Monday, March 31, 2008

Matthew Good - Tripoli

Due to recent events I'm Taking a staycation from blogging
Absolute last chance to make all your noise End of the song Means End Of The Show.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

She's Naked On The Phone
Someone in town here ordered a shitload of this stuff
I saw it on a purolator truck...nothing but xango boxes
I'm curious as to what it's like....then again I'm not

Hope ya liked the tractor pics care of Ms doodle
Secretly She thinks my tractors sexy
or she humors me... either way I'm a lucky guy!
I secretly want it to snow for 2 reasons
1- It's warm out
2 -I get to plow snow with the new tractor
I know what your thinking small things small minds blah blah blah
but it's fun!

Trying to build a birdhouse with the new chop saw
it turned into a bird mansion
it's almost done, just the roof to go
all in all woodworking is a new hobby for me
I'm not that good at it but seem to really enjoy it
I say this cause the time fly's when I'm in the shop
stay tuned for some pics

Gotta get some of my last years bills and receipts together
Gotta get my taxes done like yesterday
broke ass O broke ass
It sucks
I need a gigantic refund
witch at this point might get me out of the red
probably not.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Swimmin Through The Ashes Of Another Life

Super busy this week Lots goin on so you can all look at this
Told Ya'all The Tractor works Now if we could just get some snow!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Best To Smile

Randoms I have a new idea So the blog is still for can ride on my coat tails
Imagine the possibilities, I mean you could start your own but what kinda fun is that?
Ate some winter strawberrys they were good and juicy
however not as tasty/juicy as summer strawberrys
just the same colour not flavour
Winter tomatoes are in the same boat
Today is the first day of spring
amen to that
Easter holidays 4 days off
Amen to that

I thought it was summer yesterday
I bbq'd and had beers after work
What is it about beer bbq and sunshine?
I can't wait for the real thing

Songs Im singing in my head right now include
>The Pot
>Enjoy The silence
>Prime time deliverance
>Here it goes again( coolest video seen in along time)
T-doodle shows me lots of neat stuff on you tube
So in turn I try to share .......Thanks T
Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She Has Trouble Acting Normal When She's Nervous

There is something to be said about
a well thought out plan
a well thought out practical joke
Now as much as I want to tell my new supervisors off
and walk out the door with a huge shit eating grin on my face
that would not be a well thought out plan
seriously tho I had a fuckin nuff
(not of the job but the politics and lack of consistency in everything)
Here's an example ...if you ever played monopoly or cards with a young kid
they change or make up the rules as they go along to benefit them
Exactly...except these people are adults in a position
to flex there supervisor muscle
Anyhoo enough about that and back to the original post idea
Ahhh yes the well thought out plan
When you were a kid
you may have known someone who stole a "House For Sale" sign from one yard
and put it up in someone Else's yard or on a city business or something
So this summer I was walking around Boulavard lake
I notice a property for sale sign....
keep walking and I notice another sign of the same company
keep walking and another similar sign
all the way around the lake 5km of for Sale signs from the same realtor
now that is a well thought out plan/ joke I give whoever did that 2 thumbs up!
It must have taken a while to steal all those signs never mind put them all up.
That gave me my next Idea I would be willing to sell " Drink The Koolaid"
For the low low price of $500 includes 1 blog and 3 free tutorials

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Stare Into The Camera, Pretend Ya Got The Flu

This blog is open on Good Friday
you can't eat meat but you can come here and look at it
See Mmmmmmmm Steak!
In other news there seems to be a little confusion going on in my belly
What to do for the long weekend. No plans thus far other then Thursday night
Of course there's tonnes to do around the house hungover or not
So I will probably just do that
In the meantime here's some more meat to look at....

I am secretly stalking you
I'm luring you in with meat
Then it hit me
I should change to salad.
then it hit me again
You don't make friends with salad
The confusion is making me thirsty
then it hit me
Wine and meat and salad
Then it hit me again
It's not the weekend yet.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Soapbox House Of Cards And Glass So Don't Be Tossin Your Stones Around

Remember a while ago
I did a post about streetlights turning off when I'm near em
Well for the last three work days there a light in the parkade
Every time I park and get outta the jeep It turns off
coincidence????? 4 mornings in a row now???
Granted its around the same time every morning
(within a couple minutes) Any theory's on that?

