Monday, October 29, 2007

When The Bubble Bursts And The First Are Come For By The Last

What makes a good song?
It depends on the person and their likes
To me a good song can be listened to over and over
Like every morning I come to work and listen to a few favorites
including Cortez the killer
I blogged about that a year ago
you figure I would be sick of it by now
A good song will be stuck in your head from time to time
outta the blue, just pop in there
Next thing you know your whistling Sultans of swing
(which is up there on my all time favorites by the way)
I could not even dream to make a list of favorites
you would be reading for 8 hours
Just for giggles I'll give you ten in no particular order
-Sultans of swing
-Springtime in vienna
-Hootchie Cootchie man
-Prime time deliverance
-Cortez the killer
-Hey hey my my
-Grace too
-One piece at a time
- And justice for all
-Yellow Ledbetter
You don't get a prize for naming the artists sorry....
lot's of music styles but it all boils down to talent
So if it just pops in your head that's a good thing
If it stuck a chord with you in someway
that's talent or a good thing
I guess this theory could be applied to people as well
no matter
what there talent is
how much you talk/listen with them
if your still interested that's a good thing
If they just pop in your head
there's a reason for that
and you should listen.

1 comment:

Teri said...

...but can you SING yellow ledbetter...? running joke with everyone i know--no one knows the words. (?!)