursed $25 per visit from work but I have to pay up front
I wonder If that's a tax write-off?
On a side note while doing this post
I noticed Matthew Goods new CD has alot of "The Who"
sounding guitar in it
Know what I mean??

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short Wave Radios

"Bloggin like its hot scene 1 take 19"

Had a good massage on the neck.....felt great till today
freekin sore today...Have to go back for 3-5 more sessions
Doc says that should do it.
Can't wait
Last night had a friend of mine over
I have not seen him in at least 10 years
It was a good visit, The ironic part He's from/lives in Vancouver
and we were drinking tasty BC brewed Kokanee Gold all the way
Ran outta beer so we went guessed it
Chicken Wings and of course Beer.(we took a cab)
We talked about getting old, parents getting old,
good times, bad times, dogs,cats and touches of grey then
I gave him all my bar stool prophet skirt chasing advise for
I am a happy boy who has since retired.
"end scene"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kick Ass Chocolate Milk On A Monday Afternoon!

Led Zeppelin Tribute band was an all around good time.
For the girls it was about the music but more importantly
looking at the singers crotch
For me it was about the company and of course the music
As always It Sounded really good in the Auditorium.
Rest of the weekend was fan fricken tastic
It was so hard to come into work today
Ms Doodle and I saw the funniest thing on Sunday afternoon
There was a lady given'r rollerblading down the street and smoking a cigarette at the same time, I think she's training for the Olympics but we weren't sure.
Watch for her in the rollersmoking event Vancouver 2010.

Friday, October 19, 2007

There's Not Enough Lovin In This World.....

You Don't know it but those two guys in the back.......There making fun of you!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

You Don't Make Friends With Salad

Picked up some fresh moose kielbasa,
garlic coils too
been burpin it up all morning
so I ate more
Those won't go to waste
There dam tasty.
My friend who shot the moose taught his 4yr old son
That deer aren't called deer
Oh No There called "tasty deer"
He took the family out for a drive
His wife flipped when the boy said
"Look Mom Tasty deer"
The boy was pointing out the window
at Bambi
I think she wears the pants
and my friend is sleeping in the doghouse.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Your Mouth's Writing Cheques Your Body Can't Cash!

I'm at work thinking about going to see the Led Zeppelin tribute band this Friday
I mention it to Bob He Say's to me "Led Zeppelin sucks" I don't know if I should punch him in the face or catch myself falling off my chair. He goes on to tell me "everybody who likes Zeppelin is or was a stoner, It's stoner music Gold" Now I'm fuk'n pissed because to me stoner music is more like The Grateful dead or Jefferson airplane or Pink Floyd( Whom I also really like) Zeppelin is a rock and roll band not no candy ass incense and peppermints type shit. I say your new nickname Bob is "NO Clue Bob" or NCB for short. I take it a step further and well now were doin a survey here at work. So far I'm winning by 2
The Question-----Do You like Led Zeppelin? A---Yes , No or Maybe
The question part 2----Are you or were you a stoner? A-- Yes or No
Supporting examples are that EVERYONE knows who Led Zeppelin is and since they broke up 20+ years ago there still popular( according to NCB only with young stoners) So that in it's self says something. NCB could at least name 5 Zeppelin songs but I'm gonna get him a Brittany Spears CD for Christmas cause she does not do drugs right?
For the record I won the hundred bucks this 9am so I am going to the tribute concert
fo sure bitches!


One year ago to the day
was a sad time for the author
I put my dog down
It's hard to play god but for old age reasons
It had to be done
To this day
I miss my dog alot.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He Drinks Tequila, She Talks dirty In Spanish

" Success is getting what you want , Happiness is wanting what you get"- some Chinese guy

Maybe I could write a book of quotes that are actually bumper stickers, I'm not sure it would sell but it would be definitely entertaining........ Like on a mechanics car He could put
" I'm not a gynecologist, but I'll take a look"
On a hippie van
"Think Fast Hippie"
On the Human resources office door
" You Can't spell Who Cares without HR"
OR for most cars of the people employed here
" It's hard to soar with the eagles....when you work with turkeys"
For the boys
" Gonna pack with the wolves better learn how to howl" - Danny at Mawno

