Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zodiac Shit

In effort to keep up with the great USA our time change was changed last year from OCT 28-29ish to November 4th
Personally I have trouble with losing an hour sleep considering I only get a few per night
Ya I hate this time change
Problem is... all the VCR's, Dvd's are programmed to automatically time change in October
so for a few days the time is wrong
No biggie but Way to go George!

Moving on

Granted that horoscopes are there for entertainment they are usually read for fun
Some people take em serious some don't. I personally think there is some truth to em
based on personality and what sign you are.....So in turn I read mine in the newspaper everyday, along with a few headlines, stories and the classifieds
rest is just flipped
Do you think sometimes horoscopes are right because your one of a million people reading it and Chances are if a million people read it it's gonna be bang on and apply to somebody??Today's horoscope read....blah blah blah blah I got to come up with a new plan
I think there wrong I'm dam happy with things, and the way there all going right now so there will be no "new plan" however as of right now I added something sweet to my existing plan.
a bratwurst cooking wood stove......just kiddin but that would be sweet.
Anyhoo There's vultures where I work if your not reading or flipping the paper they hover around the table in hopes of taking it from you
2 people in particular.....fuckers!
I said it before and I'll say it again
"gonna pack with the wolves, better learn how to howl!"

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Teri said...

hmm. i forgot about that time-change crap... korea didn't do that.
what's the sweet thing you added?
c'mon, tellme tellme tellme....