Friday, March 7, 2008

Thank You For Not Discussing The Outside World.

Like this guy I am in serious need of a haircut
I know this and it's apparently quite obvious
People are asking me "Did U just wake up?"
I tell em I sleep with my toque on and it's french
Truth is it's -30 of course I'm gonna have toque head Duh..
People still feel the need to let me know
I wonder if they feel the need to gimme $20 to get er done?
Actually a trim is on my list of things to do
This list I speak of grows more then it shrinks
I hope the garden we started grows more then it shrinks
Started some tomatoes and hot peppers inside until summer
Another fantastic Idea by Ms Doodle
We watched this movie last night
The movie is pretty OK, the soundtrack however sounds good
This picture is Hilar(I'm bringing it back... Thanks T)

In other news I finally got the lawn tractor all fabbed up
Special thanks to Gator Al and Da Mod Shop
I'm gonna post some pics soon You'll be jealous

Next project is to pull my snowmobile back to metro
Fix it cause like everything I own it's in need of repair
Good thing I'm fixin the winter stuff this close to summer
Ooooooooo Summer!
Mondays gonna be rough....
We lose an hour of sleep (don't forget the time change)
Have a good weekend!

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