The other idea is a book written of short stories that all make up one story. Like if you were on a cross Canada road trip and every chapter could be a part of the big story or a part of the trip.
it could be creepy or pulp fiction ish maybe call it "confessions of a skirt chaser" or "what goes on the road stay's on the road" actually both those titles suck but you get the point
realistically tho I would need a partner to help write, or at least proof read cause sometimes my English is not so good. Why this guy does not have a blog is beyond me>> K Hawk is like a walking dictionary , and due to the fact that spell check over the years has made me dumb your phone may be ringing soon. Don't you owe me a beer?
Three more days till Friday ! and let me tell ya what that's awesome.
Miss You!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dancing Days

You know it's all right Just rounded the better part of the afternoon
3 more hours to go and I'm dreaming of being outside
I work in fluorescent light
my vitamin d must be down
OK maybe not but I feel like I'm running outta days
to soak up some sunshine
to breath crisp fall air
All the late night chicken wings and beer are catching up with me
I think I should listen to boulevard lake calling me to walk
before I get dinky-doo disease.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Famous Doodle

So the rumours true I'm sitting at the marina in my jeep bloggin like its hot I was out and about decided to check it out and it! Would be a good view to if it was not dark out Anyhoo......Little bit of action at the two two six tonight , well not at the two two six but right across the street. I guess the kid down the street who stabbed his dog awhile ago decided to get revenge on the neighbour.The neighbour who called the cops on him for stabbing the dog that is. Tonight he broke a bunch of the dudes windows on the back of his house ....guess what the cops came again x3 and took him away LOL what a fuck'n moron. It however makes for good entertainment while eating chili !

Friday, October 12, 2007

Silence Is Golden.....Duct Tape Is Silver

Spacing out at work hoping this post would just write itself If you stare at it long enough it does!
This is what I would rather be doing with my Friday..... I'm tryin!
Scored some Moose steaks last night from a friend, the butcher was over in his garage so I came by to watch the show. I think butchering is like a hidden trade This guy was good!! Apparently Paul's moose was his second moose of the day. He said a big moose like this takes about 6 hours to clean.
Here's a little known fact You'll never find bones in moose meat the bone and bone marrow does something to the taste of the meat when cooked. So if someone tells ya they had a moose Tbone there full of it or it tasted like shit!
Guess what's for supper........ Moose Sirloin and _______ Fuk'n eh!
I may fill in the blank with these little squash I bought but have no idea what/how to make em
Guess what..... I may get cable so I can watch the food network and make some funky stuff over the winter(note to self call cable company)
I just had an idea .......Moose Chili hmmmmm
Moving on here
Feeling alot like a school kid these days
Have not felt like that in years, it's great!
Alone and wide awake thinking thoughts doing circles
when I'm supposed to be sleeping
So I made a decision
I'm totally cool with
that I'm gonna go for
even if it takes four months.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Drive-In's Rained Out

Sometimes (most times) you have a plan on paper or in your head
Just think how boring life would be if everything went as planned, smooth all the time
So naturally plans get tweaked and changed
written and unwritten
According to my horoscope today something's in the works
It also said I was gonna run into far it's bollocks
I do have a little something of my own in the works
How the horoscope people found out about it is beyond me
It's kinda Like Gordie says "It's been a long time running and it's well worth the wait!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fucking Or Fighting by 2AM

I stole the subject line from a friend who had it printed on a t-shirt
Totally his Idea Wish I could take credit for it
White t shirt big black letters
He Say's it's his motto
I say it's funny as hell!

Heard a old tune today
reminded me of a different time
It used to be my closing song before I retired
It was always a "pretty song for a pretty girl" kinda speech
Now there was no particular "pretty girl"
but for a old song the speech worked
Truth is I just liked it
Still do, If I could sing
I just might sing it
el kareoke

I felt bad yesterday
apologized today
something I should have
kept my mouth shut about(or my opinion)
Someone asked me for advice
I tore a strip off him
told him he would be STUPID to continue
twas my opinion with supporting examples
guess I thought I was helping
but I upset him

Afraid of change
Afraid of staying the same
Time to cowboy up
It's gonna be a cold winter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wanna Go Picnic Anyone?