Went for a whip to the great USA on Saturday
Drove to Grand Marais for pizza
Went for a walk around the marina
looked at some shops and then headed for home
Of course no trip south would be worth it if you don't
fill up with gas at 89 cents a litre.
It would be dumb not to, it was $1.18 a litre here in town
It is also recommended that you donate to the casino
So we did $20 each.....Gone in a half hour.
I Got A new Game For Ya to try out
Enjoy your green beer and Don't be drinkin and driving

Friday, March 14, 2008

If Jimmy cracked corn and nobody cared
Why did they write a song about it?
If you think acupuncture does not work
Why has it been around for hundreds of years?
Because jimmy cracked corn and acupuncture it works!!!!!!!
First time ever I had the needles in my neck yesterday
felt a little weird but it seemed to dull the pain later on
I actually can't wait to do it again.
Have a good weekend folks its sasperella time!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Save The drama For Your Mama

Some stuff that's obvious
is not really all that obvious to some
I wonder if there is a fine line between
Smart people and not even close to smart people
Some folks are "book smart"
Some folks are "street smart"
Some folks are both
some folks think there both
some folks have people skills
Some folks Don't
Would it be fair to say that some
people rise to there own level of incompetence?
in turn they get promoted and hire people of equal incompetence
Now I'm not saying I'm a genius
or in a position to hire people
I'm the man, She's the woman
we all know that
Like I said It's obvious to some
not so obvious to others

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lashing Out At Machine Reving Tension

Today I had enough
Today I thought I need motivation to stay at Work
To reach the magic of ten years
This countdown runs till July 24 2010
Freedom is coming, Sanity is being lost
common freedom!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Thank You For Not Discussing The Outside World.

Like this guy I am in serious need of a haircut
I know this and it's apparently quite obvious
People are asking me "Did U just wake up?"
I tell em I sleep with my toque on and it's french
Truth is it's -30 of course I'm gonna have toque head Duh..
People still feel the need to let me know
I wonder if they feel the need to gimme $20 to get er done?
Actually a trim is on my list of things to do
This list I speak of grows more then it shrinks
I hope the garden we started grows more then it shrinks
Started some tomatoes and hot peppers inside until summer
Another fantastic Idea by Ms Doodle
We watched this movie last night
The movie is pretty OK, the soundtrack however sounds good
This picture is Hilar(I'm bringing it back... Thanks T)

In other news I finally got the lawn tractor all fabbed up
Special thanks to Gator Al and Da Mod Shop
I'm gonna post some pics soon You'll be jealous

Next project is to pull my snowmobile back to metro
Fix it cause like everything I own it's in need of repair
Good thing I'm fixin the winter stuff this close to summer
Ooooooooo Summer!
Mondays gonna be rough....
We lose an hour of sleep (don't forget the time change)
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


This is a roast to myself
For years I thought
Philadelphia was spelled and pronounced
The TH sound instead of the PH sound
Well maybe not spelled that way but
definitely pronounced that way in my mind it was correct
Last night I was let in on this little secret
All because my Rangers beat the Flyers
So I decided from now on It is now known as
Like the cheesesteak
Dam Yankees!
good thing they know how to make sandwiches.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bought A Ticket For A Runaway Train

I have a new addiction
I don't think I can quit
These god dam Jolly Ranchers
there making me thirsty !
I keep eating them....why??
cos I'm addicted

Eating them like candy, it puts my mind in a place like this

In other news I been bad for not bringing a lunch last couple of days, We end up eating it all the night before because the cookery has been vivacious. So in turn Jolly ranchers are a good staple I Got the job.. I just have to pass a security check It's a evening gig so I will be home at a decent hour Yay For Me! I gotta go stock up on Jolly's for the afternoon......................Peace and Chicken grease!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hey Mr Chips

This is interesting
Who knew? Well in my awesomeness I clearly did.
Speaking of Awesome I had kimchi jjigae last night for supper
Ms Doodle made it with love It looked like this

Hot and spicy, tasty and sweet ate it all, tofu and meat today I had nothing left to eat

In other news I have a job interview today

wish me luck The future depends on it!