Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If I Had Money, Like Henry Ford, Lord, I’d Have Me A Woman, Yeah On Every Road.

Song of the day>>>>>Electric Worry - Clutch

Did the Pepsi challenge last night but replace Pepsi with cool clear crystal beer
So the challenge was not to finish the box but to see if beer with no preservatives when drank in mass quantity gives you a far no hangover!
In a much better mood / state of mind today witch is good cause, I was either gonna quit or lose my job for choking somebody. It could be I had Salmon the other pink meat for breakfast, not sure but I'm Usually not in a bad mood for long .
I joined the Smoke on the water dragon boat team to go to the Superior festival Our team is not going this year, I would still like to paddle so I got recruited.....Although there not a competitive team it will be fun! I think there is still room on the boat for those interested.
I have a wedding to go to Aug17 th My friend Mitch is tying the knot I hate being a single guy in situations like this Now I have to find a date and some shoes because for some reason they both disappeared
Fuck I'm gonna be a broke ass for the month of August......send beer!
Here is the final race results from the Thunder Bay festival

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