Saturday, June 30, 2007

Salmon....the other pink meat!

so it is official I got the laptop,whitch brings me joy. As compared to my old dinosaur of a computer it only took a couple of seconds versus 10min to open this window...Nice!
Although I am not used to it,getting it all configured and set up...I feel like im typing like a gimp Anyhoo in other exiting news I have a friend who thinks it is a good idea to go swim with sharks. Today is the day she's gonna do that so I hope she makes it out with all 4 limbs to call me a candy ass!
In other not so exiting news ,got drunk last night this could be the reason for my gimp typing, I just stayed home and BBQ with a couple of buddy's , more people came over and you never know when a party is going to break out ...... one did till 4am. It was a sausage party minus my buddy's girlfriend but I had fun.
I am on vacation this week or staycation more like it........ bbq and beer all week long ohhh ya!
Blog like it's hot!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I personally the jerseys shoulda been reversed but............

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gravedigger, when you dig my grave make it shallow so I can feel the rain!

I am starting to really "wonder" about people not necessarily people I know but people in general. This is how it started
I was watching TV last night as y'all know I have 2-4 local programming that's all. Anyhoo this around town show comes on it is supposed to showcase certain things to see and do in Thunder Bay. There is this odd looking fellow on there with the host talking about Historical Cemetery tours. You apparently can go and meet up with the tour guide on Thursday nights, wear comfortable shoes and walk around the cemetery learning about past lives. Is that not the most fucked up group? Cemetery's are busy places people are dying to get in there, but tours WTF? I could see getting together and maybe watch a slide show at the library on past lives, talking about it ya know but going to stand over the top of the tombstone to chat, that's weird! Picture this..... Billy bob was a gardener, from a gardening family ,a green thumb if you will. Billy liked trees and the first tree that he planted back in 1902 grew to be a beautiful tree. It's Ironic but the tree Billy Bob planted actually was struck by lightning and fell on him, killing him in 1972, and that's why you are here looking at his tombstone today. moving along to the next stone, watch your step, This is fast sally she was a family women with family needs married to a cop named George.They raised two rubbery kids together, when sally was struck by a streetcar George and the kids were suddenly on their own. George got a job as a streetcar driver in Port Arthur till 1984 when he retired. His Kids grew up and became bus drivers. Ahhh yes folks Don't forget to come back at night when the moons just right you can see a bus parked outside the gates....
Here lies little Mikey parsons (67-75) rode his bike like the devil until the day he died. He was also hit by a bus drivin by George jr.
For our final stop of the tour we will go to the grounds keeper shack and have a question and answer period with the pictures please!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who's The Man!

This was Supper and Lunch for the next day!
Coulda been dinner for two but I was missing something......

Some Peoples Kids....

I am at the Canadian tire store waiting in line at the customer service, when this dude rolls up with a shopping cart. He has to kids with him maybe 2-4 yrs old they are in the shopping cart. We are all waiting in line the kids are loud and playing I'm just standing there patently waiting ......when I notice the kids have no shoes or socks biggie I'm thinkin there kids blah blah blah then I look and Dad also does not have any shoes or socks on. Who the fuck goes shopping in bare feet? With kids no less ! It was hot out yesterday so the pavement in the parking lot was hot enough to cook eggs. Not to mention Canadian tire is a public place and probably not clean enough to walk around barefoot. Only in Thunder Bay......sigh.

Friday, June 22, 2007

When The Lights Come On, This Whole Place Gets Ugly.

One word for ya "meh">>> That's about all Im thinkin today. Not really but here's the deal

Contraversy creates publicity , publicity gets my blog read, but too much contaversy makes people uncomfortable. I have a habit of always taking it too far, then peoples views of sweet nice Sean all of a sudden change. Hence the word "meh"

In other news Matt Good's new album is getting realeased July 31 and his new single Born Losers is currently getting radio play. I like the tune , the best line in the song is
"what doesn't kill us now, just makes us better whores" I guess ya gotta hear the song. top right side there is a link. It is definetly a shot at his ex wife who deserves it, reminds me of a story we wont get into.
I think when I start dating someone seriously again unless she's a blogger already(this might be starting to become a prerequisite) I'm not going to give her this blog addy, not at all trying to hide anything but concidre it "me" time. It's fuckin better then my space/facebook/msn you get the picture.
I'm having an Issue with mixing of the worlds ....let me explain but before I do I must tell ya'all the whole concept of mixing worlds came from George on Sienfeld
Ok I have a bar/watering hole I like to frequent If I go out on a date I try my hardest not to take her there. I take her somewhere else, anywhere else, unless she asks to go I don't say nothin about my watering hole. >>Example you date someone for three weeks you figure out it is not working between ya you go your own ways then....then all of a sudden I go to the place I been going for years and BAM ! She's drinkin at my watering hole , do ya see where I'm going with this?
Shifting gears here.... I missed a Toga party.......there's a dam good idea booze and bedsheets what could possibly go wrong??
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fast Sally and George the Cop.

