Friday, April 18, 2008

Mean Streak and The Tip Of The Tounge

"We regret to inform you" not a good first sentence to read
That was the first line in the millwright letter I got the other day.
I wish I read this before I got the letter.
This also pissed me off
Why can't the people who regulate what's safe for humans get their shit together
I been drinking from a nalgene bottle almost 10 years now
studies indicate and tell me the plastic is bad for humans
According to studies Plastics 3,6,7 are the bad ones.
Read the article and the comments it's sure to get ya a little worried.
It got me a little
I would like to know how the plastics were approved in the first place??
I would like to know about what to do now?
what's next toilet paper is no good for your ass hair?
Have a Good Weekend!! I'm drinking beer out of glass bottles starting tonight after work
and all weekend
If you care to join, don't be shy!

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