Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As Far As Any Eye Can See Your Lookin Pretty Fine To Me

The Watchmen
One of my favorite Canadian bands from back in the day
This morning I went on a little bender
listening to all there old tunes
I seen them two times live
The singer is really talented
I seen him do a accapalla performance
no instruments just him singing
believe it or not it was wicked
then of course the band joined and they did a show
Too Bad there not a band anymore.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If You Listen To The Wind You Can Still Hear Him Play

Surfing the net I found this handy little tool
(Make sure you type in yer address and city)
Based on their facts which I don't think have been updated
I live in a shitty neighbourhood
Interesting I thought it was a good spot

Now all this talk about walkin has gotten me hungry
I have 90 cents on my meal card
Ya payday is coming
I try to order toast Guess what it used to be 80 cents
Now it's $1.05
so I did some math
9 orders of toast come out of a loaf at 2pcs per order
9x$1.05 - cost of bread = Sean's in the wrong business
$7.26 profit per loaf I should just sell Toast and retire
Wait there is a little more cost
Each order comes with
peanut butter or jam or both and the lunch lady's labour cost to toast it
So would it be safe to say a $ 6.00 profit per loaf?
Now the reason I'm so hungry is last night
Some Friends, Ms Doodlenoodlestrudlezoodle and I went
for a prime rib dinner and Yup I ate half a cow, but god dam it was tasty
So this morning I wake up starving
I brought a lunch, I was craving toast but we know how that goes so
Common lunch time!
And last but not least Of Course
Go Rangers!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Can't Complain But, Sometimes I Still Do

Been a busy week
Been an interesting week
I'm sure It's gonna be an interesting weekend
Workin tonight
Going fishing tomorrow in the AM
First time out in a year and a half
Other then that TGIF!!
Super busy at work today
but always time for a little post
Submitted a word to the urban dictionary
The word is Spicen
Now Who's The Man!
Ms Doodle
gave the idea to add it
and I did
Have a Good Weekend and wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pony Boy
That article is A sign of the times I do believe.....
It's a good thing Mrs Doodle and I are starting a garden
We already started some tomatoes and peppers inside
Going to move em outside in about a month
Gonna try what they call 1 foot gardening or square foot gardening
two boxes (not as nice as these) will be our hosts
This is our first attempt at doing a veggie garden
Any tips or tricks from the readers here..... would be appreciated.
I think we actually have more seeds then square feet so I'm gonna see
if we can figure that out tonight.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Gonna Talk About Nothing, Till Nothing's Enough.

I called the Dr
I been on hold for a long time
wonder if they forgot about me
It's been 7 minutes now

Still have a Jolly Rancher addiction
I feel kinda bad cause
I keep eating Barb's jolly ranchers
She says she buys em for people to eat
by people I think she means Me
she thinks
I'm a pro mooch but she is too nice to care

What is it about getting drunk on a Monday night
the weekend was not enough?
now I wanna suffer through Tuesday?
the realization that it was only Monday
makes me thirsty specially at night
so funny things happen like
drunk and sleeping by 11pm

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mean Streak and The Tip Of The Tounge

"We regret to inform you" not a good first sentence to read
That was the first line in the millwright letter I got the other day.
I wish I read this before I got the letter.
This also pissed me off
Why can't the people who regulate what's safe for humans get their shit together
I been drinking from a nalgene bottle almost 10 years now
studies indicate and tell me the plastic is bad for humans
According to studies Plastics 3,6,7 are the bad ones.
Read the article and the comments it's sure to get ya a little worried.
It got me a little
I would like to know how the plastics were approved in the first place??
I would like to know about what to do now?
what's next toilet paper is no good for your ass hair?
Have a Good Weekend!! I'm drinking beer out of glass bottles starting tonight after work
and all weekend
If you care to join, don't be shy!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Do I Want To With All That Charm, Do I Want To Twist My Arm?

It's a song about sniffing glue out of a baseball mitt.

As I look out the window and listen to that little ditty
There is alot of construction going on outside
They show up with a brand new gas pressure washer
I go look at it......nice and it's 15 minutes old it's been run for .4 of an hour
drool, drool drool anyhow
they fire it up and go to work
10 minutes goes by I look out my window
the pressure washer ......It's , it's on fire???
Yup I go outside and a piece of cardboard had caught fire
under the new machine, So I go tell the boys there brand new
fancy smancy machine is on fire outside
They go running and put it out
That was the excitement of the morning
but it coulda been worse.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Were Old Familiar strangers

Spiceen, Spice'n, Spicesin
However you spell it it should be a word in English as it is versatile
as the paper you wrote it on
Granted the English language is full of the same words that mean different things
Confusing people depending on how they are used, how they are said and how they sound
Well that's my little word to spice'n-up the native tongue.
You heard it here first!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

She says Seany Baby, I Think I Know Just What You Mean.