So as some of you may know or not know I only have channels 2-4 at home. In turn I watch the news when there is nothing on the other channel. The other night I was sitting , chillin watchin the news and I had the funniest thought about Conrad Black, I don't know if you noticed but he has been in the news lots lately. Everytime he gets out of his fancy limo to go in to the courthouse He is literally mauled by reporters, right when he steps out of the car all the way to the building. Imagine he pulls up one morning the same sea of reporters sitting there waiting for him to get out. He pulls up the door opens out comes Mr Black dressed in football pads, helmet and of course a jock... just fuckin plowing his way through the sea of reporters right to the front door.

I bet they would quit buggin him........

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fishin For Numbers......

Got One

On behalf the staff , management and all the lovely ladies I'd like to thank you for coming out this evening Guys' Girls If you been drinkin don't be driving let one of our staff call ya that taxi ride home. I'm Pierre Laflemme thanks for spending the evening
Good Night as they say Bon Nuit!

Ahhhh the memories I have not said that in so long it almost hurts.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's A Long Way To The Top, If Ya Wanna Rock And Roll...

Sorry boys and girls, She has nothing to do with this post other then I like her shirt.......

I was on my way home....thinking and walking to the jeep when the fucknut of an Apex guy he starts talking to me. He says did you get caught in the rain with no top on your jeep, I said yea
He said I was working in it .......I look at him and say nobody said you were smart, we used to chat all the time then you gave me 2 fuckin parking tickets in the same day, so why are you talking to me? I think you a fuckin idiot !
He shut up and I drove home.
Anyone wanna lend me $30 to pay the tickets? Since that fucknut reminded me I have to do that.

Monday, June 18, 2007

There Is Something way Deep Down Inside Me That Says ....Where Ya Been all My Life?

I have a wedding to attend in August, I'm lookin for a date.The wedding is huge like 400+ people. The soon to be groom told me to stay away from his outta town cousins, he says "they are hot but I'm watchin you Goldie." so I better start looking for a "date date." my friends are having kids left and right, people are moving in and moving out(of town) I think Sean's biological clock is ticking....Don't get me wrong It will take a pretty special lady to settle me down. In the meantime Im gonna grow a mullet, get my earpierced and buy a convertable.


The search continues I guess.........Although I do have a odd feeling about the next year or so.....this feeling is what brought this post to life.
Enough of that! In other new and exiting biznitxh
I had a friend growing up , he was killed in a car accident like 10-15 yrs ago I cant remember the year off the top of my head .......anyhooo through the facebook craze his brother got in touch with me I have not seen/ heard or talked to him since before my friend died. Unbeknownst to me he lives in Winnipeg now and runs/ owns a Tattoo Parlour Hit the link below to check it out!

Ok I stold the picture from The Tattoo Guru' s myspace. There ya go, Cool Beans!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Got Dozens Of Friends And The Fun Never Ends....That Is As Long As I'm Buyin.....

Things that I don't understand.......At the present moment.
Why I like using the dot,dot,dot,dot after certain words or phrases?
Why people put up things on there facebook that and so is at work or so and so is at home? why not get creative people use your head for more then a hatrack.
Why people ask me Why do you blog? Why the fuck a good answer,remember the hatrack people! Not to mention blogging is hot.
Why I feel guilty if I don't blog......I mean It's my blog, I can do it anytime but if I miss a day I think about it. I also have a little motovation.
Why procrastination is following me around and won't go away!
Procrastination is like masturbation>>>>It seems like a good Idea at the time but in the end your just fucking yourself!
Why the beer store closes at 5 on fuckin Sundays.
Why I'm dropping the F bombs in this post like I just got off the boat?
Why I like Drama?
Here is something I understand. It was Fantastico!

Jamaican Jerk chicken! Look alot like dog shit but dam it's good.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lemme Tell Ya Because Your A Friend Of Mine, If My Name Was Courage ....Ide Wanna Be On Time!

