Monday, April 7, 2008

Absolution For Your Head

It's been awhile, a much needed break
I admit I kinda missed doing my part here
Anyhoooo...........staycation was good!!
I was looking for a Thunder Bay postcard to
send you all but ........this is neater

I'm on the fence with spring...... You want out of the house because you been couped up all winter. You want all the snow to melt but when it does you realize there is tonnes of work to do in the yard In my case it's a ton and a half.

You know your old when you go to the homeshow. Well we went and walked around ate food watched people(one in particular) double dip the free samples....For the record As of 3pm on Sunday I no longer try free samples at food booths due to the mannerisms of a certain lady who was so clued out double dipping the bit of chip and half her finger....then she started trying to read what kinda dip it was and spitting chips all over while she was talking out loud .On the upswing we Scored 5 tree seedlings to plant in the yard, 2 Jackpine and 3 Spruce. Do you believe there was no one handing out light bulbs.....That's why I went for free light bulbs LOL Seriously tho it was a good day!

Watched a good movie last night, One of Ms Doodles favorites called Everything's Illuminated I give it an 8 out of 10 for sure .....Different and good! She's 재미있는 at stuff like that! I am terrible when it comes to movies, I really do like watching movies I just never did Now ms Doodle has a list of must see films or philims for me far so good !

I miss my cat today I wish I was chillin like him on the couch all day.

Remember the reference to "flair" in the movie Office space ....Well as of last week I decided these peeps here at work are only getting 15pcs of flair outta me...that's right The bare minimum I'm doing just enough so I don't get fired. No more No less.

It's good to be back here folks and we'll blog it all again tomorrow.

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