Monday, April 30, 2007

My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels...............

So it appears as tho I have offended some with Fridays post. Well It was an alcohol fueled conversation that happened with a good friend of mine , it was only half serious anyhow we all have standards and morals.....No way am I going to start changing the way I am for some Anonymous commenter. You didn't leave your name ....why?... I would have apologised if I knew who was offended.I put it all out there for people to read. It was kinda meant to stir the pot tho, I have been trying to get people to comment on what they read, interact a little, put some feedback out there on a daily basis but no one really did .....Until Friday!

So with that being said I will continue to blog ideas, conversations good or bad.

Keep them comments coming......
GO Rangers GO!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Im A Sealer not A Whaler!

NO Guts No Glory:

So myself and a buddy who will remain nameless were watching hockey last night at my place havin a few bubbleys and the topic of chicks comes up......

He's like" I need to find a nice chick"

I say "OK good luck"

He says "what your tellin me Gold there is no nice chicks out there"

I say "Im sure there is but your too picky, which is OK but you also gotta go out and find em"

He says "Well I can't just fuck em if I don't like em, or I'm not attracted to em"

I say "Why it beats jerkin off " LOL

He says " i'm lookin for the total package, ya know physically and mentally"

I say " arne't we all? but it's ok to go whaling once in a while"

He says "true maybe I'll go whaling"

I say " just don't tell your friends"

He says" I don't know Gold"

I say " You could jerk off for the rest of your life ....It's like playing tennis to hit the ball against the wall by yourself , but more fun to play with someone from time to time"

He's says " ya gotta point man"

I say" don't listen to me I'm single, you do what you want but, I know what I'm doing......Ya want a beer?"

He says "yup"


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wow Wee Girl!

So my hockey predictions went a little south last night ,but it was only game # 1 so lots o hockey left......
I drank da beers till 2 am so I is a tired boy today although it was a good idea at the time now Im paying for it......
I added a link to my Facebook page>>>>>>>
Ya'll can read that cause my brains on stand by!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Now That's Advertising!

So....How's it going? Good! Well check it out^^^^^^^^^ I found a new girl and she's flying my colours, let me rephrase I found this picture of a hot chick advertising my blog, wait let me rephrase again she likes Kool-Aid, ahhhhh I don't know but I think I should send her a link to my blog. What do you think?

I could bore you with my picks on the NHL playoffs but instead I will just give you the final verdict and what I would like to see>>>>>

VAN vs NY Rangers in the Final >>>>>>>>> NY WINNING of course!

Like it or not that is my prediction!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's Got A Tuesday kinda Feel

Well the TV works...With great relief it started to work yesterday when I got home from work.
Having a gift of gab I was chatting with a few honkeys about the workplace and I hear the steelhead are starting to run up the rivers, so hopefully tonight I will not be lazy and get my river fishing gear organized and get out to enjoy some of the best fishing going.
The last two days have been fuckin nuts around the workplace , It has taken me 3 hours to type this poor excuse for a post today!I may have to have a few beers tonight while organizing the fishing gear

Monday, April 23, 2007

It could Happen To You Cause It Happened To Me!

So Water and electronics go together like me and my ex.

I watered my bonsai yesterday afternoon and by the time I noticed water was drippin down the front of the TV. Same thing happened as before with the channels and volume going all crazy, One slight difference tho I turned it off and now it wont turn back on. I unplugged it before I went to work today so the house does not burn down in c, I hope it works when I get home otherwise I will be looking for a new TV to buy with money I don't have. I thought it was bad just having 2 and 4 but when your TV don't work at all(no DVDS, no PlayStation) It really sucks!

Other then that was a very good/productive weekend
I got one and a half applications so far for a new girlfriend..........I guess we'll have to watch a movie at her house.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Canadians do it Doggie style So we can both watch the hockey game.....

Well as promised the NY Rangers have moved to the next round this makes me happy for two reasons one being the fact that no one I know thought they would even make the playoffs (silly leaf fans) and two there that much closer to winning the cup........
On a different note remember I ditched out on the girl I was seeing to go watch hockey a few days ago well as a result of that......I am currently taking applications for a new girlfriend, non hockey fans need not apply you'll be swept out just like Atlanta

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's My Blog and I'll Blog when I want to...........

Ya I'm gonna need you to go ahead and leave a comment
That would be great .............mmmmmmmmk

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On My Way Out .....Strange How Your Not With Me.

How to piss off the chick your seeing..........Ask me apparently I'm good at it
So I'm giving lessons.....starting with>>> Don't bail out halfway through an evening together to go home and watch hockey!
Go Rangers!

