Friday, July 27, 2007

I Hear Sean Gold's A Real Asshole...

I read the newspaper everyday and You know what I don't get........People besides that, people who feel it is necessary to write the editorial section stating how they feel violated that someone stole something out of there yard or vehicle. Do they think the guilty party's are reading the newspaper after a night of robbing people , NO there out riding your bike, spending the change out of your vehicle or shooting your lawn ornaments with a 22. In some cases they say If you return my big green dildo lawn ornaments, and my four garden gnomes because they are of sentimental value there will be no questions asked.......right like that's gonna happen!
What happened was you just got ripped off and paid the newspaper to print your"letter" for no reason.
Another thing I love about the editorial section is when people go on a rant about the street, city council, marina park, rock the fort whatever. The concern is then after stating all there pro's and cons they withhold their name.....what the fuck is the point of that?
There has been numerous times I thought of writing the editor and you can bet your garden gnome I will put my name at the end of my rant....all in all really there is no point in writing maybe it makes you feel better in all reality It gets printed and read but that is as far as it goes...........Like this post!

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