Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Stare Into The Camera, Pretend Ya Got The Flu

This blog is open on Good Friday
you can't eat meat but you can come here and look at it
See Mmmmmmmm Steak!
In other news there seems to be a little confusion going on in my belly
What to do for the long weekend. No plans thus far other then Thursday night
Of course there's tonnes to do around the house hungover or not
So I will probably just do that
In the meantime here's some more meat to look at....

I am secretly stalking you
I'm luring you in with meat
Then it hit me
I should change to salad.
then it hit me again
You don't make friends with salad
The confusion is making me thirsty
then it hit me
Wine and meat and salad
Then it hit me again
It's not the weekend yet.

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