Timing is everything at least that's the old saying :
There are some events in life I look back on and wonder how it would have been different if the timing was there. Like I could have been a hockey player , golfer or an accountant. Not that that stuff really interests me right now present day but my dad was a hockey coach I didn't play. I got into golf about 10yrs ago with some friends who have moved we used to golf alot. I went yesterday for the first time in about 10yrs suddenly I remembered why I don't golf.......or at least golf well, If I stuck with it I might be avid. I went to college for accounting and I dropped out for 2 reasons I had attendance problems and I thought I don't want to spend a third of my life at a desk.........That's why I'm standing up and typing this.
I keep reading my horoscope at work and it keeps telling me something I been working on is gonna be great or work on publishing something and things will fall into place, blah blah blah It never says take the day off or you will meet a nice girl soon.
Like Matt Good Say's " I read my horoscope and I just can't pull it off alone"
(Name that tune you Internet researcher non music fan booooyaa)
Speaking of nice girls I wonder If I blew off the "right one" because of the timing and the situation I was in at the time.....Or maybe that was supposed to happen who knows. Its life man get in shut up and hang on!
Timing is everything least that's the old saying.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Restless Tonight...

The weirdest thing I have seen in a while happened last night .......I was at dragonboat practice it was very cloudy, dark, not raining and warm out. We paddled around for about 15 min. The coach was explaining the next piece, we were resting just bobbing around on the water when we notice everybodys hair is standing up like the picture, long short it did not matter. I have never seen anything like that ever! We saw lightning in the background and got the fuck off the water!

Have a Good Weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Let's Take A Trip To The MoonBaby

You have to be nice to boobs because they out number people 2-1
Boobies make me smile!

You have to be nice to the microbrewer because he could give you beer 2 for the price of 1
Beer makes me smile!

The Acoustic guitar says alot more then it's electric cousin
Acoustic/Electric guitars make me smile.

This is my new favorite song
It sometimes makes me smile.

My favorite bumper sticker says "Think Fast Hippie" I saw it on a chairlift pole in Whistler BC.
I smiled.

I often wonder what happens to the water when you or I run the tap and it goes down the drain, does it get filtered and put back in the lake? the reason I wonder is.... at work they run the water in the sink constantly for hours to thaw what ever need thawing we live next to the biggest lake in the world how about we drain it....anyhoo It fuckin pisses me off !Not Smiling...
Whew got into a rant there
After a rant I'm usually smiling.

I wonder why people always click so good together while chatting online , via email or facebook maybe cause people are more relaxed , brave not sure....
Chatting with "cool" people makes me smile.

Bloggin is relaxing
Relaxing makes me smile.

Just for fun Name the Hip tune that starts like........
"I love you even when I don't even know i'm doing it"
*hint* It's off there best album

I should go on rock and roll jeopardy and kick some ass
That would make me smile.

The question of the day.....birthday suit or wetsuit?
Are ya smiling?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I was gonna blog about microbreweries and boobs but this has to be said........
Stay the fuck off my blog!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Silk Suited Sammy Comes To Look At The sheep...

You thought I was a cowboy.........Im not! But I do have a friend who has a farm.
Went there last night had some cool refreshing beer with a couple of buddys ,When little Jerry Sienfeld decides to show up. Who the fuck is Little Jerry you ask well He looks like this:

Hi Jerry ........Anyhoo All the other chickens were already in the "coop" but not Jerry... it was getting dark out and Little Jerry hung out right till we finished our beer or stopped feeding him grass I'm not sure.

In other news the most wacked out shit happens to me while grocery shopping

I'm at the till waiting for the 2 people in front of me when I notice a cashier out in the line three tills over giving this lady a sign to hold saying "this till is closed another cashier will be pleased to help you" he tells her to hold it , he wants to close and so no one will line up behind her, he gave her the sign. She standing there holding it now and proceeds to move to one till on the other side of me looking for a shorter line I tell her that the cashier wanted her to stay over there with the sign. she looks at me confused I say see now more people are lining up there and he wanted to close .......holding the sign still she looks at me and says "it's crazy in here" I said yes Mame yes it is.......

Friday, June 1, 2007

Days Roll Into Days...

So It is Friday and this is the first chance I had to sit down......busy busy day but at least it is going by fast.
Sore from paddling last night The whole team switched sides of the boat, I normally paddle right side but switched to the left for the last bit of practice. Lemme tell ya what My right side is sore....using those unused muscles .......No Pain No Gain!
In case your confused......Here's A pic!

In other news someone keeps leaving non English comments in the comments section. this perplexes me . Did you not read the whole blog in ENGLISH. Why the fuck would you comment in Czech or Swedish or klingon, when the Author speaks, writes and breathes ENGLISH. No offence to the other nationalities but.......WTF. Now we all know in the past I try and have tried to encourage peoples comments/feedback but what am I supposed to do with this?

bjorko said...
Hej svene dluho jsme si neužili tak si to rozdáme v posteli ne?
June 1, 2007 8:16 AM

Have a good weekend Bitches!