Friday, July 27, 2007

Sometimes My Feet Don't Touch The Ground ...when You Come Around!

Song of the day>>>>>Anna Molly (Incubus)

What's happening? Two posts in one day that's what's happening!
Got a weird feeling the other day....Was at work in the morning doin the usual sweet fuck all Thinking things I probably shouldn't be thinking and Bam I realized it like a bad tuna sandwich it was right in front of me It's been so long since I felt "that" feeling
Here's a hint read the title in your best singing voice........
Maybe I'm getting old or frisky?

I Hear Sean Gold's A Real Asshole...

I read the newspaper everyday and You know what I don't get........People besides that, people who feel it is necessary to write the editorial section stating how they feel violated that someone stole something out of there yard or vehicle. Do they think the guilty party's are reading the newspaper after a night of robbing people , NO there out riding your bike, spending the change out of your vehicle or shooting your lawn ornaments with a 22. In some cases they say If you return my big green dildo lawn ornaments, and my four garden gnomes because they are of sentimental value there will be no questions asked.......right like that's gonna happen!
What happened was you just got ripped off and paid the newspaper to print your"letter" for no reason.
Another thing I love about the editorial section is when people go on a rant about the street, city council, marina park, rock the fort whatever. The concern is then after stating all there pro's and cons they withhold their name.....what the fuck is the point of that?
There has been numerous times I thought of writing the editor and you can bet your garden gnome I will put my name at the end of my rant....all in all really there is no point in writing maybe it makes you feel better in all reality It gets printed and read but that is as far as it goes...........Like this post!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

You Can't Unburn Any Bridges

Song of the day>>>>>The Da Hip

I'm gonna be nice to people from now on....except a certain few that have burned thier bridge with me, They can fuck off and stay fucked off!
Of course I have burned a few of my own but now, I know and it took me 31 years You can't unburn any bridges.

New Topic>>>Things Im missing these days.....the shortlist!

*My dress happened to em not sure
*My email buddy( don't make me phone you)
*My long distance cyber relationship
*The games people play when they wanna see me naked
* Games people play when they already seen me naked and they try and hide it from there new man (fuckin Hilarious that could be a post in it self......maybe tomorrow)
*The sunshine
*My Dog
*A date for a wedding in August
* my hair
* Motorcycling because I have a license and no bike
* My lunch buddy

Atsa little more on how I roll Bitches!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If I Had Money, Like Henry Ford, Lord, I’d Have Me A Woman, Yeah On Every Road.

Song of the day>>>>>Electric Worry - Clutch

Did the Pepsi challenge last night but replace Pepsi with cool clear crystal beer
So the challenge was not to finish the box but to see if beer with no preservatives when drank in mass quantity gives you a far no hangover!
In a much better mood / state of mind today witch is good cause, I was either gonna quit or lose my job for choking somebody. It could be I had Salmon the other pink meat for breakfast, not sure but I'm Usually not in a bad mood for long .
I joined the Smoke on the water dragon boat team to go to the Superior festival Our team is not going this year, I would still like to paddle so I got recruited.....Although there not a competitive team it will be fun! I think there is still room on the boat for those interested.
I have a wedding to go to Aug17 th My friend Mitch is tying the knot I hate being a single guy in situations like this Now I have to find a date and some shoes because for some reason they both disappeared
Fuck I'm gonna be a broke ass for the month of August......send beer!
Here is the final race results from the Thunder Bay festival

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who Wants A Moustache Ride??

Song of the day >>>> Tripoli(acoustic) Matt Good

Much better mood today..... Got lots done yesterday.....Had a few beer, painted some window and door trim, made a new friend caught a good nap. Then I got to work today It was like someone flipped a light switch I don't feel social, just fuckin pissed off. Part of the reason could be the smokin hot weather and I'm stuck indoors......but the moral of the story is I need a change of some giant proportion to better my ways. I been walking around doing nothing all day......... with a I don't give a shit kinda attitude. The funny part is no one else gives a shit either as long as I show up for work nobody cares. The moneys OK there is no challenge in the job tho, like I said all I gotta do is show up.
I was thinking of a time I was in Winnipeg and My friend lived in this Huge apartment building on Hargraves I think , anyhoo there was a camera in the lobby you could tune into with your TV
The whole idea here is if someone buzzes your Apartment you can look to see who it is before letting them up. This my friends is hours of entertainment, we got a box of beer a bag of the finest Manitoba green and watched that channel for hours. It is amazing how many people walk out the building door, let the door close behind them and then and only then check for there keys......I wonder how many people got locked out? People who know the camera is there also do dumb things in front of it especially after the bar. I miss those days Since then the friend who lived there and I don't talk( Huge misunderstanding) I tried to get ahold of him through certain people but no luck.He got ahold of me one time I blew him off on the phone. since then I Have not spoken to him in 2 years. I'm learning now , that life's to short to hold a grudge and this time I was wrong about the whole situation.
I checked for my keys and I'm on my way out , strange how your not with me......

