Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If You Listen To The Wind You Can Still Hear Him Play

Surfing the net I found this handy little tool
(Make sure you type in yer address and city)
Based on their facts which I don't think have been updated
I live in a shitty neighbourhood
Interesting I thought it was a good spot

Now all this talk about walkin has gotten me hungry
I have 90 cents on my meal card
Ya payday is coming
I try to order toast Guess what it used to be 80 cents
Now it's $1.05
so I did some math
9 orders of toast come out of a loaf at 2pcs per order
9x$1.05 - cost of bread = Sean's in the wrong business
$7.26 profit per loaf I should just sell Toast and retire
Wait there is a little more cost
Each order comes with
peanut butter or jam or both and the lunch lady's labour cost to toast it
So would it be safe to say a $ 6.00 profit per loaf?
Now the reason I'm so hungry is last night
Some Friends, Ms Doodlenoodlestrudlezoodle and I went
for a prime rib dinner and Yup I ate half a cow, but god dam it was tasty
So this morning I wake up starving
I brought a lunch, I was craving toast but we know how that goes so
Common lunch time!
And last but not least Of Course
Go Rangers!

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Universal Thought said...

What don't you by a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a toaster and leave it at work?