Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who Wants A Moustache Ride??

Song of the day >>>> Tripoli(acoustic) Matt Good

Much better mood today..... Got lots done yesterday.....Had a few beer, painted some window and door trim, made a new friend caught a good nap. Then I got to work today It was like someone flipped a light switch I don't feel social, just fuckin pissed off. Part of the reason could be the smokin hot weather and I'm stuck indoors......but the moral of the story is I need a change of some giant proportion to better my ways. I been walking around doing nothing all day......... with a I don't give a shit kinda attitude. The funny part is no one else gives a shit either as long as I show up for work nobody cares. The moneys OK there is no challenge in the job tho, like I said all I gotta do is show up.
I was thinking of a time I was in Winnipeg and My friend lived in this Huge apartment building on Hargraves I think , anyhoo there was a camera in the lobby you could tune into with your TV
The whole idea here is if someone buzzes your Apartment you can look to see who it is before letting them up. This my friends is hours of entertainment, we got a box of beer a bag of the finest Manitoba green and watched that channel for hours. It is amazing how many people walk out the building door, let the door close behind them and then and only then check for there keys......I wonder how many people got locked out? People who know the camera is there also do dumb things in front of it especially after the bar. I miss those days Since then the friend who lived there and I don't talk( Huge misunderstanding) I tried to get ahold of him through certain people but no luck.He got ahold of me one time I blew him off on the phone. since then I Have not spoken to him in 2 years. I'm learning now , that life's to short to hold a grudge and this time I was wrong about the whole situation.
I checked for my keys and I'm on my way out , strange how your not with me......

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