Monday, July 23, 2007

Anyone Wanna Take A Shot At Me, Common The Gun Is Loaded and The Bullets Are For Free

Song of the day>>>>Pick Of Destiny ( Tenacious D)

What's Happening ? Not a whole pile believe it or not I'm sore and not in a good mood at all today, Just layin low as to not rip anyone a new one.

Fuckin Excellent weekend......Dragonboating and Drinkin! Our team came in 6Th overall
I can say I'm pretty happy with that!
Stayed home all day/night last night took it easy glad I did cause I need a break, Speaking of ......I'm taking an EO to smoke a reef, enjoy the sun and paint
Right fuckin now!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Folks They Used To Smile....Now They Just Think That They Should , They Just Think That They Should...

Song of the day---It's a good life if you don't weaken by The Hip

Gord said it best" Its a good life..... if you don't break too many guitar strings, but it's not a bad life if you do!"

I'm here your there why are you not here? Probably for the same reason I'm not there.
Now if I left here , Would you be there? Probably Not.......I don't even think your smiling.

Now if I was a Artist or a poet I could sell that little rant because artsy people dig story's about nothing or stories with stories between the stories. Could be some truth in the story , a play on words or just random crap

You decide....... I already Have!

Have a Good Weekend Beeootches!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Find A Queen Without A King, They Say She Plays Guitar And Cries And Sings... la la la

More Random shiznit!

Song of the day.....Empty Road -Matthew Good
I was gonna put Fated by Matthew Good but too depressing

I put some emotional griptape on my paddle were gonna try it out tonight, The problem was my hand kept sliding on the downstroke

I have a delemma of sorts I wish my Email buddy was around apparently she does not compute or have a computer anymore The email usually starts with Dear Winnipeg..........

I wish you were here.

I need a camera sitter/ picture taker for this weekends festival.....any voulenteers?

Bumped into a Old Highschool reunion party last night at least it seemed like people do change

It's been awhile since I was your man>>>>song that is playing now and now cause I rewound it

The patio project is gonna be alot more work then originally planned, gonna paint the trim for now and do the patio in sections unless I get a bobcat It will be alot quicker, easier on the back
but hard on the wallet.
I was thinking that Incubus ripped Pink Floyd off on "I wish you were here" the lyrics are all different and both songs are fantastic but the"original" idea was a Pink Floyd creation

I wish I could offer 10 min brain tours y'all could get a birds eye view of my warped mind
start your own blog

Icky Thump.........THUMPS!

Perverted words in this post.....2 maybe 3

last practice tonight then Saturday is Raceday Wish me luck beeeotches!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ticking Away The Moments That Make Up A Dull Day..

Ever wake up and put certain aspects of life into a sorta chess game scenario? Of course this only happens in one's head, you think to yourself If I do this....this will happen or If I don't do this he/she might do this and this will happen. Maybe its good to think things through but I prefer to call it "chess" Like at work I play "chess" with people all day long I win some and lose some. Now the single guy that I am has to have a plan of some sort. Of course my chess game here is a little backwards.<<>> The king(that's me) trying to get the queen(who is a good player)where as in real chess the queen or any piece for that matter has to get the king for checkmate, this could be over in minutes or last a long time.
Now I could say hypothetically in this virtual chess match or matches or everyday life . I have a few pawns out there, a knight and a rook , maybe a queen. They could make no real difference in the big scheme of it all but hey they are also very helpful to one's game. The only goal, at least in this game is to get the queen before the game becomes this post.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All She Keeps Inside Isn't On The Label.....

Things to think about volume 912

-Forever by Papa roach is a rockin tune
-I wonder if the Staal boys will ever buy this city an arena.....the Fort William gardens won't last forever, then we can also get good concerts in town.
-Coulda got third row Matt Good Tickets but I'm holding out for the mezz level ......good view, no crowd
-My three time rule is going to be reviewed....the one where I call you 3 separate times and no call back... fuck it from now on it's once + a message and that's it that's all
-why I got this HUGE zit on my bottom lip......stress?
- Why people are really nice when they want something...If people were nice all the time would they get more?
-Parking tickets ......because of the Apex cocksucker I owe lots, partly my fault for not rushing down to pay partly his for the two tickets in one day.
-Bitter words indicate a weak cause(stole that from a fortune cookie)
-Speaking of fortune cookies....who writes those things? Dream Job!
-Why I'm Gonna by a pair of crocs for around the house..... Not for public appearances.
-If I win the lottery gonna buy a Boston Whaler when I get back from a Thailand Vacation
- Why some of the most beautiful people are the ugliest inside.
-When it comes to masturbation how much is too much?
-I heard somewhere that breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend is like using a public washroom, Don't leave it a mess cause someone will be in there to replace you eventually.
-why people order perogies and dodge me like the plague when it comes time to pay....refer to 3 time rule .....fuck it Im sellin them.
Think on that Beeeotches!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Two Two Six

this is the patio half more blocks and a plan
I have been trying to paint the trim and screen door, the problem every time I even think about the pain brush it rains! The screendoor is a redo cause the rain leaked in the shed where it was stored freshly painted.
Objectives for next holidays, besides getting drunk as fuck are to finish the patio and trim
pick up my recently acquired hot tub and............. OK lets get the patio done first!
Gin and Juice anyone?

