Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bought A Ticket For A Runaway Train

I have a new addiction
I don't think I can quit
These god dam Jolly Ranchers
there making me thirsty !
I keep eating them....why??
cos I'm addicted

Eating them like candy, it puts my mind in a place like this

In other news I been bad for not bringing a lunch last couple of days, We end up eating it all the night before because the cookery has been vivacious. So in turn Jolly ranchers are a good staple I Got the job.. I just have to pass a security check It's a evening gig so I will be home at a decent hour Yay For Me! I gotta go stock up on Jolly's for the afternoon......................Peace and Chicken grease!


The Man said...

Wow I can sure run on a sentence
I don't think any english teachers read this anyhow.....LOL

Teri said...

that so..?
you're in trouble, mister

Teri said...

and what's with the addiction to a freakin' candy for OLD people, anyway???