Two coolers and a BBQ for the road!

The umbrella is full of Green Bay Packer patio lanterns.....lights up beautifully!

This is a hydraulic can crusher Put your empty can in, push the button and it falls into a bin below

I look like a dork......but it's about the table not me

Jim is the dude that made this picnic table from hell! He Say's it does 70MPH
Now that's how I would roll Bitches!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Twisted Thoughts They Spin Round My Head....I'm Spinnin

Doin laps is for sissies except if your nuts or getting paid. The brain was working OT and I was walking in circles at work, I finished up all the "work" I had to do, lots of time for walkin. Over the weekend I was at the Great lakes aquarium in Duluth , gonna post some pics a little later, but at work today (lap 13) I was thinkin my visit to the GLA was the first time I felt like a kid again in a long time. Carefree and not "worrying" about day to day bullshit I loved it........Stay tuned for foto's Fell asleep last night a little cold, sad but smiling. Too Da Do Da Do Da Doooo

Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Dropped like a frozen turkey
The cell phone call I was very much enjoying
Tried to get back through
No dice.
Going to Duluth for the weekend On a jet plane.....
No just shittin however
He drives it like it's a jet plane
Too bad this one has Mazda written on the side.
I'll be thinking of you while dodging the deer and border guards
wish me luck
Ya'all enjoy yer weekend now ya hear!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hey Hey What Can I Do?

Two Things:
This pissed me off Mainly because I missed his show.
Sorry I just had to get that out there.
I have a friend
He's a dog named Elvis
He bit his owner twice
He's a big Pitbull
He's a Good lookin dog
Just hyper and rowdy
Too bad He's gotta be put down.
The owner has kids
So I understand.
The sad part is , He is prohibited by the humane society
from giving Elvis Away.
Why Simply because of his age and breed
Not that I want a dog at this point in my life
I got different plans
I'm just sad for young Elvis and the situation.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

That's Rugged

This morning I kept pushing snooze, did not want to get outta bed
I went to bed early so I wasn't tired....just cold I forgot how cold my room is
Lying there I started remembering all the good stuff that goes on this time of year
It's Pumpkin Pie season
It's spaghetti squash season
It's almost whiskey season
It's closer to my Birthday :(
That's depressing but
This year I know what I want.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Turkey Bingo

Good Day eh!

I been brushing up on my American, since I'm going to corporate America this weekend
This is what I got so far:
Ya'all come back now ya hear
Candy bar not chocolate bar
It's A Tab not a Bill.
Can I get a Ceasar here?.....No Just Bloody Mary's ....yuk
Can I get a Whiskey and cola?
Blacktop= Highway or road
Moosehead beer is imported from Canada really?

Now add the Polish twist:
ya'allski come back now ya hearski
Cundy barski not chocolate barski
It's a tabski not a Billski
Can I get a Whiskey- ski and cola?

Ya'all get the point I think when I cross the border I'm gonna be the Polish American and then When were in the great Us of A.... I will just blend in with the lingo and people.
Truth is I would be going Hunting if I was not going to Duluth. All of it is a wicked great time.
**Sigh*** There is somewhere I would rather be but That's not gonna happen till Novemberishski.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Dirty Little Rockstar

Your feeling horny and think Flirting is harmless? maybe even Healthy The way I see it
Look at the menu and eat at home.....That's coming from me Mr skirt chaser you heard it here first.
Anyhow for those that are a little more flirty and frisky constantly getting in trouble
You should click here this could be for you.
Don't say I don't try to help!
Ps- I love the disclaimer!

Lesbian Music

I stole this picture from miss 604
Got through at 7am for the no BS contest by that I mean I got it to ring however it just kept answer and no $100 maybe later today I will be lucky!
I need to win this week or I'm gonna be skinny
Collected the rent this AM well it was late last night however it is already gone
jeep parts and water bill = goodbye October rent cheque
I am going to Duluth this weekend kinda pumped It's been awhile not really a plan just going for the sake of going.
They got a freshwater aquarium and its open all year were going
Maybe I'll do some shopping after
as gay as that is, I need some clothes
American beer sucks , but it's cheap
specially when the dollars at par
and the mall is busy.
It will be fun
but expect some drunken dialing!