Friday, July 13, 2007

I Was Born On A 13th

Freakin busy at work no time to blog but I bought a lottery ticket for tonight's super 7 It's Friday the 13Th and if I win I got a plan you joining me?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Power Player...

SO my neighbours think im fried, you probably do too but from a neighbours point of view this is how I roll. Was outside with my trusty weed eater trimming the hedges yup it works way better then the electric hedge trimmer for two reasons one the trimmer it takes a long time and two I always end up cutting the fucking cord. The weed whacker requires a little more finesse because of branches flying everywhere and neighbours lookin out their windows from across the street. Wear sunglasses and seriously
I recommended using the weed eater.
On a separate note for all you dog lovers....
Ya know in January when your little furry k9 friend leaves a nice lawn sausage for you to pick up cause it's cold you can chip it over the fence with a 9 iron in july it's warm if you try that it's quite messy...... so try weed whacking it by accident!

Take You On A Trip Inside My Soul, There You'll See The Part Somebody Stole

I need a pair of these shoes........why cause rock climbing in runners sucks! I wont have to worry tonight tho, It's rainy out.

Maybe Beige is not my colour,maybe it is however the shoes are the subject here folks not the colour! Payday tomorrow! I scored a wicked awesome dragon boat paddle last night after using it in practice a teammate asked If I wanted to buy it.....worked good so I did! Gonna put a sticker on it that looks like this:

Festival is on July 20-21 See Ya all there

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

She Keeps Broken Dreams, To Fix Up And Sell....

This car comes with a pussy magnet or a penis extension whatever you like! NICE WHIP! I wanted to look at something that got me dreaming, put a smile on my face just something that didn't piss me off today. I am in a great mood but the smallest things are setting me off here in the workplace.Maybe I'm tired but I came back from my vacation missing my people skills or at least the skills to deal with the turkeys here!
Maybe its supposed to happen like this......who knows? I am pretty bored here!
How many government employees does it take to move a box? 6 is the answer 1 to lift and 5 to stand around and talk about how much better they can do it. Guess who's not talking.
One thing I was trying to figure out where is this pussy magnet?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

If One Thing Really Means One...

This waterfall was kick ass!

My Friend Wendy

The little black dots are bugs.....

Went for a hike today it was hot as fuck...I was painting and doin laundry ,BANG the phone rings it's my friend Wendy and her dog ,they wanna go hiking to I'm not gonna tell ya where.... I said fuck the painting and hopped in the jeep. Super happy I went too.... The waterfall was KICK ASS!! I smoked a J and chilled out in the sunshine listened to the water and wished I did more vacationing like this ..........
I also thought this place would be better panty remover then vodka. Another thought I need a nerdy girl that hikes and likes vodka!
I finished this hike with a swim at the beach on the way home. Too funny I go behind the jeep to change from my shorts to my swim suit, theres no doors/top on the jeep it is wide open I drop the droors and grab the suit , I hear voices behind me sure as shit Im standing there bare ass and a family is walking to there car towards me.......
Work tomorrow Apparently facebook is noe banned so email me if you got nothin doin in the afternoon.....

Saturday, July 7, 2007

1992 she Say's Don't I Know you......

Tomorrow is the last day of my staycation. Got lots done, Got lots half done. I found out today the 6x6 pc of lumber I need is 29 bucks x 6. The load of crushed refines is $320 give or take....

Gonna try to get some holidays during the long weekend in august, dreading going back to work Monday. What to do tonight? Gonna hopefully convince someone to go downtown after the blues fest and see what kinda shit we can get into.....

Switching gears here Matt Good is playing the auditorium on September 30.......fuckin eh!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hardest Button to Button....

Been a very busy guy but took time to see a kick ass show.......... Who knew there was only two of em??

Monday, July 2, 2007

Were at the 100TH Meridian folks...see a black line just step on over it....step on over it!

The 100th post!.>>> insert pat on the back here<<<

OK so its Hangover day and I need food. I dont feel like cooking anything so I zip down to mr sub go in and there is thid dude ahead of me in line wearin snow pants and a denim shirt. I think this guy is a little off and he was ordering his sub at the time. Ths guy could not make a desision to save his want green or black olives >>insert long pause here<<<<> black..for every topping this happened.........finally the sub gets built.
Now its time to pay He just standing there then says I just sold my computer yesterday and don't have any money till tomorrow can I leave my wallet here and pay tomorrow? The girl behind the counter was like no .......This is where I snap from across the restaurant I say OK some of us are hungry here and been waiting for 10 fuckin minutes for you you don't have cash,Shit or get off the pot u know what i mean? jesus christ pay the lady or get the fuck outta the way
He said I'll go bum the cash Don't throw the sub out then he left, I ate and he never came back.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Referrendum Question..

If someone important asks you something about something important, do you answer strictly because you'll feel important?