Thursday, April 17, 2008

Do I Want To With All That Charm, Do I Want To Twist My Arm?

It's a song about sniffing glue out of a baseball mitt.

As I look out the window and listen to that little ditty
There is alot of construction going on outside
They show up with a brand new gas pressure washer
I go look at it......nice and it's 15 minutes old it's been run for .4 of an hour
drool, drool drool anyhow
they fire it up and go to work
10 minutes goes by I look out my window
the pressure washer ......It's , it's on fire???
Yup I go outside and a piece of cardboard had caught fire
under the new machine, So I go tell the boys there brand new
fancy smancy machine is on fire outside
They go running and put it out
That was the excitement of the morning
but it coulda been worse.

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