Thursday, July 26, 2007

You Can't Unburn Any Bridges

Song of the day>>>>>The Da Hip

I'm gonna be nice to people from now on....except a certain few that have burned thier bridge with me, They can fuck off and stay fucked off!
Of course I have burned a few of my own but now, I know and it took me 31 years You can't unburn any bridges.

New Topic>>>Things Im missing these days.....the shortlist!

*My dress happened to em not sure
*My email buddy( don't make me phone you)
*My long distance cyber relationship
*The games people play when they wanna see me naked
* Games people play when they already seen me naked and they try and hide it from there new man (fuckin Hilarious that could be a post in it self......maybe tomorrow)
*The sunshine
*My Dog
*A date for a wedding in August
* my hair
* Motorcycling because I have a license and no bike
* My lunch buddy

Atsa little more on how I roll Bitches!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

ha ha ha, I havn't read your blog in a while Sean, but if you miss your hair, come by the salon and i'll glue it back on!!