Would you buy trailer tires from a guy in the newspaper
Who's phone number was 1- 807 - ***-666*

Friday, April 11, 2008

She Says That Love Is For Fools That Fall Behind.

Looks like I will be using the tractor after work before work
Looks like I'm in love
Looks like I got some cookin to do for mom's birthday
Looks like I'm getting money back for taxes
Looks like my NY Rangers are doin Aok
Looks like my Anaheim prediction is a little off
Looks like leftover chicken wings for supper
Looks like I'm becoming a solitaire expert
Looks like everything is just as it is
Looks like a bunch of cold beer tonight after work
Looks like I'm still addicted to jolly ranchers
Looks like I am gonna make yams soon
Looks like Vacuum's are lonely
Looks like all my post titles should start with"she"
Looks like I got a new word its"awsometacular"
Looks like I could try that in a sentence
Looks like when I stop to think about it I'm old
Looks like this post is over.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flirting With Time

Dear Blog
If you could find me a job where I make 80+k a year for not being able to organize a trip to the bathroom , I bet I know where it would be.
Instead I play hide and seek for Five Hundred a week and spend my GST cheque on beer due to stress, I'll save you the details

On a separate note check this out!!
If you have a Half hour this video is really interesting and is full of good points
it's safe for work as well

I am sorry to all but I added the word verification feature when comments are made I know it's a bit of a pain. It is in effort to control the pails of spam comments I been getting

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Imagined Us Here And Here We Are
So in a productive swirl I found this little idea to occupy my time
A website where You draw a pig and then it tells you about yourself
retarded ya....
but so is going to a place you hate everyday
life's short Draw a pig!
Mine turned out like this
and by the way
I'm not telling you what it said about yours truly

Shifting gears here

The Jeep and I had a talk this morning He does not like driving me to work everyday at 6:35 am He said one day he's gonna quit. I told him just 834 more days hang in there buddy. I think He is a little bitter because he read yesterday's post.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dear Mr Fantasy

Saw a brand new Black Jeep Rubicon at the showroom today
Shhhhhwing Huge Boner and lots of drool!!
Fuk is it nice!!
Only 37k and change.
That means I'm only 36 1/2 k short
my poor jeep is on it's last legs and is running outta magical powers.
Time to go to the states and look around.

In other news I entered a hockey pool for the play-offs
I picked Anaheim Vs NY Rangers in the Final and of course
the NY Rangers win Stanley the cup in 6 games
Just a guess but a $5 wager for a chance to win $300
wish me luck!

No results as of yet on the millwright test I wrote
I wonder how long that's gonna take?
Pass or Fail it would be nice to know.

Lately like the last week and half
I been thinking about getting a dog
a big dog
There's many pro's and cons like
I work 2 jobs and that's no time for doggie
I like walking and that's good for doggie
our apartment is a main floor of a house
witch is kinda small for doggie....
but I have a backyard that's big.
Gotta think a little more on that plan
but it's in the works!

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

This song has been in my head since last night.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Absolution For Your Head

It's been awhile, a much needed break
I admit I kinda missed doing my part here
Anyhoooo...........staycation was good!!
I was looking for a Thunder Bay postcard to
send you all but ........this is neater

I'm on the fence with spring...... You want out of the house because you been couped up all winter. You want all the snow to melt but when it does you realize there is tonnes of work to do in the yard In my case it's a ton and a half.

You know your old when you go to the homeshow. Well we went and walked around ate food watched people(one in particular) double dip the free samples....For the record As of 3pm on Sunday I no longer try free samples at food booths due to the mannerisms of a certain lady who was so clued out double dipping the bit of chip and half her finger....then she started trying to read what kinda dip it was and spitting chips all over while she was talking out loud .On the upswing we Scored 5 tree seedlings to plant in the yard, 2 Jackpine and 3 Spruce. Do you believe there was no one handing out light bulbs.....That's why I went for free light bulbs LOL Seriously tho it was a good day!

Watched a good movie last night, One of Ms Doodles favorites called Everything's Illuminated I give it an 8 out of 10 for sure .....Different and good! She's 재미있는 at stuff like that! I am terrible when it comes to movies, I really do like watching movies I just never did Now ms Doodle has a list of must see films or philims for me far so good !

I miss my cat today I wish I was chillin like him on the couch all day.

Remember the reference to "flair" in the movie Office space ....Well as of last week I decided these peeps here at work are only getting 15pcs of flair outta me...that's right The bare minimum I'm doing just enough so I don't get fired. No more No less.

It's good to be back here folks and we'll blog it all again tomorrow.