Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hey Hey What Can I Do?

Two Things:
This pissed me off Mainly because I missed his show.
Sorry I just had to get that out there.
I have a friend
He's a dog named Elvis
He bit his owner twice
He's a big Pitbull
He's a Good lookin dog
Just hyper and rowdy
Too bad He's gotta be put down.
The owner has kids
So I understand.
The sad part is , He is prohibited by the humane society
from giving Elvis Away.
Why Simply because of his age and breed
Not that I want a dog at this point in my life
I got different plans
I'm just sad for young Elvis and the situation.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ya thats crappy, if any other breed would of done that, it would of been passed off as just beeing too hyper. But in all fairness, how a pitbull is raised has nothing to do with its tendencies to lash out and bite. Apprently due to too much inbreeding, their brains still grow, but their skulls dont... soo, i'm guessing that would create a masive headache!.. and well if that was me, no matter how nice a person i was, if i was in that kind of pain, i would be lashing out at the smallest thing, for no reason at all. Now I dont know how accurate this tid-bit of info is, I could be totally wrong, but i have heard it on a few seperate if any one knows different, please correct me.