Friday, October 26, 2007

My baby's New Amsterdam, If She Can't Do It No One Can

You know how they say
"never buy a car that was made on a Friday or a Monday"
Today I understand the theory.
Let's just say there's alot of water cooler talk goin on,
not much working and alot of spacing out.
Another late night with my buddy from outta town
Chillin around the two two six bullshit was flying, moose was on the plate and
beers were cold
Probably do the same tonight
Peeps I know want to go out tomorrow night, there a fun bunch
Being Halloween and I'm not much of a dresserupper
So I may join them, I may not
I'm sure my mind will be somewhere else
but i'll probably go for the hell of it
spooky eh!
Did you know when you look at your reflection in the window
your reflection is, or looks like it's about 20lbs heavier
why? Who knows
but I know I look buff
in my own mind.

1 comment:

Teri said...

you are buff
in my mind too
i miss you more
than i did
even two minutes ago.