Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All She Keeps Inside Isn't On The Label.....

Things to think about volume 912

-Forever by Papa roach is a rockin tune
-I wonder if the Staal boys will ever buy this city an arena.....the Fort William gardens won't last forever, then we can also get good concerts in town.
-Coulda got third row Matt Good Tickets but I'm holding out for the mezz level ......good view, no crowd
-My three time rule is going to be reviewed....the one where I call you 3 separate times and no call back... fuck it from now on it's once + a message and that's it that's all
-why I got this HUGE zit on my bottom lip......stress?
- Why people are really nice when they want something...If people were nice all the time would they get more?
-Parking tickets ......because of the Apex cocksucker I owe lots, partly my fault for not rushing down to pay partly his for the two tickets in one day.
-Bitter words indicate a weak cause(stole that from a fortune cookie)
-Speaking of fortune cookies....who writes those things? Dream Job!
-Why I'm Gonna by a pair of crocs for around the house..... Not for public appearances.
-If I win the lottery gonna buy a Boston Whaler when I get back from a Thailand Vacation
- Why some of the most beautiful people are the ugliest inside.
-When it comes to masturbation how much is too much?
-I heard somewhere that breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend is like using a public washroom, Don't leave it a mess cause someone will be in there to replace you eventually.
-why people order perogies and dodge me like the plague when it comes time to pay....refer to 3 time rule .....fuck it Im sellin them.
Think on that Beeeotches!


Teri said...

before you run off and spend your $$, i just want you to know that the entire world makes fun of crocs. they are not not NOT cool. and they're ugly, too. it hurts to be beautiful, sean... if they don't hurt your feet, they're not the right shoes. LOL!!

The Man said...

Good point.....

Anonymous said...

"she says she's ashamed, and can she take me for awhile, i cannot be a friend-we'll forget the past...maybe i'm not able, and I break at the bend"