Monday, March 17, 2008

Soapbox House Of Cards And Glass So Don't Be Tossin Your Stones Around

Remember a while ago
I did a post about streetlights turning off when I'm near em
Well for the last three work days there a light in the parkade
Every time I park and get outta the jeep It turns off
coincidence????? 4 mornings in a row now???
Granted its around the same time every morning
(within a couple minutes) Any theory's on that?

Went for a whip to the great USA on Saturday
Drove to Grand Marais for pizza
Went for a walk around the marina
looked at some shops and then headed for home
Of course no trip south would be worth it if you don't
fill up with gas at 89 cents a litre.
It would be dumb not to, it was $1.18 a litre here in town
It is also recommended that you donate to the casino
So we did $20 each.....Gone in a half hour.
I Got A new Game For Ya to try out
Enjoy your green beer and Don't be drinkin and driving


Anonymous said...

Warning! See Please Here or Here

khawk said...

careful...virus warning on those links if you click them

The Man said...

WTF Blog spam now???
No one click those links Im not sure who nenos is.....

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm, timer in the parkade?? Or does just the one light above your vehicle go off??