Monday, April 16, 2007

There Ain't no Blue Skies Over Bad Lands

Well Fridays post was posted twice,"aka double post" not by me by some phenomenon unknown to me, Not sure why really so deal with it!
I had a good weekend got lots done and managed to pull some cash from the poker table.
Not sure really but I'm mad at my home computer it just pisses me off every time I use it, so I have not logged in to MSN or poker stars or this blog for that matter I got a line on a newer laptop hopefully it will be mine soon.
Along time ago someone really pissed my off and stabbed me in the back today I feel like calling them out of the blue and simply just tell them to fuck off, but there is no point It would be fun tho.
To Call or not to Call that's today's question........

Friday, April 13, 2007

looking at you through the glass

So I joined the rest of the city on Facebook. I guess it is OK I thought it would be a good place to advertise the blog and do some networking. According to some it could be a good spot to hook up so I am going to go on there and just type" I'd hit it" to all the hotties on the site. I am kidding of course but it would be fun and funny!

Happy Friday the 13th !

looking at you through the glass

So I joined the rest of the city onFacebook. I guess it is OK I thought it would be a good place to adverise the blog and do some networking. According to some it could be a good spot to hook up so I am going to go on there and just type" I'd hit it" to all the hotties on the site. I am kidding of course but it would be fun and funny!

Happy Friday the 13th !

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Its A Bad Religion From a Broken Nation

So Busy as usual at work but I always got time for bloggin well at least I try.....

Anyhow I got to say I am fuckin sick of hearing about that diet pill junkie Anna Nicole death/baby/who gets the money, who's the father bullshit. With all the wars going on , Global Warming and people staving it seems people are more concerned about these tabloids then the actual real world.
The only person/ celebrity's that have half a clue are Angelina Jolie and I forget her boytoys name but apparently they bought a yacht that costs 250 million dollars(ready in 2009) It is complete with a helicopter, a submarine and a pool so when the end of the world is here there quarter billion dollar orphanage can float away into the sunset.
On a side note the movie THE REAPING is freaky good and Hillary Swanks not to bad either!

Bon Voyage!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Read My Horoscope and I Just Can't Pull It Off Alone.

I have alot of stories to tell ya'll but these 4 day work weeks are busy so hopefully tomorrow I will get a post worth reading up in this bitch.........

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Awkward Morning is better Then A Boring Night!

And for the record CRANK is a retarded yet interesting film only worth watching if someone else paid/ rented it!
That's one bloggers opinion!
Gotta run......busy day


Thursday, April 5, 2007

She's in it for the money.....

Well I had a plan to burn the garage this weekend, but yesterday's windstorm took care of that. When I got home from work it had blown over So I ripped it apart and put it in the shed. Pissed off I go in the house roll a gagar and sit on the couch started thinking about how I wasted $250 on that stupid garage. This is fucked the TV starts going all crazy out of nowhere the volume is getting louder the channels are changing by themselves,It's turning ON and OFF and ON and OFF ... I think maybe I'm sitting on the remote it's right beside me on the couch....maybe the dude across the street has a TV remote from hell and it could be interfering with mine? I changed the channel and bam like a possessed demon It goes back to channel 3 I try to fire up the PlayStation and bam back to channel 3..... I try to go to the menu to look for a fix and the menu screen is scrolling faster then your mom. A few clicks on the remote ... WTF now it is in Spanish, I can't read Spanish...but I learned I guess because with a few more clicks on the remote ,I now have all the menus in french .........tabernac!......So I don't know what happened but the TV now works , the buttons on the actual TV don't work , the remote only does one function every 3 minutes including volume and channel changing.

I did a little CSI this morning, I think some water dripped down the front of the TV when I watered my Bonsai tree...... thus causing all the grief. I will turn the TV on today and see what happens ...........more drama?


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

She used to be pretty , now she's just pretty fucked up......

Last summer I bought a carport similar to the one in the picture from one of those "tool sales" where everything is cheap, cheap, cheap. Well let me tell you I would have rather spent $250 on a bucket of shit to put in my driveway! The thing is literally falling apart, the tarp is ripping off the frame, the posts are coming apart and now the walls are barely hanging on. I originally bought it for the summer to keep the rain from filling up my jeep. As an Easter gift to me I am going to get drunk on Friday night and light it on fire in my driveway......Atsa "Good Friday"

Burn Baby Burn!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

She said Seanie baby I think I know just what you mean....

After the comment I got yesterday about not going to the sharks house. I am going to stick to dragon boating at least there is 21 other people for the sharks to chase and eat. I haven't got alot of time today. So here is a cool website for y'all to check out. If your interested in paddling this summer I may be able to hook you up......

Monday, April 2, 2007

She said I dig ya baby, but I got to keep movin....on

Almost paddling season and the first Dragon Boat meeting is April 10th. I am Kinda pumped this year but I am severely outta shape from Winters lack of exercise If I die someone can take over the Kool-aid name and continue blogging like it's hot!

I own a kayak that I'm also eager to bust out. Now in case you can't read the print it says" Sitting in a 3meter Kayak and watching a 4 meter Great White Shark approach Is a fairly tense experience" I say No Shit! Do you paddle, stop paddling , paddle or paddle faster I don't know or want to know.