Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dear Mr Fantasy

Saw a brand new Black Jeep Rubicon at the showroom today
Shhhhhwing Huge Boner and lots of drool!!
Fuk is it nice!!
Only 37k and change.
That means I'm only 36 1/2 k short
my poor jeep is on it's last legs and is running outta magical powers.
Time to go to the states and look around.

In other news I entered a hockey pool for the play-offs
I picked Anaheim Vs NY Rangers in the Final and of course
the NY Rangers win Stanley the cup in 6 games
Just a guess but a $5 wager for a chance to win $300
wish me luck!

No results as of yet on the millwright test I wrote
I wonder how long that's gonna take?
Pass or Fail it would be nice to know.

Lately like the last week and half
I been thinking about getting a dog
a big dog
There's many pro's and cons like
I work 2 jobs and that's no time for doggie
I like walking and that's good for doggie
our apartment is a main floor of a house
witch is kinda small for doggie....
but I have a backyard that's big.
Gotta think a little more on that plan
but it's in the works!

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